The new-day modern couples think unique and innovative, and most of them prefer to name their kid something sounding special and cute. The short worded baby names in this process have got quite popular, and many new parents are opting for them – given their sweet and lovely soundings. To help out in the process, we have compiled a list of four letter baby names for the new-gen kids – which are both meaningful as well as lovely.

These 4 letter baby names are easy to pronounce and also have a special meaning attached to them. Let’s see what they are about!

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Popular 4 Letter Baby Names Trending Across 2023:

Here we go. We have compiled 4 letter words and alphabet names for the new-day new-gen kids. These four letter names lists include those which are popular already, as well as upcoming trends.

Baby Boy Four Letter Name List:

1. Amir:

The name Amir has got its roots in Arabic, which means a ‘king’ or a ‘ruler.’ However, in Hebrew, it also means ‘tree-top.’ The name itself sounds very innovative and cute and gives an edgy feel to it when pronounced.

2. Alan:

The name Alan is becoming quite a popular and unique name for many kids of this gen. Alan means handsome and cheerful. This unique four letter name originated from Irish origins and then has got popular across the western world too.

3. Ryan:

We love this name; there are even popular actors named with Ryan, such as Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. The name even has its origins in Irish, and it means ‘son of a king.’

4. Carl:

Carl has been a short name for the full name Charles, especially in French. Recently, the name itself has developed as a name which means free man.

5. Dean:

Dean has its origins from the Greek name, which means ‘dignity of others’ The name is unique and new to the modern-day crowd, and many are today choosing the name for its innovative meaning.

6. Glen:

Glen means ‘a narrow valley.’ However, its origins developed from the Scottish side of Europe and are unique, even with its pronunciation.

7. Ivan:

You may often hear of the name Ivan. It is among the most voted and popular names in the last two years and has been found named to kids across the globe. From Asia to South Asia and Wthe west, we find this name trending and means ‘God is gracious.’ This is quite a trending modern four letter baby name across the globe now.

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8. Noah:

If you love watching television series, you may have heard of Noah in the popular Dark series. It means ‘calm’ and ‘harmony’ and originated from Hebrew.

9. Quin:

This is quite an ancient French name popping up in the list of boy-baby names trending these days. Quin means ‘counsel.’

10. Zeki:

Zeki is a popular middle-eastern and Turkish name trending across. Today it is popular even in other South Asian countries and means ‘clever’ or ‘intelligent.’ Doesn’t it sound cool and unique?

11. Clay:

Clay is a popular American name for boy kids. It is quite known in the recent few years and means ‘ mortals’. It is practical and yet innovative for new-gen kids these days.

12. Cole:

We quite like this unique name, Cole. Cole means ‘richness’ and ‘depth.’ The name itself sounds very intense and rich and is popular from its European Scottish roots.

13. Beau:

The name Beau is such a charming and elegant name. Beau means a companion or a friend. This four letter baby boy name even can mean a partner. However, the roots of this name are not established yet.

14. Milo:

Milo in Latin means ‘soldier.’ It also can be understood synonymously with the meanings of a fighter and a person who never gives up. The innovativeness of the meaning and a new unique pronunciation together make this name stand apart.

15. Zane:

Among several of these 4 letter baby boy names, we quite love this one! Zane means ‘God’s grace’ in Hebrew. However, many people take it popular from the names list famous in the world of poetry. The poetic and charming sound is what makes this name sound lovely.

16. Joey:

Now we all know this popular name from ‘Friends.’ While it is one of the popular Hebrew names as such, it has gotten quite popular and hit since then and many name or nickname their kids Joey based on the series.

17. Qais:

For those who are a sucker for art, writing, and literature, this name can be true love for them. Qais means ‘lover.’ A person who always is lovely and showers love and kindness towards others. It is popular with its roots in Arabic.

18. Adel:

Adel is based on names popular in France and Germany. It means ‘elite.’ The name itself sounds nice and charming.

19. Roby:

The name Roby means ‘bright’ or ‘someone popular.’ While the origins of the name are not quite clear, it is already popular across the globe.

20. Sven:

Sven is a popular name in Scandinavian countries. It means ‘youthful’ or ‘young warrior’ and ‘young man.’ It is among the most popular four letter male names in the past two years.

Four Letter Girl Names:

21. Asma:

Asma name has originated from the middle east and is quite a popular Muslim Name. It means ‘supreme.’ It is such a nice and beautiful baby girl’s name.

22. Cleo:

The name Cleo, as you may have assumed, is a shortcut for Cleopatra. However, this unique and short Cleo is getting popular nowadays, and it means ‘glory’ and ‘pride.’

23. Eira:

Eira means snow. The name has been popular in ancient poetry and literature novel books for ages, and yet it remains a timeless choice for many. The four letter baby girl names are of Welsh origin.

24. Elsa:

We all have heard the name Elsa from the movie Frozen. The celebrated and popular movie has even got this name famous, and it means ‘joyful’ and ‘noble.’ Some also anticipate the name to be a variation of the full name, Elizabeth

25. Evie:

Evie means life. The name can be perfect for your baby girl, who prefers a unique name. The origins of the name are not clear, but many regards it to be from Hebrew roots.

