15 Best Healthy Food Recipes For Kids – Simple And Easy

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It is difficult to know what are the food recipes for kids. A mother would best know how hard it is to get your kid to eat healthy and stay fit when you are in a constant pressure of him being a finicky eater. This is common with mostly all kids at a certain point of their phase where the green salads and veggies are totally ignored for ice-creams and burgers. As a matter of fact, falling sick and prey to germs is common at this age too. Now it has been noticed that kids want variation from the everyday food and therefore here are some fun and healthy food recipes for kids that you can try at home which would not only be healthy but fun for your kids’ appetite.

Simple And Easy Food Recipes For Kids:

Below have been given the list of healthy food recipes for kids along with some fun which are simple and easy to make also. Select one of the below children’s food recipe ideas and keep your children more healthy.

1. Baked Mozzarella Sticks:

Baked Mozzarella sticks Food Recipes for Kids

For this you would need chicken cubes thoroughly boiled and marinated in sweet corn sauce, mozzarella string cheese, breadcrumbs and marinara sauce. Now lightly toast the bread crumbs in salt and oregano and then cut the cheese into two parts. One part gets melted and wrapped in chicken while the other is used in its solid form. Now wrap the mixture in a little flour and then mix it well with the bread crumbs before frying. Most of the mothers tried this which is one of the best kids recipes.

2. Mini Subs:

Healthy Food Recipes for Kids Mini Subs

If your kid is a veggie hater, add smoked salmon or tuna fillet to a sub sandwich and then in a separate pan mix baby corn with diced cabbage and lettuce leaves. Use peppermint leaf along with spinach and a little bit of mustard covered broccoli. Cut the sub sandwich into three mini subs and fill them up.

3. Prosciutto And Egg Salamis:

Easy Food Recipes For Kids Prosciutto And Egg Salamis

Generally kids like different types of food recipes without health conscious. But this one get the place in the list of food recipes for kids with healthy proteins. Roll up a small dough pizza with flour and olive oil and then add melted parmesan cheese on top of it. You can add marinara sauce on it too. Now before hand scramble eggs and then evenly distribute it on the pizza. Now use Prosciutto salamis and pepperonis as the topping. Bake the pizza in the oven and you are set with your evening snack.

4. Honey-Lime Chicken Kebabs:

Toddler Food Recipes Honey-Lime Chicken Kebabs

Cut the barbecued chicken into small boneless kebabs and then stir fry it in olive oil, garlic, oregano, kosher salt, ginger, and a hint of chili powder. Once done thoroughly add lemon juice and lemon zest to the mix and then plate it up. Now drizzle a little honey and lemon on the platter before adding a hint of pepper and chili flake.

5. Chicken And Vegetable Soup With Pasta:

Chicken And Vegetable Soup With Pasta Healthy Food For Kids Recipes

Health in a bowl doesn’t come better than this Because it is one of the most tasty and healthy food for kids recipes list. Start by frying spring onion, cabbage and spinach in a pan with butter and in a separate place heat up some cheese. You may even add celery, carrot and garlic to the frying pan. In a separate pan boil chicken broth and pour the pasta in there. Now while mixing add the melted cheese to all and you are set. Salt and season as necessary.

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6. English Muffin Egg Pizza:

Children Food Recipes English Muffin Egg Pizza

Here is a fun brunch fix that takes only a minute or so. Cut and slice the hard boiled eggs thinly and then toast some English muffins. Then add olive oil and cheese slices to the muffin top before adding tomatoes and egg slices. Grated cheese on top is the final finish before you add salt and pepper and gobble them up. This is one of the easy recipes for kids along with better taste.

7. Calzones:

Children's Food Recipe Ideas Calzones

You can add calzones in the list of easy recipes for kids along with great fun and taste.Calzones are a classic savory dish where you add stuffed toppings made of mushrooms, chicken, onions and garlic and cheese and so on. Not only are these fulfilling but also tasty to the mouth.

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8. Oatmeal Delight:

Simple Food Recipes For Kids Oatmeal Delight

Boil the oatmeal in milk and honey so that a warm consistency is cooked up. Caramelize some berries on the side and then add that as the topping. Toddler shows the interest to eat the oatmeal recipes. It is one of the toughest task to prepare toddler food recipes for mothers.

