Sunglasses have become an important accessory in both male and female wardrobe, but it should be handles carefully otherwise it could get scratched or even get destructed. So to avoid such situation and messy handling of sunglasses folding sunglasses was invented where in the sunglasses can be delightfully folded in to a small size and can be easily placed in a small pouch or in pockets also. Initially sunglasses were being designed for athletics or for sports person, but now many brands have started designing cool and smart looking folding sunglasses for everyone.

Stylish and Trendy Sunglasses in Folding Designs for Women:

So let’s we have a look at top 10 mens and womens foldable sunglasses designs.

1. Crystal Brown Lens Folding Sunglasses for Men:

An ultimate and classy looking are these sunglasses for men. The crystal brown lenses along with shades of brown frame gives a gorgeous look to men’s personality.  These are perfect for any outdoor activity.

2. Metal Finish Folding Sunglass for Men:

In the shades of blue lens along with metal finish frame stands to be an ideal folded sunglass in the men’s accessory list. This type of round folding sunglasses lens looks great on square shaped face cuts as it covers the wide forehead and cheekbones and this type of sunglasses give a soft look to the wearer.

3. Vintage Polarized Mens Folding Sunglasses:

These types of vintage polarized fold up sunglasses are high on fashion and give us a remarkable and striking looks. The black frame with purple lens is an ideal pick for any outdoor sports or any other activity.

4. Square Shape Folding Sunglass for Mens:

Never going out of fashion is these black square shape fold sunglasses for males. The appealing black colour sunglasses gives a bold looks and can be worn on any occasion and to any walks of life without a hitch in mind.

5. Ray Ban Aviator Folding Sunglass for Men:

Another stylish and smart looking aviator style folding sunglass is designed by Ray Ban in golden metal. The classic green lenses give a stunning look and can be paired up with almost any type of outfit like jeans, casual wear or suits.

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6. Over Sized Frame less Folded Sunglasses for Women:

Women can never go wrong with their accessory and always pick the ones which enhance their persona and style by many folds. So this type of frame less oversized sunglasses is the classy ones and gives a superb sexy and mind-blowing looks makes every woman.

7. Classic Red Wayfarer Folding Sunglasses for Women:

Here comes a beautiful and perfect folding wayfarer sunglasses for summer in the form of classic red wayfarers. The sunglasses is perfect for daily use and can be flaunted on both casual as well on formals for those head turn looks.

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8. Cute Heart Shape Folding Sunglasses for Girls:

Another cute and lovely looking pink colour heart shape is these folding sunglass. It has a plastic frame and looks very pretty on young girls. These types of folding sunglasses are perfect for parties and look cool on beach hangouts also.

9. Cool Designer Folding Sunglasses for Women:

This type of cool designer folding sunglasses in dual tome and cute monkeys hanging at the extreme edge on the sunglasses looks very cool and lends a funky and stylish look to every woman wearing these type of sunglasses.

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10. Sporty Folding Sunglasses for Women:

These are the most preferred folding sunglasses for women who are sports lovers and are even passionate about their looks at same time. The awesome colour combination blue and black frame along with dark blue lens lends an extraordinary appearance to the wearer.

Folding sunglasses looks very attractive and is pretty comfortable to carry also as it is stored in small pouches. They are even very convenient to carry and maintain. It’s a must for every sports person wardrobe and even they can Accenture stylish looks. Folding sunglasses are available in wide range and styles, so now you can woes you look and get different shades for your eyes.

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