It is very important for kids to eat healthy foods and nutritious foods solely because they are in the growing and developing phase. They need loads of essential nutrients for increasing the height, the bone density, the brain development and a lot more. However, it is the most difficult thing to ensure that children stick to healthy foods solely because they are more attracted towards the taste of junk foods like pizzas, burgers, cookies, cake and more.

For a mother, it is significant to know what are the top notch healthy foods for kids that she can include in delicious recipes to make sure that the nutrient requirement of their kids are met in the perfect manner. To understand more about these healthy foods for kids, check this guide below that has the best healthy foods for children.

Best Healthy Foods For Kids:

Given below there are 15 ideal healthy foods for kids which are very useful and gives healthy life to children.


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One of the best ways in which you can ensure that child has a healthy day to start with is to include oatmeal in their breakfast. The high levels of fiber in oatmeal ensure better cognitive performance in kids because of slow release of glucose in the blood. You can always combine it with tasty items like berries and honey for making it delicious. Oatmeal is one of the most effective healthy food for kids.

2. Peanut Butter:

Along with being a favorite in the list of foods for most of the children, peanut butter gives vitamins, magnesium, proteins as well as fiber. The best thing to do is to combine them with whole wheat bread for better outcomes. This is undoubtedly a food that deserves to be in the list.

3. Cheese:

Fat free cottage cheese or ricotta cheese is some of the best things to do when it comes to choosing healthy foods for kids. Not only are they tasty but also one of the highly nutritious options to select. Children love cheese and this is another benefit of picking this food item.

4. Popcorn:

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For the snack time, choose popcorn for kids as one of the healthiest options. The high dietary fiber levels in the food and the benefits of being a part of the whole grains category make popcorn a healthy choice for the kids. Try to keep it free from butter.


Along with giving healthy fats to the body, tuna has high levels of omega fatty 3 acids that make it perfect for kids. A nice tuna sandwich made from whole wheat bread is an ideal choice for packed lunch for kids to school. This will meet a lot of nutritional value needed by their body.

6. Milk:

Calcium and vitamin D are two of the nutrients that milk provides the body along with minor forms of other nutrients. According to professionals, each kid should have at least two glasses of milk each day for a balanced diet. From the ancient times also, the milk is one of the best healthy foods kids.

7. Yogurt:

A good source of calcium for kids comes in the form of yogurt. It is one of the healthiest food sources and especially for kids who do not drink milk. It has live active cultures good for the body but low fat yogurt should be considered for best outcomes.

8. Nuts:

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Starting from Brazil nuts to walnuts and from almonds to cashews all have good levels of vitamins and minerals and this makes it a perfect food for adults as well as kids. They are also rich source of fiber. Make sure you give them a handful of nuts each day. Nuts are another helpful and strongest healthy food for kids.

9. Eggs:

Being highly rich in proteins, eggs are a wonderful piece of food for breakfast for kids. Make sure you include 1-2 of them each day in the meals for the healthy child. It is another best and perfect nutritious food for kids which has many other benefits also.

10. Pumpkin and Winter Squash:

While you might want to reserve the pumpkins for Halloween Octobers, they make quite the nutritious food to indulge in. Being tasteful, the dishes that can be prepared with pumpkin are equally versatile. Pumpkins and Squash both come with a wide range of taste, some sweet and some more bland. But, the one thing that still remains common to them all is the fact that the vegetables are a powerhouse of nutrition for your kid. Not only can the dish better the health of your lung, but also bring down any inflammation and resist it from worsening. Aside this, it also keeps the immunity strong, making it a favorable choice in the list of healthy food for kids.

11. Spinach:

There is no guess that this vegetable should be on the food chart for kids. Popeye didn’t just love spinach for nothing after all. Any dish prepared with spinach can be equally tasty and rich in nutrients. From iron to calcium, it has all the best food values to bestow you with. Besides these, it is also a crucial source for fiber and Vitamins like A, C, E in addition to Vitamin B9 and K.

12. Olives:

It should not be too hard to believe that most healthy recipes for kids should be cooked in olive oil. The reason behind this is quite simple actually. Olive oil as compared to most other vegetable oils and fats like butter has a high proportion of overall fats, which is mostly monounsaturated, and hence beneficial. The oil has been found to be a main reason behind reducing the risks of coronary diseases. So, when your body needs fat overall as its daily nutrient, you can switch to a bowl of olives or food cooked in olive oil to decrease the risks and preserve the taste in your food anyway.

13. Garlic:

Garlic has been prescribed as a natural medicine the second most, right after poppy. In the recent research it has been found that garlic can significantly bring in a reduction in the formation of cancer cells. Aside that, it can also keep your heart issues in check, so adding a little garlic to your little one’s food will keep them out of danger’s way in the long run.

14. Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate has several reasons for being one of the healthiest foods for children. It is at par and has equal fitness quotient as raw cocoa. A few of the many benefits promoted by the chocolate children so love are a decrease in the high blood pressure, improvement in the health of blood vessels, betterment of cholesterol levels in children, thus preventing them from gaining the overall fat. Kids usually love milk chocolate. So, do make sure the one you offer them is a dark one, and see to it that they don’t eat the whole bar at one go. That again increases the sugar intake and indirectly brings in all the negatives that you are trying to avoid.

15. Tomatoes:

Tomato is one of the important healthy foods for kids. Tomatoes are one of the major source from which your child gains antioxidants like Lycopene. The supplement is known to lower the inflammatory issues and reduce cancer risks. Tomatoes can be taken fresh, raw or even cooked and as a ketchup.

So that was a list of the top 15 healthy foods for kids. You can either use the dishes solely as a source or combine two or more on the list to make the lunch for your child more nutrients packed and exciting. Either way, as long as your child isn’t deficient of any beneficial supplements, you are good to go.


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