9. Salmon And Corn Patty:

Food Recipes For Children Salmon And Corn Patty

In one bowl mash some boiled potatoes. Blend them preferably to reduce molds. Now in a separate pan add sweet corn and salmon along with scrambled eggs and cheese and then make a ball of the paste. The potato will help you maintain the shape. dip it in slightly toasted bread crumbs and fry till it colors. This is another simple and best healthy food for kids which can give strong proteins to kids body.

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10. Meat Ball:

Recipes For Children's Food Meat Ball

This is the finest food recipe for kids which is very good in taste. Meatballs are a rich source of protein and when made to look like a muffin, it makes the dish appear even more striking. Each meat ball has a lot of other nutrients, since a load of vegetables like carrots and beans go in to the mixture. Each load has less than 150 calories, thus being a healthy food. To begin, heat your oven to 350°. Meanwhile, saute your vegetables with spices for 2 minutes. Combine the mixture with grinded meat and top off with a little cheese and ketchup. Bake this for about half an hour and serve hot.

11. Honey Ginger Chicken:

Healthy Food Recipes for Kids Honey Ginger Chicken

When looking for kid food recipes, you wouldn’t want greasy fried stuff on it. This sweet flavored meat will do your meal a justice. You can pair your food up with rice if serving for lunch. To start, get some boneless chicken thighs. Combine all the spices as per your quantity together and add lemon and ginger paste. Mix well and add coat your chicken with this mixture. Refrigerate overnight. Start by taking the chicken in a cooking pan and boil. Next take a baking pan that has oil sprayed to it. Bake the chicken at 425 degrees and take chicken pieces dipped in cornstarch; place them on the pan and bake till done. Remove from heat, toss the mixture in honey and let it settle. Serve warm.

12. Baked Chicken Nuggets:

Easy Food Recipes for Kids Baked Chicken Nuggets

Healthy recipes for kids cannot include fried food. Which is where this alternative steps in, being equally tasty. Start by preheating over to 400 degrees. Your chicken should be sliced into pieces of 2 inches. Add the spice mixture to the chicken first. Next, coat chicken with flour, then dip this coated piece in egg. Next, take some Panko powder and press the piece to get the coating evenly. Place the piece on the rack and cook until done. Do make sure you flip the chicken halfway. Do the same for all pieces and serve with sauce when done.

13. Corn Dogs:

Toddler Food Recipes Corn Dogs

Begin this healthy food for kids by heating the oven to 375 degrees. Next, lay a baking foil with parchment paper. Meanwhile, in a bowl, add cornflour, flour, baking powder, sugar and salt to taste. Whisk this mixture and add milk, oil and eggs. Keep turning until the mixture has an even texture. Dip baby corns into this mixture and bake it until done. Add ketchup and mustard sauce to serve.

14. Peanut Butter Banana Spirals:

Healthy Food For Kids Recipes Peanut Butter Banana Spirals

Your peanut butter sandwich can always be switched on to something better. To start, combine the peanut butter with some yogurt and whisk until smooth. This mixture needs to be coated on sliced bananas gently. Make sure the bananas stay solid, else it will turn gooey. Combine this mixture into rolls if you wish and serve it cold as a dessert. The proportion of bananas should be more to make this dish an essentially healthy one.

15. Carrot Filling Pancakes:

Children Food Recipes Carrot Filling Pancakes

Since pancakes can be enjoyed whatever time it is, this one is a rather healthy food for kids. It has a dosage of carrots, and your little one will love the difference in flavor than the usual. To start off, grate the carrots finely. Next, make your pancake batter as per usual. Add the carrot to your mixture in the center when you put the batter to the pan. Try to bring the two ends of your batter together in the pan, so the carrot acts like a filling. Cook until brown and serve hot.

With these foods, your kid will never want to grab a bite of the unhealthy fast food every day. Even if he is picky about what he has, the colorful platter placed in front of him will make it hard to say no to the dishes you serve.

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