Fossil wallets are an American Designer Brand that started in 1984; since then, it has been one of the top branded companies that sell different kinds of accessories like Bags, watches, and satchels. The most famous is the wallet which is made from pure and genuine leather material. Fossil brand comes up with unique designs that are very different from the usual flimsy and shiny wallets. Men and women like carrying a branded wallet that lasts for a very long time, especially for men wallets are considered to be one of the important accessories next to their lady in their life. For ladies, wallets are indeed important, and the most important feature they look for is the number of compartments in the wallet, which very well knows why they look in for that feature!!

Make life easier with a steady and fashionable wallet design that helps carry our important stuff, which is needed in our daily routine. This article helps men and women to find out the best type of wallet which fits your main necessary things and design of a wallet by briefing Top Fossil wallets designs for both Men and Women.

Latest and Stylish Designs of Fossil Wallets for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top fossil wallets designs.

1. Expand Fossil Men’s Wallet:

This simple looking mild brown leather coloured wallet is one of the standard designs used in manufacturing Men’s wallets, but in this wallet type, the wallet is highlighted with an extra side compartment. The wallet looks small and sleek when folded, but the real usage is displayed when the wallet is opened. This wallet is designed as a foldable square wallet with an expandable side compartment used in keeping cards and photos.

2. Money Clipping Fossil Men’s Wallet:

Clipping wallet design is a newly innovated design by the brand and gained its name through its rigid clip design, which is seen on the outer front part of the foldable square-shaped wallet design. The clip is made from steady metal material. The metal clip has a matt finish effect, which adds contrast to the wallet. Rupee notes can be placed into this clip design for an emergency purpose.

3. Mini RFID Designer Women’s Fossil Wallet:

To avoid any malfunction and tracing of security passwords during fake scans, this wallet is designed. The material used in making this wallet is designed in protecting the important information stored in any Visa or a debit card by lining the wallet, which blocks transmitting Radio Frequency Identification. Apart from the Protection theory, this fossil women’s wallet looks marvellous due to its fascinating vibrant colour Bluish-green, red, pink.

4. Plain Zip Around Fossil Wallets for Women:

This type of mini square wallet is highlighted with a contrasting coloured thick zip that completely runs around the wallet. The zip is thick and visible due to its golden colour and has designed hangings made from the same colour as the wallet. This zip wallet has two dividing compartments after opening the wallet and a side small zip pocket on the backside of the wallet.

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5. Card Case Bifold Men’s Fossil Wallet:

This specialized wallet is designed only to hold cards like visiting cards, shopping cards, membership cards. Since most men do not like to carry all the cards in their wallet which has other important items foremost is cash and debit, and visa cards. To make it easier and less confusing, fossil came up with this card case wallet which can fold. Foldable credit card wallets are much useful than a single rack cardholder.

6. Trifold Leather Women Fossil Wallet:

Tri Foldable leather wallets are much more durable and can carry many cards separately by not mixing them with cash. When this three folded wallet is opened, it has a cardholder compartment on the front and has a single straight compartment to hold in the cashback part of the non-zip wallet design.

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7. Elastic Attached Fossil Magic Men’s Wallet:

Young guys commonly use this sleek wallet design since they carry a few cards and less cash; this type will be the right kind of wallet design. On the front and backside of the card design, the inner part of the wallet has an elastic attachment in the back of the leather wallet, which can hold notes. One side of the Wallet has a straight elastic design, and on the other side, the elastic is designed in an X-shape. This colourful green elastic helps form a bi-fold wallet with a cactus design stitched on the front lower corner of the wallet, and the brand name is embossed on the backside of the wallet.

8. Bifold Coin Pocket Men Fossil Wallet:

Keeping a large amount of coin in a small compartment wallet is a real pain for Men. Men like to avoid carrying heavily filled coin wallets and cash and card, and it is also inconvenient to fit coin filled expanded wallets in their back pocket, which makes the pants slip down more down. To avoid such problematic situations, a coin wallet is designed, which has a large square compartment in the front that can accommodate more than 20 to 25 coins at a time, along with cash and cards.

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9. Smartphone Holder RFID Womens Fossil Wallet:

This is the ear where more than talking with people around, we now started talking with the Smartphone by using our fingers. With that in Fossil has come up with some innovative phone holding designs for women wallets; one such very trustworthy design is the wristlet design which has a slot designed like an envelope to hold the phone and has a zip attached to close the wallet. The leather material is lined with an RFID blocking agent who is an added protective factor.

There should be no doubt or second thought in buying a branded wallet like Fossil due to its marvellous and outrageous designs, which not just holds the necessary items in sequentially arranged compartments but it has also reduced the anxiety of people by lining a high-end material around the wallet, which prevents such unknown stealing techniques due to various malpractice ways in getting important code from visa or credit cards using advanced scanning machines by lining a high-end material in preventing such unknown stealing techniques.

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