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Food Cravings During Pregnancy

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“There is no greater good in all the world than motherhood. The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.”
—James E. Faust

Women are wonderful creatures! They are ever so graceful, warm and kind. The very fact that they adorn our lives in a multitude of ways makes us appreciate the creator’s design. Perhaps god was too liberal with his gifts for humans! Among the multitude of roles that a woman assumes during her whole lifetime, the role of a mother is the most celebrated. In his ever so mysterious ways god chose women to be the source of life, a role that is bound to send the staunchest ascetic into a fit of envy. As rightly pointed out by James E. Faust, the greatest good of the whole world is in motherhood.

Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one situation, which every woman wishes to be at one point of time in her life. It makes her feel complete. But it is a difficult phase of life for all women. Starting from physical and habitual changes to psychological, these changes can be seen for the entire duration of Pregnancy. When pregnancy sets in, one of the most innocent yet the most bizarre changes in the psychology of women is the unnatural craving of certain foods. You have it in your mind, she has it in her mouth! During pregnancy, the body undergoes a change in hormonal and nutritional balance. To compensate for the change these cravings are the body’s means to restore the equilibrium.

Best Food Cravings During Pregnancy Women:

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We take look at the most common food cravings a woman may have at various stages of her Pregnancy.


Pregnancy Food Cravings Ice

What might seem quite odd to us, Pregnant women love to take a dig at Ice cubes. While there is no scientific basis for such a craving, it is generally believed that pregnant women suffer from short bouts of anaemia during the phase. A common symptom of anaemia is inflammation of mouth and tongue. Ice seeks to provide relief from the inflammation.


Milk Chocolate Macro Food Cravings Pregnancy

We all love to gorge on Chocolates! But it is strange when you see a pregnant woman feast on loads of chocolate more than enough for two to three people at a go. During pregnancy, a woman’s body is subjected to hormonal imbalance. Consumption of chocolate releases feel-good hormones ‘Dopamine’ in the body, somewhat neutralizing the effect of the imbalance.

Spicy Foods:

Spicy Food Cravings In Early Pregnancy

Foods laced with spices, that might kick the soul out of a normal individual excites an expectant mother. Due to the presence of Capsaicin, which is a nerve stimulant these foods increase the adrenaline content of the body in a jiffy. This is somewhat desirable for the pregnant woman leading an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

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Pickles Food Cravings In Pregnancy

Although arguments are in favor of women having a Sodium deficiency, there is no proof as to why pregnant woman crave for Pickles. Most would agree to the fact that the Tangy taste of Pickles is a welcome change for the taste buds otherwise accustomed to ‘healthy foods’ during those months.

Potato Chips:

Potato Chips Food Cravings While Pregnant

Once again, these have high salt content. They are easy to procure, crunchy and satisfy salty food cravings during pregnancy. In addition, they are the best fall back options when you are watching the boring daily soaps on the couch thinking what to name your baby!


Early Pregnancy Food Cravings Lemon

Crazy as their food fetishes are, it is not uncommon to see a pregnant woman cut open a lime and squeeze the juice right into her mouth. Quite similar to cravings for pickles in early pregnancy, the presence of Citric acid in lemon adds to the tangy zing of the taste buds.

Ice Cream:

Food Cravings Early Pregnancy Ice Cream

Loaded with sugars and a few extra calories, the rich and creamy ice cream tops the delight charts of pregnant woman. No wonder you would see a pregnant woman drive for hours to the nearest Ice cream parlor to have her favorite vanilla cone. It also helps cool down your motherhood blues!


Food Cravings During Early Pregnancy Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, another nerve stimulant which elevates the mood and charges lethargic body. Though doctors do not recommend Coffee during pregnancy, who could dare come between coffee and a pregnant woman? Still coffee consumption should be under strict supervision during pregnancy.

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Craving For Food During Pregnancy Soda

Pregnant women often complain of a queasy feeling when waking up in the morning. The fizz of soda promises to settle the queasiness due to the concentrated presence of Carbon dioxide. However, carbonated drinks containing caffeine should be avoided.


Food Cravings Fruits During Pregnancy

One of the healthiest food craving while pregnant, Fruits are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. Pregnant women craving fruits primarily go for Citrus foods such as oranges and mangoes. Consumption of other fruits such as watermelon, grapes and apples are equally refreshing and beneficial during the months of pregnancy. It is a breather from all the junk food cravings in pregnancy.

Dairy Products:

Food Cravings During Pregnancy Dairy Products

It is not surprising for a soon-would-be-lactating mother to crave for dairy products such as Milk, Cheese, yogurt and clarified butter(ghee). Milk products are rich sources of Calcium and protein which is of utmost importance for the growing fetus and the mother.

Fruit Juices:

Food Cravings Fruit Juices During Pregnancy

There is nothing better than a hot sultry day and a pregnant lady craving for fruit juices. This healthy obsession might seem odd to many if you were not a big fan of fruit juices previously. But fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals and there is no harm in gulping down a glass of goodness.


Food Cravings During Pregnancy Salt

Though technically not a food, but who cares when a pregnant woman turns heads with her more than normal salt intake? Excessive consumption of salt is harmful though!


Food Cravings Meat During Pregnancy

Meat, especially red meat is one of the most common cravings for pregnant women. It is a rich source of proteins, potassium and iron. Canned meat should be avoided to curb craving salty foods during pregnancy as canned meat is laced with high salt content.


Food Cravings Vinegar Early Pregnancy

When pickle cravings go out of hand, Vinegar comes to the rescue of pregnant women. Since both are citric acid rich, vinegar is the perfect successor of pickle.

Go ahead, indulge in your favorite craving without feeling guilty of the judgmental eyes of friends and family. After all being an expectant mother is never an easy task and you are the queen of the moment. Treat yourself like one!