Forearm tattoos look very good when they’ve been set, adjusted accordingly with wise design and color combination. The forearm is a great spot for elongated or vertical tattoos. The location is advantageous as the tattoo you choose will be visible and clearly understood.

But what you imprint should have meaning and a good design. Here are a few suggestions that you can look up. And you can see the best forearm tattoo designs for men and women with pictures that surely inspire you.

Forearm Tattoos For Men And Women:

Here are our 15 beautiful forearm tattoo designs and ideas for men and women as follows.

1. Magnificent Flower Tattoo On Men’s Forearms:

A tattoo for the forearm doesn’t always have to be critical or complex as we see in this work of art; the tattoo sports a simple yet magnificent blooming flower, possibly a sunflower amidst a meadow, the flower within itself sporting a beautiful art and pattern. Based on the dish you like to be served best, your size can vary from minuscule to big blooming sunflower, a dash of colour always inspired. This classical inner forearm tattoo is beautiful and suitable for men with large hands. This is one of the unique flower forearm tattoos.

2. Fading Away Forearm Tattoo Designs:

This time, this is a unique concept that can make heads turn in a tattoo.  Tattoo designs for men’s forearms can be a classic example of this where the tattoo art spreads into a beautiful vintage clock with ornamental resting set underneath. What’s mind-blowing about this half sleeve tattoo is the fading away of the upper section of the clock turns into a cloud of dark smoke, silhouettes of birds flying by visible through the darkness.

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3. Reindeer On Forehand Forearm Tattoo Art:

Please bring in the Christmas this year with a prolific cute reindeer tattoo that is not only majestic in its aura but also uses soft tribal patterns to create a wonderful, vibrant bust of a reindeer, the deer in its royal attitude holding its head up high and proud. Even though this tattoo is monochrome, a sprinkle of colour amongst the tribal art would suit this look quite well.

4.  Skull And Rose Forearm Tattoos:

Forearm tattoos never looked better than this before as the beautiful king of flowers; the mighty rose is dulled and dampened here in shades of morose grey, possibly because it was in contact with a deadly skull placed just below a couple of roses. If the dampening colours are a bit too subtle for you, one can always opt for a lively, colourful view by filling in the roses with bright vermilion red. This is the cool rose forearm tattoo.

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5. Different Shades And Colorful Forearm tattoos:

This one is for those who wish to have an element of humour in their tattoo. This one is simply cool! Make sure your tattoo remains neat, and to do so, try not adding anything more to the tattoo. If you wish to add more depth, then do it using colors and different shades. Also, if you have a thin forearm, do not make the tattoo too big. It shouldn’t be visible from the edges of the other side.

6. Tribal Forearm Tattoo:

This can be a perfect example of forearm tattoos for men. Here is the tattoo art sporting a prolific tribal forearm tattoo. This is one of a kind and morphs significant other patterns such as floral artwork and the all-seeing eye. This is a vertical line of individual characters compiling together to form this robust work of art. It is one of the best tribal forearm tattoos.

7. Forearm Bird Tattoo Design:

This beautiful design of a bird looks very graceful. This tattoo is for the calm ones. The design gives you a lot of freedom on colour choice and alteration of design. So you can add something that will give it a personalized touch, and also, the colour choice is yours too. Add shades of blue and purple if you like.

8. Simple Skull With Wings Forearm Tattoo Designs:

A simple skull tattoo with a light amount of detailing looks just right on a forearm. This small tattoo design for the male forearm will look best if kept black, and if you want to, you can highlight using white. Make sure it is not too large, or the desired effect will be lost. This tattoo can be imprinted both by men and women.

9. Nautical Matters Forearm Tattoos:

Forearm tattoo designs can range from fairies and stars to even nautical matters such as the steering of the mighty ship or simply the iron clad heavy anchor. In this tattoo, we can see a wonderful cold blue shade adorning the tattoos as the splash of water on the background adds definition and beauty to the look of the tattoo art. Writings words on either side of the tattoo art can also add a sense of definition to the look.

10. Geometrical Forearm Tattoo Design For Men:

This is another spiral work. The outline has already been specified beforehand, and the geometrical design it specifies also compliments the forearm structure. The spirals inside are in contrast to the outlined body. This outer forearm tattoo idea of contrasting will also look good in different combinations. But make sure that your design version is not too stuffy (number of spirals); otherwise, you will lose the tattoo’s look.

11. Forearm Owl Tattoo:

This animated owl is a good pick for women. An owl signifies wisdom, wit and knowledge. And since you do not want the usual ones, this is a beautifully detailed tattoo design. It does not leave any empty spaces and is a compact design. You can elongate it by making the tail a little longer.

12. Spiral Forearm Tattoo:

Spirals like these look good if your forearm is strongly built and looks muscular. You should stick to dark tones, preferably and adjust and alter your design according to the length of your forearm. If it is too big, then the neatness will be lost. Also, if you wish to make it attractive, highlight it with a contrasting colour like white, silver or blue.

13. Skull Tattoo For Girl Forearm:

If you love skulls, this is a very creative way of wearing them! Skull tattoos for girls are usually kept simple, but this one looks absolutely brilliant with the flares and turns it on. If you like, add some colour to it; keeping the skull in tones of grey and making the flares colourful will also look good. This tattoo is flexible in terms of colour usage. Altering will not do any harm to its look.

14. Feathers Forearm Tattoo Designs:

Feathers signify freedom. So for the silent rebel- here, the feather tattoo on the forearms is your way of expressing and demanding your freedom. Adjust the size accordingly, and it will fit just fine. Use two colors for this one, black with any color you wish.

15. Forest Forearm Tattoo For Guys:

Here is a brilliant concept for a forearm band tattoo where the serenity and tranquillity of a faraway forest are evident in this tattoo art. The design starts from the wrist, deep and covered in soft sheen darkness as the brilliant treetops slowly become visible, the tattoo eluding grace and tranquillity amongst it. It is one of the best forearm tattoos.


In this article, we open up a list of all the possible tattoo concepts a forearm can hold and generate inspiration from various sources. We found out that creativity holds no bar when an open canvas like your forearm is put to good use.

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