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Top 9 Foods To Eat In Chikungunya

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Chikungunya is basically a viral disease which is seen after being bitten by a mosquito. It causes fever, severe joint pain, nausea, etc and is one of the most harmful vital diseases in today’s world. This tropical disease is mainly evident in regions such as Asia, Africa, etc.

• How will you know that you have been infected with this harmful virus?

If the virus of chikungunya has been transmitted to your body then you will experience rashes, headaches, fever, etc. Furthermore, you will feel nauseous and there will be severe pain in your joints.

Since, there is no specific vaccine to treat chikungunya instantly you’ll have to follow a specific diet to eliminate the virus from your body. Doctors recommend eating a lot of fruits with fluids for treating this disease. Vegetables should be the most vital part of your diet if you’re willing to eliminate this virus from your body. Following are the top 9 foods which will effective relieve you from the symptoms of chikungunya within the least span of time.

Healthy Foods to Treat Chikungunya :

1. Leafy Vegetables:

green leafy vegetables

Theses are considered as one of the essential fruits that should be consumed by us every now and then. They can be easily digested and contains a number of vital nutrients and essential vitamins. Green leafy veggies are rich in vitamin C which has been proved to effective in fighting against arthritis. They will build up radicals and will protect your body from severe threatening diseases such as chikungunya.

2. Healthy Fruits:

Oranges 2

Fruits should be one of the most rrime ingredients in our diet for recovering from chikungunya. Fruits such as oranges, apples, watermelons, etc have been proved to be effective in fixing chikungunya within the least amount of time. Take, for example, apple. Apples are full of fibers which clean the body and improve the overall digestion system. It also reduces cholesterol levels and prevents constipation and keeps the body clean. Fruits with plantains should be consumed as much as possible in this hard time.

3. Vitamin C and E:

Vitamin C and E

Foods containing Vitamin C and E should be an essential part of you anti-chikungunya diet. Foods rich in both the above the vitamins help in the proper formation of bones, muscles, etc. Vitamin C specifically promoted a healthy skin and eliminates cancer-causing virus in the body. Fruits such as guavas, kiwis, broccolis, yellow bell pepper, etc should be consumed at a considerable rate for fix chikungunya.

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4. Liquid-Based Foods:

Foods to treat chikungunya 4

Liquid-based foods have been proved to be effective in fighting chikungunya. Foods such as dals, soups, gravies, should fall in your diet for fighting chikungunya. Soups made of beans, fish, lean meat, etc should the main source of protein in your diet. Soups made up of tomato are rich in antioxidants and are necessary for while you’re fighting against chikungunya.

5. Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

Foods to treat chikungunya 5

Omega 3 fatty acids have tons of benefits. It fixes blood clots, boosts memory, reduces chances of stroke, allow the brain to function properly, and many more. Foods with Omega 3 fatty acids reduce arthritis as well.

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You should also eat the following types of foods to treat chikungunya.

6.  Foods rich in zinc, chromium, selenium, etc.

Foods to treat chikungunya 6

7.  A mixture of herbs such as tulsi, Sudarshan churnam, gutika, amruthrista, etc can be made and consumer to reduce the symptoms of this disease.

Foods to treat chikungunya 7

8.  Barley and semi-liquid foods should be eaten.

Foods to treat chikungunya 8

9.  Amla, capsicum, cabbage and other foods rich in Vitamin C should be consumed

Foods to treat chikungunya 9

Be aware of chikungunya symptoms and follow the suggested foods with treatment if you have effected.

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