Sugar, also a form carbohydrates can be seen in various kinds of food. A lot of people often question what happens if we eat too much sugar in our food? The answer is even simpler- our subsequent insulin will rise and you would start putting weight. The excessive consumption of sugar can cause various health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, tooth decay and cancer. Given below is the extended list of food which is high in sugar content. For a healthy and balanced diet, please try and limit or avoid these foods.

High Sugar Content Foods:

Let’s see what are the foods high in sugar content through that sugar patients can be aware while taking them.

1. Canned Soups:

If the intake of your canned soup is high, then after reading this blog please starting avoiding it. People know that canned soups are high in sodium content, but very less know that it is fully chocked with sugar. To extend the life of canned soup, sugar is added as a preservative. So start drinking more of fresh vegetable soup instead foods high in sugar content of canned!

2. Pudding And Cup Cakes:

Pudding and cupcakes contain very high sugar contents. It is high in carbohydrates and will definitely increase your blood sugar. If you want to eat cupcakes or pudding, try searching for low sugar foods or pudding in the supermarket. By sugar free, it doesn’t mean that the pudding is free from carbohydrate or calorie. It can just be enjoyed in little moderation.

3. Bread:

Researchers have proven that in some brands of bread, either white or whole meal, bread a half teaspoon of sugar is added. Some sugar is formed naturally in the bread while the baking process is on but people may also add some sugar to it. Even in some supermarket sandwiches, sugars are added to sweeten the bitter taste of vegetables. So while purchasing the bread, look for brands without sugar.

4. Soft Or Frizzy Drinks:

Energy drinks or cold drinks are very high in sugar content and should be avoided. Look for labels with no added sugar or try and avoid these drinks totally. They have nothing nutritional present and only cause a rise in blood sugar level if consumed on a daily basis. The best recommendations are to avoid such drinks.

5. Fruit Yogurt:

Fruit yogurt is one of the most tasty and convenient snack, but the bottom line is it is typically very high in sugar. The calorie intake is very high in fruit yogurt. The added sugar in yogurt comes with many health risks. So start consuming plain yogurt, which is nutritionally much healthier than fruit yogurt.

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6. Fruit Juices:

Everybody has this notion that all kinds of juices are very healthy for the human body. But usually packed juice foods high in sugar content. Whether you’re drinking grape juice or pineapple juice, they all are packed with huge amounts of sugars. So whether the juice is labeled as 100% natural juice, don’t forget to check the ingredients list. Try having more of fresh fruit salad instead of packed juices as it contains filling fibers for your diet.

7. Breakfast Cereals:

We often see that some brands of breakfast cereals are very rich foods high in  sugar content. The amount of sugar in recent times has increased, so much that it has become equivalent to eating two and half chocolate cream biscuits. Children become use of having so much sugar, which may further deteriorate their health condition. Try and avoid such cereals.

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8. Tomatoes Sauces In Jars:

Tomatoes ketchup stored in big jars which are the foods high in sugar content. The best way to avoid is either limit its consumption or make your own sugar free ketchup with fresh tomatoes.

9. Granola Bars:

Did you ever eat a candy bar for your breakfast? Some Granola bars brands have high sugar content. They are not only high in sugar content but also tend to increase the amount of calorie intake. So instead to trying Granola bars, try consuming fruits and handful of whole nuts instead!

Artificial sugar is definitely your top enemy and may just increase your health diseases. These foods not only contain high fats, carbohydrate and calories but may increase your blood pressure and sugar levels. So limit the intake of these foods in your regular diet plan. If you want to eat them at any cost then try to choose sugar free foods whatever available in markets.

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