Getting up early for a morning walk or run is much simpler than the after activities. Before we go for a walk we really need to wear the right kind of clothes. But apart from clothes, even the right kind of food plays a key role. Walking or running empty stomach is bad for our health. But if you plan to eat a heavy breakfast, then my suggestion would be to drop the idea of a morning run. Here is an extended list of foods which should be avoided before we go for a walk or run.

Worst Foods to Avoid Before Going for a Morning Walk or Run:

1. Milk:

You should try and avoid milk before going for a morning walk or run. It has been proven that usually dairy products cause gastrointestinal issues. Milk is very high in lactose. We often get to see that sugar present in the milk results in cramps or abdominal pain. So try not to have milk because it may even slow down your energy level and also hinders the absorption of carbohydrates in the body.

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2. Bread:

A lot of people prefer to consume bread before going for a morning run. One should completely avoid these high fiber foods as it takes much longer time to digest and might just stay in the digestive track for a longer period of time. Running after eating a sandwich or plain bread can often cause cramping or nausea and shouldn’t be consumed.

3. Eggs / Omelets:

If you’re going for a walk, then avoid boiled eggs or grilled omelets. Eggs are a great source of lean proteins and they don’t provide you with any source of energy. The protein takes much longer time in digestion and can result in nausea or diarrhea. So try not to supplement your body with eggs before a walk.

4. Spicy Foods:

People usually stuff themselves with pasta and or last night’s spicy Mexican as they have a notion that it provides them with energy. Stop eating anything spicy early morning before a run or walk as they tend to burn more calories overall than required. These spicy foods can even cause heartburn. So It is added in the list of foods to avoid before running.

5. Energy Drinks:

Most energy drinks are filled with carbohydrates or sugar and should be completely avoided when you’re out for a morning walk or run. It may cause gastrointestinal problems, bloating and in some cases fatigue. And the most important point is that they don’t keep you hydrated the reason why you drinking these drinks.

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6. Orange Juice:

Planning to go for a morning walk or run and want prepare list of foods to avoid before running, then first say no to the orange juice. I don’t say go empty stomach, but don’t drink a glass of orange juice instead it is more advisable to eat an orange. Orange juice has a lot of sugar and when it goes into your system, it may a cause a blood sugar crash.

7. Protein Shakes:

A lot of people prefer to gulp protein shakes before going for a walk. They often tend to think it’s healthy. You will not be aware that these protein shakes contains a lot of processed ingredients, sugar and carbohydrates resulting in cramps, abdominal pain and bloating.

8. Almonds And Nuts:

People usually stuff themselves with lots of almonds and nuts before they go to run or walk in the morning. But lot may not be aware that these foods much longer time to digest can even cause gastrointestinal troubles. So stop consuming almonds and nuts on empty stomach.

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9. Caffeine:

Drinking tea or early morning coffee before a walk or run is very much unfavorable. Caffeine usually causes a lot stomach related issues. So runners, try to avoid tea or coffee during early morning hours as it may cause cramps or diarrhea.

If you want to start walking or running in the morning, then you should aware of foods that to avoid before running or walk, otherwise you will have to stop your running in the middle either with stomach pain or other health problems.


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