As a part of your daily routine or work, you might have the need to travel, and thus arises the question, “ Can you fly when pregnant ”. There are various conditions underlying the answer to this question. Firstly if you have a healthy pregnancy, it is safe for you to fly in your first and second trimesters. You just need a checkup from the doctor about medical problems such as spotting, diabetes, a previous early birth or high blood pressure, which can interfere with the easiness of flying while pregnant.

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Can Pregnant Women Fly?

The safest period for pregnant women to fly is usually during their second trimester i.e. from weeks 14 to 27. During this time, morning sickness is almost negligible, and energy levels are higher. It’s safe for you to fly during pregnancy, but sometimes some airlines are unwilling to carry or permit women over 28 weeks pregnant because premature labour is always risky. While booking tickets, you are not asked whether you are pregnant, but at the gate, officials might stop you and won’t allow you to travel since you are pregnant.

Thus it is safe for women to fly during pregnancy. Still, important precautions must be taken to avoid any problems during flying because if anything serious happens while you are on board may cause severe complications for you as well as your baby.

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Risks While Flying:

  •  Flying during pregnancy can increase your risk of thrombosis i.e. blood clots and varicose veins
  •  Exposure to natural atmospheric radiation while flying can increase the risk of miscarriage and also certain abnormalities in the baby
  •  Travel can stress a woman and cause complications in her pregnancy
  •  There are risks of developing infections while travelling overseas
  •  Flying at a huge height might trigger morning sickness and other things such as dizziness or discomfort
  •  If you are not comfortable on the seats, then this may hamper your posture and lead to pains
  •  Travelling in a closed space may cause suffocation and, at times, may also lead to dizziness

How Late In Pregnancy You Can Fly?

While flying is safer in early pregnancy i.e. first and the second trimester, at maximum, airlines allow women to travel up to 36 weeks of their pregnancy; some might also limit it up to 28 weeks as after this, chances of premature births are always a possibility, and there are certain health risks. But as a precaution, you must check with your individual airline carrier for specific regulations or restrictions regarding air travel during pregnancy.

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Tips For Choosing A Flight During Pregnancy:

Flying while pregnant  is very risky, and thus you should ensure to keep the following tips in mind while choosing the airlines for your travel

  •  Book an aisle seat to allow yourself easiness while stretching and walking around
  •  You should always wear a seat belt, and it should be tied low across the hips or under the abdomen
  •  If prone to nausea, ask for medication to avoid it while flying with the help of your doctor
  •  Avoid consuming carbonated drinks and foods that can produce gas and burps to avoid any sort of discomfort
  •  Ensure that the airlines allow the pregnant women to travel as per the trimester they are in

Tips For Travelling:

When you fly, you need to take care of the following things-

  •  Check the airline policy about air travel during pregnancy
  •  During the flight, fasten the belt under your abdomen to avoid any sort of jerks and discomfort
  •  Take occasional walks along the aisle up and down to relieve yourself. If you need to remain seated, then extend your ankles and arms often to relax your body
  •  Wear loose and comforting clothes to ensure a sufficient amount of circulation
  •  Low humidity levels in the cabin can lead to dehydration, thus ensure you take plenty of water and fluids to avoid dehydration during travelling
  •  Before boarding, avoid consuming carbonated drinks and gas-producing foods which can later cause discomfort during travel
  •  Be planned beforehand, if necessary, how will you obtain obstetric care during your trip
  •  Take some books with you so as to pass your time and distract yourselves from the feeling of nausea or dizziness
  •  Keep a few chewing gums handy to use when you feel nausea or dizziness to help prevent them

Flying during pregnancy can be a risky thing, but if precautions are taken properly in due with the consultancy of a doctor and also take the required medication and first aid with you. Avoid travelling first-hand during pregnancy as it carries several risks with it, but even if it is necessary, just take necessary precautions and make necessary arrangements so as to avoid any discomfort or problem during flying.

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Before travelling, ensure you are healthy enough, get all your tests done and keep the recommendation of your doctor with you, allowing you to travel during pregnancy. Also, plan your trip according to your convenience so that if anything happens at the destination you can get immediate medical help and avoid further problems during your pregnancy.

Flying can pose some threats to your baby and you, but these can be easily avoided. In case of complications, flying must be completely avoided. You need to take care of the fact that you are carrying another life within you. Hence, it is your responsibility to take care of the health of the baby as well as yourself. Losing a baby due to a silly mistake or some sort of negligence can really be disheartening and devastating. Therefore, take care that you follow all precautions and take the valuable advice of an expert medical practitioner.


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