Top 9 Phenylalanine Rich Foods

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Phenylalanine is basically an amino acid which has a number of uses in the making of proteins, thyroid hormones, brain chemicals, etc. Human bodies don’t have the ability to produce this amino acid. Hence, we consume some foods with phenylalanine to let our body avail this beneficial acid. Generally, sweeteners and protein foods come with this amino acid. Every average adult should intake more than 100miligrams of phenylalanine. However, people with certain metabolic disorders cannot have foods containing this amino acid.

Best Phenylalanine Rich Foods:

Here are the top 9 foods that contain phenylalanine.

1. Meat And Fish:

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These foods are the main sources of protein and are loaded with phenylalanine. Some meat contains around of 1000mg of every 100gm of phenylalanine. Lobster, tuna, salmon, oyster, etc also contain phenylalanine. Compared to fish, meat contains a little more phenylalanine and is also a better source of protein. Among meat, bacon, beef, turkey, etc are the best sources of this amino acid.

2. Soy Foods:

Foods with Phenylalanine 2

Since, phenylalanine helps in creating DNA, we must intake proper quantity of food daily to provide our body with the goodness of this valuable amino acid. Soy foods such as roasted soya beans contain more than 2000mg of phenylalanine per 100grams. Other foods falling in this category are soy chips, koyadofu, soy flour, etc.

3. Eggs And Dairy:

Foods with Phenylalanine 3

Dairy products contain a considerable amount of phenylalanine, which is one of the reasons behind the sweet taste of packed milk. Cheese, eggs, etc are rich in this particular amino acid. An egg contains around 500mg of phenylalanine.

4. Seeds And Nuts:

phenylalanine rich foods

Many seeds and nuts contain a high amount of phenylalanine. For example, pumpkin seeds contain 1733mg of this amino acid, per 100gramms. Along with pumpkin, seeds of other fruits such as watermelon also contain a good proportion of phenylalanine. Almonds are also rich in this amino acid.

5. Nuts:

Phenylalanine In Nuts Food

There are certain nuts which contain a high amount of phenylalanine. Intake of nuts such as walnuts can provide our body with the required amount of the good amino acid. Nuts are also high in protein and can increase the health and strength levels in our body.

6. Aspartame:

Foods with Phenylalanine 6

This is an artificial sweetener which is used in a number of packed products. For example – chewing gums, soft drinks, etc all contain a good amount of phenylalanine which are beneficial for building up our DNA, but to a certain extent.

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7. Lamb:

Foods with Phenylalanine 7

Lean beef or lambs contain a high amount of phenylalanine in them. These foods are rich in protein and are very beneficial for the body. Roasted beef contain around 1464mg of phenylalanine per 100grams.

8. Lean Pork:

Foods with Phenylalanine 8

Everyone loves pork. Pork forms an integral part of some of the most delicious dishes in the world. It is a rich source of lean protein and contains good amounts of phenylalanine. Pork has more 100mg (per 100grams) of this amino acid which is equal to 1095miligrams per 85grams. Proper intake of this type of meat will enhance the level of useful and necessary amino acids in the body.

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9. Wholegrain:

Foods with Phenylalanine 9

Whole grains such as Kamut come with good proportions of phenylalanine. They have around 300mg (per 100grams) of this amino acid in them. Whole grains are one of the best sources of phenylalanine and are beneficial in fixing tissue damage and other kinds of internal injuries. Add this food to your usual diet to improve the level of phenylalanine in your body.

Now itself, go and get the high phenylalanine foods from your near supermarkets and add them in your daily diet.

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