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Top 20 Foot Tattoo Designs With Pictures

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Out of the some of the most common places for a tattoo, the foot is one of the most opted for place. Either a first endeavor to a new ink or simply a portrayal of love for someone or something, your foot is a good place to opt for a tattoo. Usually a foot tattoo designs give off a very feminine vibe and therefore is mostly viewed as a tattoo place a girl would choose. Not too over powering and yet visible, foot tattoos are better without any complication.


Usually for a girl, foot tattoo design is in the form of a vine with flowers, stars, words, names and such. However, this does not necessarily section out guys from the foot tattoo trend. Often many a times, guys opt for tribal or Aztec art, maybe a tattoo of a soccer ball to portray their love and such. Given below is a list of tattoo designs that might help you take a cue from the next time you decide to opt for a foot tattoo.

Best Foot Tattoos With Meanings And Images:

Curated assorted collections of unique foot tattoo designs for men and women along with pictures and meanings which will make your feet the attention grabber amongst the crowd. Happy inking !

1. The Beautiful Vines On Foot:

The beautiful vines Tattoo

The first foot tattoo consists of the most common tattoo design opted for, especially by the feminine section on the society. Even though vines and floral can be manipulated into a masculine way if desired, these tattoo arts especially are experimental inking that adds a hint of life to your foot.

2. Dandelion Tattoos On Foot:

Break away Tattoo

One of the classic designs that did its rounds well was the flock of birds breaking away from a feather and such. This is exactly the same concept but in a much compact way to cover up the top of your toe where this willow flower or feather seems to break away into three bird silhouettes.

3. Simply Light Tattoo On Foot:

Simply light Tattoo

For a light concept or a first timer tattoo, a feather or a peacock feather as such is a good concept that portrays beauty, light heartedness, grace and pleasantness above all. This is why feathers make a good choice for foot tattoos, simple yet elegant.

4. Classic Feather Break Tattoo Designs:

Classic break Tattoo

Here is another classic break away tattoo art this time a proper sketched and shaded feather being dissipated from the front to form together as small bird silhouettes, the feather hanging from an inked anklet around your ankles. This is a much more defined structure than the previous one. You can write some words along with that.

5. Starry Path Foot Tattoo:

Starry path Tattoo

Stars form yet another most common tattoo art design. Stars can be big small, glistening and shaded or dull and morose. Either way it’s a good way to portray liveliness and vibrancy in your life. In this foot tattoo, we can see a constellation of beautiful stars, dazzling and glittering on her foot.

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6. Butterfly Trails:


To bring out your girly side, the perfect tattoo to tame your femininity would be a line of butterflies and their trails. Butterflies mean more than just a feminine aspect. It would mean vivaciousness in life, a color filled happiness that would keep us grounded yet let us fly. This is one of the simple foot tattoo designs with line of butterflies. If you want more creativity in that tattoo you can add your initials to that design.

7. Skeleton Foot Tattoos:

A much darker side Tattoo

A fun quirky way of bringing out the risk taker in you, here is a tattoo completely diverse from the butterflies and stars. This time it is a baby skeleton with two horns on its head, reclining back in your feet giving off a cute yet dangerous vibe to the look. Instead of the full tattoo on foot you can even opt for a simple skeleton head if desired.

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8. Simple Foot Cross Tattoo Designs:

Rosary art Tattoo

Instead of actually wearing a rosary, why not opt for a proper inking that shows a rosary hanging from your ankle, all the way down to your feet. The rosary looks alive and beautiful with its red beads and subtle 3D effects while the art ends in a beautifully detailed cross. You can tattooed Jesus names also along with cross symbol for more attracting.

9. Tribal Foot Tattoo Design:

Tribal at its best Tattoo

Yet another common foot tattoo art can be listed as tribal arts, which are nothing but an extensive connected pattern that looks simply beautiful in its black sketched inking. Here, this is displayed in a small amount but usually it can be quite extensive.

10.  Cute Butterfly Foot Tattoos:


The typical significance of butterflies is new birth. These are little and sensitive looking foot tattoo designs , which roost well on your feet. Butterflies and dragonflies have dependably spoke to ladies with regards to inking. This one looks exquisite attributable to its effortlessness and the shading blue tossing a component of appeal. You can settle on some other outline or shading if necessary.

11. Inspiring Quotes Foot Tattoo Design:


The foot is a long, genuinely level plane that can deal with content effectively. A word tat can extend from the toes to the lower leg with or without different outlines to emphasize it. Keep in mind to point the word or letters relying upon which foot and which side of the foot you are inking. For instance, a tattoo within the right foot ought to move from toes to lower leg, yet on the outside of the right foot, it ought to move from lower leg to toes.

