We really need to eat a balanced diet for healthy and strong bones. What you eat plays a very important role in determining how maintained is your bone health. Our bones start becoming thin as we touch 30’s. But there are ways to put the brakes and let our bones be healthy and strong throughout life. Here we enlisted, top 9 foods for strong bones. Let’s have a look into them.

Eating the right kind of not only boosts your bone density but also helps in improving the condition of your health. Vitamin D and calcium plays a vital role in maintaining your bone strong and healthy. Try these best 9 foods for healthy bones.

Best Foods For Strong Bones:

Let’s see how to increase bone strength by the following foods.

1. Milk:

Milk and calcium go hand in hand. It not only makes our bone strong but also helps in skeletal muscle growth and development. Adult’s up to the age of 51 years requires 1000 milligrams per day. The figures start increasing once you cross 51 years. So start drinking 3 glasses of milk every day for healthier bones.

2. Yoghurt And Cheese:

If you lack calcium in your diet, your bone may just weaken or it may lead to osteoporosis. Yoghurt and cheese are rich supplements of calcium and vitamin D. Try to eat a plain fat-free yoghurt instead of fruit yoghurts. You can also eat a small amount of cheese in your daily routine for the strengthening of your bones.

3. Tofu:

Tofu is a kind of soy food which is very rich in calcium content. You should eat tofu every day for improving your bone density. You can either eat tofu cooked or plain the choice is completely yours. But eating tofu definitely makes your bone healthy and strong.

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4. Spinach:

Spinach is one of the best green leafy vegetables that have high calcium content. You should consume spinach in your daily diet because spinach not only makes your bone strong but also helps in improving your overall health. Spinach is high in iron, potassium and magnesium. So you can sauté the spinach and make a vegetable from it or eat it raw by making a salad from it.

5. Salmon:

If you’re looking to improve bone density and bone accumulation in the body start eating salmon regularly. Salmon is not only rich in calcium, but there are other important nutrients present in salmon, which makes it healthy for our body. Salmon is also good for people suffering from a heart problem.

6. Sardines:

Sardines are very rich in calcium and Vitamin D. If you’re suffering from the bone density problem or osteoporosis, start including sardines in your regular diet chart. Sardines are also very rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B 12. You can enjoy sardines in the form of can. You can either add sardine in your salads or on the pizza topping. Sardine definitely helps in improving your bone conditions and makes it stronger and healthier for the future.

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7. Wheat Beans:

Another best super Indian food that makes your bone healthy and strong is Wheat Beans. You can simply include white beans in your soup or salads. White beans not only nourish your bones but also helps in keeping your body healthy and fit. Apart from white bean you also improve the quality of your bones and muscles with navy and black beans too.

8. Eggs:

Eggs also play a very important role in keeping your bones healthy and fit.  You can say eggs are the best foods for strong bones since these are high in vitamin D and helps in improving the density of your bone. The yolk present in the eggs is very important for bone development. Try to eat an omelette daily for the proper enhancement of bones.

9. Collard Greens:

The best way to seek calcium and vitamin D is to add Collard Green in your daily diet list. Collard green is a green leafy vegetable which has all nutrients that are essential for bone development. The antibacterial properties present in collard green make the vegetable even more important for consumption. The best way to eat this vegetable is to sauté this vegetable with onion and garlic and has with chapatti. Collard green definitely makes your bone strong and healthy. So these are the best foods for strong bones.

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Older or Younger, Irrespective of Age, you have to follow a good diet for strong bones. Make sure your daily diet plant start with at least one item of above that surely make your bone strengthen.


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