Humans are meant to be social by nature. In this endeavor of socialising, we use many accessories for our physical appearance. One of them being the necklace. Since ancient times, necklaces have been a hit among humans. Giving a flower necklace to a guest is a sign of showing respect and this practice is carried even today. The right necklace, if paired with the perfect dress, could make for a million dollar picture.

Different Types of Flower Design Necklaces for Girls:

We are going to enlist the best flower necklace designs that will give you the killer look you deserve.

1. Traditional Flower Necklace:

The flower necklace provides you with the authenticity of looking simple while also making your appearance look stunning. Traditional flower necklaces consists of two or three different types of flowers. You can also wear a single coloured flower necklace to earn one of the ‘simple yet sexy’ looks. The weightlessness of the necklace gives you the comfort and ease of enjoying the evening without causing any neck pain.

2. Light Rose Flower Necklace for Girls:

It is not easy to manage a woman’s wardrobe. It’s even tougher to accessorize the dress perfectly to match the tone of the event. Rose flower necklaces are the best way to accessorize your look for an evening of fun and frolic with your friends. The Rose flower necklace can be further accessorized with matching flower earrings and bracelets, which will give you a very light yet beautiful twist to your dressing prowess.

3. Jasmine Real Flower Necklace:

Jasmine flower necklaces are very fragrant. They are generally white in colour and hence can be worn with any cultural outfit. Jasmine flower necklaces are very popular in South India. Enter any room with this flower necklace and the whole room will be filled with the refreshing smell of jasmines.

4. Hawaiian Flower Necklaces:

Hawaiian flower necklaces are also known as “lei”. The most popular concept of a lei in Hawaiian culture is a wreath of flowers presented upon arriving or leaving as a symbol of affection. These necklaces are a major hit for any tropical theme party. These artificial flower necklaces have many different colors like yellow, black, red and pink, thus provide more vibrancy to your look.

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5. Lotus Flower Necklace:

Lotus flower necklaces are used widely in marriages and also in temples. These flower necklace come in different colours and sizes. These necklaces can be worn for religious events where they provide the wearer with a very vibrant, yet calm demeanor.

6. Layered Flower Necklace for Wedding:

Layered flower necklace consists of two or more layers of floral design. These necklaces provide different layers of awe to your dress. They can be worn with matching earrings or bracelets to complete your look. You can customize the number of layers to match it with your outfit.

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7. Floral Choker Necklace:

Floral choker necklaces are the most sought after flower necklaces for the modern woman. They can be matched with almost any outfit. Chokers provide you with the look you want with minimal accessories. Floral choker necklaces are available in many colours and designs.

8. Gold Flower Necklace Designs for Bridal:

In case, you want to attend a marriage or a classy event and want to deck up on the jewellery quotient, you can try the new gold necklaces in flower design. These necklaces have the intricate designs of the flower but also have the shining glow of gold. These designs can be worn in different sizes and lengths depending on the type of dress you want to wear. These necklaces will make you look like a diva.

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9. Silver Flower Design Necklace:

Do you ever feel like going clubbing but don’t feel like accessorizing your look too much. You are the ideal type for the silver flower necklace. These necklaces are meant to be small in size, yet they provide a attractiveness to your look. Pair one of these up with floral earrings and you will be the fashion icon everyone would want to be.

Floral designs are a killer in the jewellery market. Flower necklaces can be worn for any event. They provide you with the ease of upping the ante without compromising on comfort. With such necklaces in your wardrobe,  you can have the killer looks

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