Acne is the most commonplace of all skin disorders, not to mention the most abhorred. I mean who wants their skin to be marred with ugly protrusions that leave behind equally ugly marks? Now, most people attribute the unwelcome popping out of these evil minions to causes like adolescence, hormonal changes, pregnancy, rough and unhygienic skincare.

However, one of the most important of these causes is food. What you eat not only helps regulate all your other body systems but also takes care of your skin. Here are 9 types of food which you must avoid if you wish to avoid acne.

Best Foods That Cause Acne:

Let’s see what foods cause acne on the face that helps to avoid them.

1. Dairy Food That Causes Acne:

One of the major causes of acne is over consumption of dairy products. While dairy products in itself are extremely healthy and don’t have any connection with acne and other skin diseases, the combinations in which we consume them alter our bodily functions greatly. For example yoghurt. It is sweetened yoghurt which causes sudden expansions in the growth and spread of acne. Also whey based products lead to an increase in insulin level.

2. Chocolates Foods That Cause Acne:

Now there isn’t much proof that chocolate causes acne. While many people swear by this declaration, many refute it with vigour too. Being primarily a sugar-based product, chocolates lead to an increase in sugar levels. This is supposedly causes acne.

3. Fast Foods That Cause Acne:

Fast food has the highest carb content. They are unhealthy, greasy and harm your body in myriad manners. However, they are easily available and make for one heck of a tasty meal. However, their high carb levels and low nutritional value causes a variety of sin issues, acne being one of them. These are the acne causing foods.

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4. Tomatoes Food That Causes Acne:

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C and other acids. Many homemade remedies suggest applying tomato pulp on your skin to make it smooth and blemish-free. However, when consumed orally, tomatoes cause an increase in acne. Primarily because it causes an increase in the body’s acid content.

5. Salsa Foods That Cause Acne:

If you love Mexican food and thus, eat salsa n an almost daily basis, you’ll have to undergo a severe lifestyle change to reduce your acne. Salsa though mouth-wateringly delicious, causes easy flare up of the ever present acne. This is mainly because salsa is a tomato based dish and tomato as mentioned above is one of the major causes of acne.

6. Gluten Products Like Wheat Bread:

Many people are allergic to wheat and that often causes their acne. But the primary reason why wheat breads should be avoided to avoid acne is its high gluten content.

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7. Donuts And Bagels Foods That Cause Acne:

Donuts and bagel have a high glycemic index. So, even though they taste delicious, look tempting and make for easy, relishing breakfast – in the long haul they cause your skin great harm. So the choice is yours. Do you wish to stimulate your taste buds or keep your skin unblemished?

8. Straw Berries Food That Causes Acne:

It is with great displeasure that I inform you that strawberries, the best of all berries, does indeed cause major breakouts of acne. It being an acidic fruit heats up your insides – a change which reveals itself by marring your perfect skin. You needn’t however, give up on strawberries altogether. Just consume them in controlled amounts and supplement it with other fruits rich in antioxidants.

9. Oranges Food That Causes Acne:

Like strawberries, oranges are also acidic and rich in Vitamin C. Like the other fruits mentioned on this list, oranges too have a lot to recommend them. They are healthy and important for your body.

Finally, as said above certain foods can cause acne or pimples, however, if you are overly fond of these foods and experience frequent skin issues, you might want to reduce its intake. Too much of anything is bad. The same goes for the above foods!

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