Top 15 Formal Hairstyles For Men In 2018

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Formal hairstyles for men never go fade out because most of the gents follow these regularly. The Formal hairstyles are so beautiful in look which could makes the men more respectable person in the society. The Formal hair styles are best with suits. Formal hairstyle with beard and classical spectacles are more trendy.

formal hairstyles for men

Most Popular Formal Hairstyles For Men In India:

Check out these awesome formal hairstyles for men along with pictures which will make you stand out in the crowd.

1. The ‘Slick Back’ Hairstyle:

Formal hairstyles for men - Slick Back

The ‘Slick Back’ Hairstyle is a medium-length men’s hairstyle in which the hair is swept back so as to make it look flat and reduce the apparent volume of the hair. Extremely common during the turn of the 20th Century, the ‘Slick Back’ formal hairstyle for men  is still a very popular hairstyle among businessmen.The requirement for this hairstyle is medium-length hair which is either straight or wavy. The ‘Slick Back’ Hairstyle is an excellent option is you want to sport a classic look, showing off your medium length hair outside of your workplace while keeping your hair neat during working hours.

2. The ‘Trimmed’ Hairstyle:

Formal hairstyles for men - trimmed

The ‘Trimmed’ Hairstyle is a short-length men’s hairstyle in which the hair is cut short and parted to one side. This ‘Trimmed’ Hairstyle is great for executive meetings presentations and will probably get you that coveted promotion at the next board meeting.The requirement for this hairstyle is short, straight hair. This ‘Trimmed’ Hairstyle is one of the simpler ones, taking less time and effort. However, with its neat look, it can work wonders when it comes to impressing your peers.

3. The ‘Shaggy’ Look:

Formal hairstyles for men - shaggy

The ‘Shaggy’ Look is a medium length men’s hairstyle in which the hair covers most of the forehead, drooping down but usually curving to one side. This formal hairstyle for men goes exceptionally well with a short stubble. The requirement for this hairstyle is to have medium length hair, preferably wavy. The hair is combed down the length of the head on all sides, giving it a more casual look. If you’re the kind of person who’s known for his sense of humor, this hairstyle is for you! This type of formal hairstyles for men exactly suits for medium length hair.

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4. The Spiky Hairdo:

The Spiky Hairdo

The Spiky Hairdo is a short length men’s hairstyle which sports spikes along the top-middle of the head and short hair along the sides. The requirement for this hairstyle is short hair. This hairstyle is preferred by the younger workaholics, who prefer to do their work while looking formal and contemporary at the same time. This is one of the most perfect formal hairstyles for men with round face.

5. The Slick Side-Parted Hairstyle:


The Slick Side-parted formal Hairstyle for men is very similar to The ‘Slick Back’, except that it requires the hair to be parted and combed back diagonally on either side of the hair parting. This hairstyle also works very well at executive meetings, giving the ‘Trimmed’ hairstyle some competition.

6. The ‘Peripheral Cut’ Hairstyle:

The Peripheral Cut Hairstyle

This hairstyle’s name comes from the kind of haircut required to sport it successfully. The trick is to have your hair cut along the periphery, avoiding the front at all costs.The requirement for this hairstyle is medium length straight hair with a ‘peripheral cut’. The process is very similar to the ‘Shaggy’ Look, except it requires ‘bangs’ on the front, which can easily be achieved by varying the comb angle here and there while combing down.The ‘Peripheral Cut’ Hairstyle is popular among many celebrities, and is great for all sorts of parties.

7. The ‘Fantastic’ Hairstyle:

The Fantastic Hairstyle

This is one of the most favorable and best formal hairstyles for men with long hair. No one knows where the name came from, but this hairstyle sure is ‘Fantastic’!The requirement for this hairstyle is a little longer than medium sized hair. The hair should be well conditioned and gelled. This look is brought about by using the hands to form a single continuous spike along the middle of the head and combing the front to fall a little over the forehead and to one side. The sides can be combed down or combed halfway, allowing them to curl at the end. If you want to look ‘Fantastic’ at a formal gathering, this look is for you!

