Mehndi holds an important place in most Middle Eastern and South-East Asian countries be it for marriage, engagement or festivals. It is mandatory to celebrate with the application of mehndi on our hands and feet. Mehndi designs with floral patterns are much in demand both for hands and feet as flowers being a part of nature reflects the beauty of nature in the form of different shapes and sizes of petals. This mehndi flower patterns are popular and liked by all and used in most traditional mehndi designs. Mehndi is now being used as an alternative choice to temporary tattoos by women and girls. The flower design is evergreen and always in demand. The soft detailing in the designs makes them more striking amidst the regular mehndi designs!

Following are the top 15 flower mehndi designs for hands, palms and feet.

Beautiful and Trendy Flower Mehndi Design for Girls

Flower Mehndi Designs are all-time favourite for Ladies. Here we have a collection of the latest Floral Henna art designs with images.

1. Floral Mehndi Design for Feet:

Easy flower mehndi designs on feet look enchanting, and it always does not have to be intricate to look pretty. This enchanting design is best suited for the feet with its curved lines, dots and the shapes of the flower petals. The floral design with dots and petals on the toes make the feet look delicate even though it is done only on two toes. The slant of the design makes the detail look simple without being cluttered. This easy mehndi design on the feet can be done for festivals and functions when there is a lack of time.

  • Suitable for: Festivals and functions.
  • Pair with: Ethnic apparel.

2. Easy Flower Mehndi Design:

Floral mehndi designs mostly consist of a lighter design when compared to the palms of hand where it is more intricate and detailed. The entire design is full of curves that are lined with half petals of a flower and dots to give it a delicate look. The toes have a leafy design to match the floral pattern. This design is fairly simple to do and does not require much effort. This design can be done for simple functions and festivals.

  • Suitable for: Festivals and informal functions.
  • Pair with: Ethnic dresses.

3. Floral Mehndi Designs For Weddings:

The elephant which borders the hand in this floral mehndi design gives the design a royal feel. The floral design is intricately done on the forearms and depicts perfect exquisiteness. This is a full hand design where flowers on the fingertips have been shaded around to make it look more striking. This design requires a lot of patience because of its intricate artwork. This design can be done on the palms of the hands and are ideal for weddings and engagement functions.

  • Suitable for: Weddings.
  • Pair with: Bridal attire.

4. Arabic Flower Mehndi Designs for Hands:

This type of Arabic mehndi flower patterns is heavily influenced by ancient cultures of Persia and the Middle East. The mehndi designs are a combination of delicate floral motifs drawn like vines across the palm of the hands. Arabic mehndi is mostly dominated with floral artwork and free-flowing diagonal slant trails on the palms of the hands. These designs can be very stylish and are fast gaining popularity. This design is ideal for festivals and weddings.

  • Suitable for: Festivals and weddings.
  • Pair with: Lehengas.

5. Simple Flower Mehndi Design for Hands:

This is one of those simple mehndi flower designs that can be easily done by beginners. The design is a combination of lines, curves, dots and simple floral motifs. The art is simple and pleasing to the eye. In spite of it being a simple design, it covers the full hand. This design is preferred by youngsters, and the simplicity increases the beauty quotient of the design. The flowers in the middle of the palm running slant across up to the wrists make it very attractive. This type of design would be ideal for simple functions and festivals.

  • Suitable for: Festivals and casual functions.
  • Pair with: Ethnic wear and simple modern wear.

6. Beautiful Flower Mehndi Design:

This simple Arabic flower mehndi designs ideal to be worn on the back of the hands. The simplicity of the design is what makes it look so attractive. This is a floral design amidst leafy patterns. This design complements the beauty of the hands, matched with a simple ring. The Arabic mehndi emphasises on bel design with leafy patterns and floral motifs. This is a design which can be worn for casual events and is popular among college going girls.

  • Suitable for: College wear and home functions.
  • Pair with: Informal attire.

7. Flower Mehndi Designs for Hands:

This is yet again another exemplary backhand flower design which resembles the Arabic flower mehndi design. The design begins from the index finger and flows down to little below the wrist. The middle fingers each have a small well-designed floral design on them. The other fingers remain bare further accentuating the beauty of the mehndi. This design suits young girls and can be worn for festivals and casual functions.

  • Suitable for: Casual functions and festivals.
  • Pair with: Informal attire.

8. Floral Mehndi Design for Feet:

This is a very creative form of mehndi done on foot. The beautiful floral mehndi design is done on the ankle and side part of the foot. It is so artistically done emphasising the beauty of the flowers. The flowers have shadings of dark and light done on the petals making it more striking to look at. Impeccable artwork can be seen in this design on the floral motifs and leaf patterns. This type of design suits young girls.

