The little girl who showers flowers down the aisle during a wedding procession is called a flower girl. Generally, the youngest girl in the family acts as one, and she takes as much as limelight like a bride on the day. These flower girl hairstyles are best suited for those little girls who can look just as beautiful and gorgeous as the bride and appear pretty in the entire event.

The flower girl is a reflective picture of the bride, and we have done our best to compile some of the best beautiful flower girl hairstyles just for the little star. From whimsical braids to cute crowns and tiny ponytails, these flower girl hair makeovers and hairstyles will surely thrill you.

15 Latest Flower Girl Hairstyles and Makeovers:

Here are our top picks of easy, natural, simple, and best flower girl hairstyle ideas of this decade. They are super pretty and beautiful that one cannot take their eyes off.

1. Puffy Double Braid:

Kids hairstyles are always lovely and beautiful. It is quite easy to make them effortlessly gorgeous and here is one such quick and yet mesmerizing makeover for flower girls. This fishtail type of braid with loose texture on both sides looks quite beautiful and can be suited well to the occasion. Added accessories can enhance overall beauty to the next level too! It is one of our favourite flower girl hairstyles for weddings.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any hair texture can be appropriate and ideal in here. However, girls with medium hair length can be the most suitable.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Wear this for girls with heart, diamond and oval face shape.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Girls can try this during monsoons, spring and summer weddings.

2. Flower Bun for Flower Girls:

Do you know even girls of younger age groups can also wear buns? Here is one such example, which is an ideal and appropriate fit for kids. The flower girls can wear matching flower bun kind of hairstyle too for looking beautiful and stunning. It is quite easy and simple to do. Further, flowers and floral attachments of matching dress colour, or even matching headband can be kept to enhance the overall style statement.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Straight and smooth hair texture is the best and apt fit in this updo.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Girls with round, square and oval face shape can try this cute wedding hairstyle for the flower girl.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Wear this for summers and winters weddings to look stunningly beautiful.

3. Princess Hair Makeover with Floral Band:

While we all possibly accept the fact that kids can look extra gorgeous and effortlessly beautiful in all kinds of hairstyles and makeovers, here we have a loose hair idea with a floral band. In case the kid has long and wavy dense hair, this can be apt to leave hair all along and add on floral attachments with natural or artificial flowers as per your choice. This can be either bands or clips. Both can look extra mesmerizing without any doubt!

  • Suitable Hair Type: Wavy and curly hair texture can be best fit and ideal in this flower girl hair down look.
  • Preferable Face shape: Any face shape can try this hairstyle without hesitation.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Winters and monsoons seasons are excellent for trying this hairstyle.

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4. Waver Hairstyle Look:

In case the kid likes fashionista and intricate kinds of makeovers, looks and hairstyle ideas, this super stylish and modern look can be an ideal one. Here, an intricate band kind of look is created near the crown with the hair itself, after which the rest of the hair is left down. A flower crown texture appears near the front to enhance the overall look. Although it can be a little time taking, it is undoubtedly among the most beautiful and most sought one.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Curly and wavy hair texture is ideal in this flower girl hairstyles in half up half down.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Wear this for girls in oval and elongated face shape.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Winters are the most ideal and excellent season to try it out.

5. Simple High Bun:

This simple and yet cute high tight bun can be a saviour in case you are running out of time or amidst busy schedules. It is super easy to do, and yet all you need to enhance the simple style are some flowers. Add them between bun to look beautiful. Further, more floral bands and attachments can also be added near the crown as per personal tastes. What do you think of these little girl hairstyles with flowers?

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any hair texture is ideal and appropriate for this simple look.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Round, diamond and oval face shape can be excellent here.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Wear this style for summers and springtime events.

6. Wavy Loose Hair for Flower Girls:

In case the little girl loves princess feels, and particular makeover looks, this fairy tale inspired young flower girl hairstyles can be very relevant. Waver or curler tool can be used to work on these dense curls after neatly combing the hair. The look is very elegant and classic and can make anyone stand out from the crowd effortlessly. This is among the most sought after and common flower girl hairstyles ideas.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Straight and wavy hair texture can be ideal and perfect in this one.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Wear this for oval face shape kids for better looks.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Any season is good to go in trying out this style.

