9 Foods to Avoid in thyroid – A hypothyroidism Diet Plan

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We’ve all heard of the thyroid gland, but what is it exactly? What function does it play in the running of our body? The thyroid gland belongs to the endocrine system. Its function is to secrete certain hormones which help regulate a lot of our body systems. Now thyroid can fail in two ways – it can reduce its secretion (hypothyroidism) or increase its secretion (hyperthyroidism). In each case one needs to keep a close watch on one’s diet because one’s body is in a precarious state. Controlling one’s desires, one needs to avoid certain dishes that are going to push your body off the edge and worsen the situation. Here is a list of foods that must be kept away from one when one has to avoid in thyroid

List of Foods to Avoid in Thyroid:

Let’s see what type of foods to avoid with hypothyroidism.

1. Red Meat:

The first and foremost foods to avoid in thyroid are red meat. So It meat must be avoided in case of hypothyroid. This is because red meat contains a lot of cysteine. So does eggs. So, red meat and eggs are both to be avoided as cysteine will make your situation worse

2.Soy Sauce:

Big fan of Asian cuisine? Too bad. It is imperative for you to avoid products with fermented soy in them. These products not only make your body’s condition worse, it also reduces emission of the thyroid hormone! These products also contain phytic acid which is not good for you either. It also contains unfermented soy which causes isoflavones and genistein. Both these compounds can cause further distress in your thyroid gland.

3. Wheat and Barley:

Wheat and barley contain lots and lots of gluten and hence you must avoid all products containing lots and lots of wheat and barley! These products increase the intensity of all the ill effects of hypothyroidism and hence are extremely harmful to your body.

4. Coffee:

Yes, I can imagine what some of your reactions upon reading this one must be. I mean, coffee helps you stay up and finish your work, coffee helps you tolerate all kinds of annoying people surrounding you when you are sleep deprived! How are you supposed to function without coffee? Well, you have to find some way because coffee affects your iodine levels and this in its turn makes your symptoms worse. Also, coffee being a stimulant suppresses emission of thyroid hormones.

5. Vegetables High in Goitrogens:

The main foods to avoid in thyroid are vegetables. Vegetables like broccoli, peanuts, lima beans, pine nuts, turnips, flax, cauliflower and so on contain a lot of goitrogens. Now, what are goitrogens? – These are compound that make it difficult for our body to break down certain kind of food. For this purpose the above mentioned vegetables must be avoided.

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6. Tea:

The another foods to avoid with hypothyroidism is tea. Tea is a stimulant and suppresses emission of thyoid hormones. However, it should be avoided more because it contains high levels of chlorine and fluoride. These like iodine levels hamper the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Tap water contains high levels of these chemicals too.


Tapioca is a vegetable which is rich in goitorgens. Not only this, it also contains millets! Millets interfere with the intakes and absorption of iodine in the body and thus, affects the thyroid glands severely. So thyroid patient must have to avoid this.

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8. Spinach:

Everyone remembers Popeye – Popeye, the sailor man – pooh pooh! Popeye used to pop in tins of spinach and become the mightiest. Im sure he inspired a lot of kids to start enjoying spinach and was thus, well loved by all mothers. However, when you have hypothyroid, you must avoid spinach. Same goes for strawberries and peaches. All these foods contain thiourea.

9. Mustard:

The common vegetable foods to avoid in thyroid is mustard due to rich in goitrogen. It too contains millets and in general hampers the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

As far as possible, the thyroid patients try to avoid the harmful foods that said above to not get the thyroid problem severe.

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