8. The ‘Undercut’:

Formal hairstyles for men - Undercut

The ‘Undercut’ is a short-length men’s hairstyle, inspired from the haircuts of the U.S. Army. The requirement for this hairstyle is short hair with the sides trimmed extremely short (or shaved off). The hair should be gelled or creamed (with styling cream). The middle part of the hair is to be combed back with a conventional comb and then the front should be slightly fluffed up to complete the look. This formal Hairstyle for men has numerous variations. The ‘Undercut’ is popular with artistic people, who often sport personal, stylized Undercuts.

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9. The ‘Short Pompadour’:

The Short Pompadour

The ‘Short Pompadour’ is a short-length men’s hairstyle slightly similar to the ‘Slick Back’ but here, only the middle-front part of the hair is curled back and slightly fluffed up. The sides are combed back and slicked and the back is combed down till the nape of the neck. This hairstyle is also popular among many celebrities, and variants can be seen even to this day.

10. The Straight And Thick Formal Hairstyle:

Formal Hairstyles for Men 10

This is something that is suitable for all men out there who love sporting the formal look. If you have thick quality hair then that is no more a problem as there is an awesome formal hairstyle specifically intended for the thick hair. This men’s straight and thick hair is something that will impress every woman out there instantly. It will make a man look very sexy and smart. If you are looking for something in the field of hair beauty tips for improving your image, then this something that will be totally suitable for you. It comes with beautiful blonde straight spikes which are wavy and curled because of the thick quality. Even though it looks messy it is very impressive.

11. The Short Formal Hair Styles For Bearded Faces:

Formal Hairstyles for Men 11

If you want to keep your beard, then this is something that will be totally fine for you. Here is a hairstyle that all men will love and it will work effectively on women. It is the latest side short and long top kind of hairstyle. There are lot of similar ones out there  but this works like the pioneer. If you are sporting the classy coat or the Russian warlord look with the overcoat or long jackets, then this formal hairstyle for men will be something that will totally match your looks and will be effective in your role play.

12. The Ideal Prom Guy Look:

Formal Hairstyles for Men 12

Do you remember the way you styled your hair to hit the prom night? Well, you will have to bring it back. If you cannot, then this can substitute the look and make you look even more attractive. This is arguably one of the finest looking and latest formal hairstyles for men who have to spend more the half the day in a formal environment. The pattern that this sports on the front is totally amazing and it can make the man look very admiring. If you are looking for one great hairstyle this season that will make you look date-able instantly, then this is probably the right thing for you. Over that, if you have a toned face, then it will work even better for you.

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13. The Short Navy Cut Hairstyles For Men:

Formal Hairstyles for Men 13

Short hair is probably the best way to portray your professional and formal face. This is something that will be suitable for all men who have short hair. If you have a medium length hair then cut it short severely in order to rock the Zac Efron look. This is one of the finest formal hairstyles for men with short hair which ways to look alluring and this hairstyle is something that will instantly make women fall for you.

14. The 2017 Brad Pitt Formal Hairstyle:

Formal Hairstyles for Men 14

Want to get that slick and smooth look that will impress all the people looking at you instantly then try this look out. It is one of the finest ways to impress all the hair style lovers out there. The pattern that the hair sports by parting it effectively is quite beautiful and it is something that everyone will prefer seeing on a man at a formal environment.

15. The Formal Hairstyle With The Stubble:

Formal Hairstyles for Men 15

Last but not the least, this is a hairstyle for those men who are willing to look their best under all circumstances. If you are willing to sport a formal look along with your stubble, then this is something that women will look forward to. It will make you look like a responsible and give your that kind of desirable look which will be impressive enough to get all the attention.

So next time you want to show off your personality at a party or you are looking for a nice hairstyle that goes with your tuxedo for a formal party, then this is where you can research from.

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