12.  Cute Heart Tattoo Design On Foot:


Another small yet  cute foot design is that of the heart placed in some corner of the feet. Mostly ballerina heels complement such types of prints . Die-hard freaks of heart shapes or those who want to look extra seductive with their high heels, can pick this much preferred one. Hearts are tattoo that can function admirably on the feet. They should be possible in layout or strong shading and can even incorporate points of interest like standards or wings. A heart tat is preferably set comfortable top of the foot, with the point confronting down toward the toe.

13. Legendary Lotus Foot Tattoos:


The adorable floral tattoo design is definitely a standout amongst all the foot tattoo designs. In addition to the fact that it is lovely the fragrant bloom can also express the feelings of the heart in different ways. Prevalent since the 1930s, this type of feet tattoos are trendy among both men and females. The magnificent Lotus foot tattoos for women are among the most prominent blossom tattoos for what they symbolize, as well as for the way of life to which they are tied. The lotus speaks to information, comprehension, edification, and life.

14. Lovable Rose Tattoo Design On Foot:


The rose tattoo is another mainstream blossom tattoo. While it is less regular in Eastern tattoo craftsmanship, the rose feet tattoo design is a staple of conventional American tattoo society. The rose tattoo is by and large viewed as importance affection, or magnificence, because of these same qualities being connected with the bloom itself. Be that as it may, the rose tattoo has much more profound importance and a long history in tattoo craftsmanship. The rose tattoo is likewise accepted to mean equalization, symbolize an undying affection, trust, and fresh starts. Including the stem with thistles can give extra, differentiating significance, for example, barrier, misfortune, and thoughtlessness.

15. Astronomy Foot Tattoos:


Space is a magical spot that fills our brains with marvels and dreams, motivation and trust. The close planetary system and universes past hold profound significance for individuals, subsequently why such a large number of individuals get astronomical tattoos. Cosmology tattoos  come in all shapes and sizes, sexes, and identity sorts, however the one thing they all have in like manner is veneration for space and the greater part of the baffling mysteries it holds. The subject of space science can be a significant interesting one if couple of perspectives are conveyed to the fore, the feet to be precise by means of tattoos. While one foot demonstrates our universe with the sun and the planets, the other one is a fascinating interpretation of material science’s umbra and penumbra areas.

16. Graceful Deer Tattoo Designs On Foot:


As animals of extreme effortlessness and magnificence, deer have constantly enlivened tattoo craftsmen to make more up to date and all the more appealing plans, which have a specific imagery connected with them. Other than the tattoo craftsmen, tattoo partners too give their contribution to make some astounding examples with deer in the middle stage. Deer and reindeer’s have elegant animals that make us mesmerize with their fragile beauty. A deer female foot tattoos is demonstrative of virtue, force and achievement however not through mighty statements.

17. Fiery Dragon Tattoo Style On Foot:


Dragon is a water creature and it the ultimate symbolism of the inner subconscious mind which is reached at the peak time of meditation, and also being an image of Masculinity, Strength, Power, and the primal powers of Nature and the universe. Uncertainty and entanglements in life usually a part of the day to day life, however for the individuals who appear to be fixated by such viewpoints, grasp dragon foot tattoo ideas of art. Generally dragon tattoos appears in a monotonous hue but adding vibrant colours to it glorify the tattoo as well as highlights the feet to thousand folds.

18. Foot Arrow Tattoo Design:


The magnificent arrow foot tattoo designs is a standout amongst the most famous outlines in tattoo craftsmanship. It is additionally the most favored outline for tattoo fans subsequent to quite a while. These tattoo outlines are exceptionally straightforward, which is the greatest in addition to purpose of these plans. In this way, this tattoo is a decent decision for novices also. Outlining these sorts of is wallet friendly and does not at all burn your wallet. Torment and time required in outlining these tattoos is additionally less. Despite the fact that these tattoos are extremely basic, it doesn’t imply that these are not appealing. Arrow tattoos on foots are profoundly alluring.

19. Pet Paw Tattoo On Foot:


The adoration for canines or some other creature, for the most part pets impel numerous to decide on this tastefully satisfying tattoo. Paw prints of canines are by and large in recognition of the expired ones or essentially the bond that the proprietor offers with it. A side the adorableness request, the dedication towards pets is appropriately caught by this tattoo. Subsequently individuals wear these tattoos like canine paw tattoo or feline paw tattoos to recall their pet or demonstrate some adoration towards it. You can pay a tribute to your dearest Pup with this type of  cute paw prints tattoo of that pet on your foot.

20. The Calming Moon Tattoo On Foot:


The exotic nature, smoothness and immaculateness moon as a divine body holds makes it similar to a ladylike structure. This tattoo of a sickle moon expecting a female face is aesthetic yet holds some despairing that is hard to express in words. That night has a great deal of spiritualist appeal is best characterized by this tattoo craftsmanship.

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Since it appears lavishing and stylish with the foot tattoo designs, therefore the foot can a perfect spot to get a tattoo. Nonetheless, you ought not settle on your choice without monitoring the conceivable downsides and danger connected with this situation.