Whether it is a toddler, a teenage girl, young women or even elderly women, anklets are for every woman. Anklets are the favorite accessory for females. Men are also sporting anklets as a fashion accessory. The traditional gold or silver anklets are in style but the trendy designer ones are fast catching up. There are special significance’s to wearing an anklet foot jewelry according to different customs and traditions.

Indian Foot Anklets in Trend:

We will check out the newest in anklet designs being the foot anklets in this article.

1. Black Foot Anklet for Men:

This is a black cord anklet fixed with a bronze charm. The charm is an Om symbol. Om is very symbolic to the absolute one in Hindu mythology. The black cord with the bronze charm looks very elegant yet has a nice classic touch to the anklet. The anklet can be a great gift to a man.

2. Gemstone Foot Anklet for Men:

This is a unique gemstone beaded foot anklet for men. The USP is that no two gemstones are alike. These are very light in weight and one can wear this comfortably all day long. The anklets have multi coloured gemstones for the cool look.

3. Shells Foot Anklet for Men:

This foot anklet is beautifully handmade in hemp fabric with shells tied in equal intervals. The shells are all of not the same size, which makes this anklet very different. The hemp anklet is itself very unique and not the usual one. Men can rock this in style.

4. Bronze Chain Foot Anklet for Men:

This is a classy foot anklet for men in single bronze flat chain charm. The cord is light brown and looks great. This has a simple design and goes well with any outfit, like casual cargos pants, denims etc. This can be one excellent gifting idea for men.

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5. Beaded Foot Anklet for Women:

This lovely foot anklet is made of turquoise beaded gem stones fixed beautifully in faux suede strings. This looks great for summer festivals, walk across beach or even a dance class. The faux suede strings can be adjusted and tied according to one’s length and fit.

6. Antique Foot Anklet for Women:

This one is just different among the lot as when the perfect legs are adorned with this antique piece, a woman is just going to look more beautiful. This antique foot ankle is made of zinc metal and has a lovely engraved coin pattern in the whole anklet. Antique jewellery is so much in vogue and this is perfect for ethnic outfit as well as fusion outfits.

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7. Floral Barefoot Anklets for Women:

This is one must have anklet for a woman. Floral barefoot anklet is a handmade anklet made with freshwater pearls, crystal beads and has a nice floral crystal embellishment connecting the anklet to the toes. This is delicate and the pearls in white look beautiful on legs. This lovely anklet will surely be the thing which will grab all the attention.

8. Rhinestone Foot Anklets for Women:

This is one dazzling, shiny and sparkling foot anklet for women made in rhinestones. This foot anklet attaches to the toe ring. The toe ring has a big rhinestone studded on it. The chain connecting the anklet to the toe ring has stones on either side for added elegance. This makes the feet look damn pretty and stylish. Would be brides can definitely experiment with this new foot anklet style.

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9. Gold Chain Foot Anklets for Women:

This is a perfect multi layered gold anklets covering the foot. The anklet has many gold chains at the ankle and the gold chain is connected to the first toe with an abstract design in the center. This is a perfect anklet for weddings, festivals or for special functions with traditional attire. A bride can sport this unique golden foot anklet instead of the traditional anklets.

Foot anklets jewelry are what make the feet look different and stylish. The elegance of these foot anklets are highlighted with the variations in designs, patterns and colours and the variety to offer. The foot anklets connect the toes, feet and ankle beautifully in works of beads, metals, crochet, threads or even with lovely charms. The occasions are not less where one can flaunt these lovely looking foot ankle jewelry.


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