There have often been times when I would come down home with big red blotches and big red rashes all over my body. There have often been days I saw my sister coming back home with the same old problem. Allergies can be from dust or rust, from sunlight and heat to your best friend’s fluffy cat, tabby. Allergies can also be conceived from certain food items. Foods are a heck of a favourite for all but amongst them, there are some parts or elements that might react with your body causing you allergies.

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How Does Food Allergy Work?

When a new substance, maybe a new hot sauce, or a new food item you tried for the first time is introduced into your body, your body judges its compatibility. Your body requires the respective element to cooperate with the other working elements of the body and expects them to blend in well much like the other items. Now if the element is not up to the mark, the body rejects the item and develops an antibody while doing so to fight off the unwanted. The next time, the same item is introduced into your body, the antibody starts reacting which comes out in the form of an allergy.

The Usual Signs and Symptoms of a Food Allergy or Intolerance:


This is the first visible show of the persisting allergy where the results are shown in the form of an outburst. The first sign is the rapid production of small but scattered rashes which are small in size and can easily be ignored. With time or depending on the intensity of your allergy, intense impact can happen even within a short span of time. You can experience a full bloom of red rashes.


If the respective food item is not compatible with your body, your body will give you the required signs to express its displeasure. As the food goes down the mouth, it takes just a minute for the reaction to show. You might experience slight itching in the inner layers of the throat. The same goes for your mouth. Often the reaction takes time to set in and can cause inflammation of the inner glands and muscles of the throat causing a mild soreness.

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This is one of the most common problems that a food allergy might signal. As soon as the allergy-prone food hits your stomach, you might feel extremely nauseating. As the food struggles with the inner organs trying to complete the whole digestion mechanism, your body wants to get rid of the item. The result may be vomiting.

Light Headedness:

If the nausea of your body fails to relieve itself the next step is the extreme feeling of lightheadedness that might come with a throbbing headache and weak rubber knees. All of a sudden you start feeling sick and tired with a dizzy feeling.

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Eye Problem:

Your eyes are the mirror to your soul and when your soul is pressurized under an allergy attack, the eyes at times give away the cover. Often you can see the eye turning bloodshot red along with tearing or itchiness. This is yet another symptom of food allergy where the itchiness in the eye does not cease to exist.

Blood Pressure Control:

In case of an allergy attack there have often been cases when the blood sugar or the blood pressure of the patient drops. In case of blood sugar, have insulin shot at the ready. Due to the lowering of blood pressure, the victim might turn cold but sweat at the same time. This is a usual symptom of blood pressure drop too.


There may be many reasons for food allergies or food intolerance but consulting a doctor by knowing its symptoms early as said above you can be aware of what causes the problem and can take precautions while having food next time.


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