  • Suitable for: Weddings and engagement functions.
  • Pair with: Ethnic wear and lehengas.

9. Simple Flower Mehndi Designs:

Girls who do not like to have intricately complicated mehndi on the palms of their hand can opt for such simple designs. This design resembles the Arabic flower mehndi design, which is gaining popularity among young girls because of its simplicity. Variations can be done by making the lines thick or thin according to the design, and this makes it look very pretty. The floral motifs on the fingers add to the beauty of the hand. This suits college going girls and can be worn for informal functions.

  • Suitable for: Festivals and functions.
  • Pair with: Ethnic apparel, salwar kameez.

10. Charming Bridal Mehndi Design for Hands:

This design once again is a backhand floral mehndi design in the style of Arabic mehndi design. Unlike the usual simple design, this has a bit more intricate detailed work done. The design comprises of large and small floral motifs. This mehndi design shows exquisiteness in the artwork done and is suitable for brides. The workmanship done on both hands are different as the designs are not identical. In spite of the disparity of design on both hands, the double-hand design matches perfectly. This design can be used during weddings and can also be used for the bride.

  • Suitable for: Engagement and wedding.
  • Pair with: Lehengas, and wedding attire.

11. Flower Mehndi Designs on Back:

This is a very pretty and simple floral mehendi designs on the back. The traditional floral design with leaves and vine does not require much effort and can be done easily. The floral motifs are very simple. The leafy pattern surrounding the flowers enhances the beauty of the design. Ideal attire to be worn would be deep cut blouse in the back to better display the design. This type of design can be worn by young women for both formal and informal occasions.

  • Suitable for: Formal and informal functions.
  • Pair with: Attire where the back has a deep cut neck to display the design.

12. Rose Flower Mehndi Design:

What makes this design unique is that it is a very beginner-friendly design. A beautiful rosebud on each hand, along with a stem of thorns adds beauty to the entire rose flower mehndi design. This design has the elements of modern fusion mixed in it and has an edginess to it. This is an eye-catching minimalist floral mehndi design which is gorgeous to look at and is sure to get second looks in a crowd.

  • Suitable for: Informal and college functions.
  • Pair with: Ethnic apparel and western wear.

13. Floral Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands:

This is perhaps one of the most popular floral designs for mehndi, which is thickly drawn surrounded by leaf pattern. This design is well-liked by teenagers. To maintain the look of the design, keep it devoid of nail colour to accentuate the attention more on the mehndi design. What makes this design popular is that it is very easy to do and can be easily executed by beginners. This can be worn for informal occasions and festivals by young girls.

  • Suitable for: College functions and family functions.
  • Pair with: Informal and western wear.

14. Simple Flower Mehndi Designs for Hands for Kids:

All children love flowers. Hence a rose flower mehndi design would be an instant favourite with small girls. It is a well-known fact that it is very difficult to get kids to sit patiently for detailed, intricate mehndi designs, so an easy floral mehndi design is a good choice for children. This beautiful yet simple mehndi design with cute floral motifs that are easy to draw is ideal for little girls.

  • Suitable for: Children, any occasion.
  • Pair with: Ethnic attire and informal kids’ wear.

15. Contemporary Floral Mehndi Designs for Hands:

This is a design with thick borders, with a beautiful flower in the end. It is a great mehndi design for a bride who wants something minimalistic and one which has a modern touch to it. This is a beautiful design to be flaunted to catch everyone’s eye and stand apart in a crowd. This can be called one of the most pretty full hand mehndi designs on palms among the latest designs out there.

  • Suitable for: Weddings and engagement ceremonies.
  • Pair with: Informal and western wear.

Additional Tips:

  • Before application of mehndi, complete waxing and scrubbing treatments.
  • Keep hands clean before application of mehndi.
  • Good quality mehndi should be purchased.
  • When mehndi dries spray the design with lemon and sugar water, this will make the mehndi stick for a longer time and application of Vicks or mustard oil overnight will make it darker.
  • After removing dried mehndi, do not touch water for 5-6 hours.
  • Ideally, mehndi should be applied 24-48 hours before D-day.

Floral mehndi designs for hands are yet another tradition and a mandatory pre-wedding ceremony. Indian weddings emphasise a lot on rituals like the Mehndi ceremony before the wedding. This ceremony has become a vital part of the wedding ceremony. A bride and her beauty are said to be incomplete without it. Gone are the days when we depended on our sisters, neighbours and relatives for their expertise in getting mehndi done, now it centres more around professional mehndi artists who specialise in the latest trends in the art of mehndi designs!!!


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