9 Handsome Fohawk (Faux Hawk) Hairstyles You Should Try in 2018

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In simple words, fohawk means faux hawk, which is itself similar to a mohawk, but can provide you with numerous styling options. The fohawk hairstyles offers great new modern styling scenarios that you can choose from when you decide to get one yourself. It’s definitely sleeker looking than most haircuts and more edgy looking as well. The following option shows off some of the best options available for you.

Best Fohawk Hairstyles For Men with Images:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 9 handsome Fohawk hairstyles for men.

1. High Skin Fade Short Fohawk:

High Skin Fade Short Fohawk

If you’re looking for a nice haircut, then definitely get this style. The sides of the head have a very high fade, while the top of the head has moderate sized short spiky hairs that add a bit of style and cool looks. This is one of the most popular faux hawk haircuts.

2. Faded Faux Hawk with Line Part:

Faded Faux Hawk with Line Part

If getting a men’s faux hawk haircut is your aim, this style might not be too shabby. The side has a low fade over the ears, with a line differentiating the top part from the side part. This cut gives you the boldest and unique look. The hair remains spiky and short as usual. This is absolutely a stunning looking hairstyle.

3. Long Fohawk with High Undercut Fade and Beard:

Long Fohawk with High Undercut Fade and Beard

This is a great looking haircut hawk type style, making it a great option to try out. The sides have a very high undercut fade that runs almost to the top, along with the top haircut being long and extended well beyond the front of the head. This cut goes along especially if you have a thick beard. This style can also be applied to people who have curly hair too.

4. High Bald Fade with Spiky Faux Hawk:

High Bald Fade with Spiky Faux Hawk

If you’re into fohawk fade haircut, then don’t hesitate to try out this style. This haircut goes along well with beards, and it has a fade that goes bald. The top of the head has really thick and textured small spiky hairs, with nice contoured styling that looks extremely well. The front is spiked upwards and thus looks more modern.

5. Disconnected Undercut Faux Hawk:

Disconnected Undercut Faux Hawk

If you’re looking for short haircut, this might be beneficial for you. The sides of the head have a disconnected undercut faded look that looks very sleek and cool, while the top of the head features moderately long hair that is styled into a hawk pattern. The haircut looks very trendy and modern.

6. Faded Faux Mohawk with Line-up:

Faded Faux Mohawk with Line up

This is very nice looking faded men’s fohawk. The sides are as per usual faded and tapered towards the top, while the top part of the head has hair shaped into a mohawk with the front part of the hair lined upwards, giving it a whole distinct and stylish look. The hair can be short or medium sized spiky hair, perfect for anyone.

7. Messy Faux Hawk with Low Taper Fade and Beard:

Messy Faux Hawk with Low Taper Fade and Beard

This is one of the most awesome looking hairstyle to get nowadays. The sides have a low fade with the top having straight or little bit curly type hair, styled in a messy faux hawk look. The haircut definitely makes some eye catching appearance and will be great for any type of occasion as well. This cut will look good with a nice shaped beard.

8. Classic Tapered Sides with Textured Fohawk:

Classic Tapered Sides with Textured Fohawk

If you’re looking for classic hairstyles, then look no further. This type of haircut features tapered sides with long hair on top and bottom as well. The top hair especially is allowed to rise up in a fohawk fashion. The hair is very much textured in this style, and you can use various kinds of hair products to increase your hair texture. This is certainly a very unique looking hairstyle indeed.

9. Wavy Hair with Mid Shaved Sides and Full Beard:

Wavy Hair with Mid Shaved Sides and Full Beard

If you want a long faux hawk, absolutely look into this fantastic haircut. This haircut combines the sides of the head that are half shaved, with the top having wavy hairs that are moderately long and curly and having a full shaped beard. The beard adds a nice little touch yo the overall look. This is a great haircut to have any day.

It is now easily seen how much of a variety we can see in different types of fohawk hairstyles. From undercut to high fade – each of them looks very much modern and dashing to be honest. If you love fohawk or faux hawk haircuts, you can now definitely go for one, as we have already discussed the best ones in this list.