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7. Simple Double Side Bun Look:

This flower girl hairdo is among the new hairstyle for kids which has recently gained a trend as a flower girl makeover. It is quick and easy; all that one needs to do is middle part hair nicely and work on two buns on both sides of the crown. To enhance the overall look, one can add on flowers of choice or a matching theme of the event to look lovely and beautiful.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Straight and soft black hair texture is right and best to go with this one.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Round and square face shape is an excellent fit in this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Season to Try: This look can be useful in monsoons, spring and summer events.

8. Cute Pigtail with Floral Band for Girls:

Does your kid have thin short hair and wonder what can be done to look cute in the flower girl makeover? Here is our best idea which can possibly transform the entire look. Short braids can be done neatly on two sides, after which floral attachments or heavy bands can be kept on the above. These pigtail braid hairstyles for flower children can enhance the overall style and look lovely effortlessly.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any hair texture is excellent and ideal for this look easily.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Round face shape kids are a perfect fit and match in this makeover.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Any season is good to go easily and effortlessly in this hairstyle.

9. Plush Twisted Ponytail:

Another lovely and yet contemporary hairstyle for flower girls is here. In case there is long hair to work upon, this twisted ponytail can look super edgy and beautiful with kids. It gives a unique and smart look effortlessly. Further, as per one’s choice, it is also possible to add on white floral attachments or flowers to make them look further heavy.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Curly and wavy hair texture is a perfect match to this children’s flower girl hairstyles.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Any face shape is excellent and proper to try this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Winters and monsoons season are ideal and excellent fit here.

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10. Contemporary Modern Hairstyle:

Lastly, here is the most modern and trending toddler flower girl hairstyles we have come across and is viral on the internet today. With the stylish bob haircut and bangs look, along with the hairband fancy style statement, this is undoubtedly unique and yet very edgy and elegant. One can alter the band with the thematic match as per event and outfit too. Yet, this can look super mesmerizing and stunningly beautiful effortlessly.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Straight hair texture is a perfect and ideal fit in this look for short hair.
  • Preferable Face Shape: Wear this for round, heart, and oval face shape.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Any season is good to go to work this look and makeover.

11. Looped Up Hairstyle:

This is by far the coolest hairstyle for flower girls. It does not take much time to style. The only thing this look requires is a lot of pins to secure the hair. As the wedding season is coming a lot of girls are craving for this look and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to grant the flower girls with this extraordinary look.

12. Micro Braid Updo:

The Micro Braid Updo is one of the most appreciated wedding hairstyles for little girls. This magnificent look provides a sophisticated and worshipping look. One can also style it like a low ponytail and tie braids, according to their preference.

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13. Heart Updo:

This look is accompanied by a number of knots that are secured to form a heart-like structure at the back. Being one of the trendiest hairstyles for flower girls, this look is also suitable for a night out or a prom night. You can use a floral accessory to make this look even more adorable.

14. Twisted Flower Girl Hairstyle:

This twisted look is the perfect hairstyle for a flower girl. Here the hair is very well locked and pinned with a clip offering firm hold. The hair should not be knotted too hard or else it will ruin the look. Little girls can wear these flower girl hairstyles for wedding ceremonies and on other occasions as well.

15. French Braid For Flower Girls:

A French braid will look very flattering on a flower girl. The well-braided hair is locked on the corners tightly. At the back, the hair can be knotted according to your preference. Blonde hair can be styled in this way.

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Additional Tips:

With these given trending flower girl hairstyles, here are a few more hacks and tips to make sure the overall style statement and the look are perfect.

  • Make sure to always match the hairstyle with dress and occasion. Go with white floral attachments and flowers in case the dress is conventional and white in colour. Go with colourful decorative bands in case one wears a bright or pastel colour dress.
  • Add on matching shoes or sandals, too with the hairstyle.
  • In case the hairstyle is intricate, one can try on a hair spray at the end of the hairstyle so that the look is even and stays for long.
  • Do not style hair with heating equipment regularly. Although it is fine to style a kid’s hair occasionally, make sure the heat protectant gel or spray is applied before the task begins.

With these lovely and most beautiful flower girl hairstyles, we hope you have found a perfect fit for your kid in case of any upcoming event in such a way. These are among the most trending looks which are viral as of now and can be altered a bit as per preferences and kid’s liking. Let us know your thoughts!


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