26. Lily:

Lily is another super popular and famous name for ages. It is derived from the flower Lily, with beautiful white petals.

27. Mona:

For those who are suckers of literature, this is another quite well-known name from Greek and Italian origins. It means ‘unreachable wishes.’

28. Nora:

Nora means light. The name has a Greek origin and is a unique new-day modern name. Some also believe that these 4 letter girl names were derived from the name Eleanor.

29. Rosa:

The name Rosa is trending across the globe and has been a hit for ages across countries. Rosa means the flower rose. It is believed to be having Italian, Spanish as well as Latin origins.

30. Sara:

Sara, known to be of descent from the Hebrew name Sarah, means princess. The name is originally quite popular among Christians and later was also accepted and got popular among other regions in the world.

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31. Thea:

Thea is a popular Greek-Roman name with ancient origins. It means Goddess of light or mother of sun and dawn. Many also regard the name as a short form for the names Mathea and Althea.

32. Zara:

Zara is another popular name, which means ‘to blossom.’ It has both Hebrew and Arabic origins and is now a popular name across the globe.

33. Liza or Lisa:

The English name means ‘God is gracious’ or ‘God’s promise.’ This was popular right from over four-five decades and still is among the top searches in the baby name list of English origins.

34. Auri:

The name Auri means ‘earth.’ It is also quite a famous name in several books and literature from times and is a classic choice for many parents to have a sweet and unique short name.

35. Iris:

Iris in Hebrew means rainbow. The name also depicts colorful and a tone of happiness. Many also believe the name means a beautiful flower.

36. Skye:

The name means something taken from the sky. It is a variation of the sky and is of Scottish and other European origins. The variations of the name also include Sky, Skyi, and Skyae.

37. Aida:

Aida means happiness or a happy being. The name is believed to be originated from Arabic or middle-east, which is not very clear but has got popular in the last decade. It is unique and sounds cute, and is an ideal name for your little girl wishing her to be happy all life!

38. Bela:

Bela in Italian means lovely. It is a variation and short-form name derived from the name Isabella. Another name that can be pronounced with the same meaning is Bella.

39. Kira:

It is a popular Japanese name that has got popular in other Asian countries and regions as well. Kira means shiny and fun.

40. Tyra:

Tyra is a Scandinavian and Norweigan origin name, which means ‘god of battle.’ The name itself means very intense and something touchy, and yet has a lovely and unique pronunciation.

4 Letter Indian Boy And Girl Names:

41. Abir:

Abir has its origins in Hindu Mythology and means red power or the color red. Many also symbolize this 4 letter baby boy name in Hindu to the power of the red color in the Hindu Goddess.

42. Ahan:

Ahan means sunrise, dawn, or morning. In alter meanings, it also can be understood as new beginnings, the first elements of the beginning. Such a beautiful and gorgeous meaning isn’t it!

43. Akul:

Akul is another name for lord Shiva. It is a new day meaning and variation to God’s name and is derived from Sanskrit origins.

44. Arav:

Arav in Hindi means peaceful or calm. It is quite a unique and new-day name for baby boys of this age.

45. Elil:

Have you ever heard the name Elil? We bet you didn’t. This is quite a new-day modern and innovative, unique name, which means handsome. Such a cute name isn’t it!

46. Jeet:

Jeet means winning, victory, and success in the Hindi language. Most often, we hear this name from the Punjab region, and now it is popular in the entire northern belt.

47. Ojas:

The name Ojas is popular in the western and northern parts of India, which means Body strength. The name is known for its unique sound as well as the meaning too

48. Rana:

Now, we all know this name from the popular south Indian actor. But do you know its meaning? Rana means soft, elegant, statue, and joy. It has multiple meanings and is quite a unique and innovative name.

49. Teja:

Teja is a popular south Indian name with Sanskrit origins. It means light, power, and lustrous. The name is already famous across the regions and is a widely acclaimed four letter boy name.

50. Vian:

We are in love with this Baby boy name Vian. Vian means lively, alive, or can also be understood as full of life. It is popular in the northern as well as western areas of India and is believed to be originated from Aryan.

51. Tara:

Tara means star in several Indian languages. While the literal translation itself is such beautiful, we love how this name also sounds lovely and mesmerizing to hear for all of us.

52. Alia:

Alia means forehead. While the meaning of the name itself is not very popular, many like the name for its cute sound and easy pronunciation. The other variations of the 4 letter baby girl names in Hindu also include Aliya.

53. Anvi:

We love the name Anvi. Its unique and innovative sound has grasped us all. Anvi, with Sanskrit origins, means the name of Goddess.

54. Diti:

This is the new-day Indian baby girl name we have come across, and we absolutely loved it. Diti means radiance, brilliance, glow, and beauty. The name meaning itself is very splendid and beautiful.

55. Heer:

Heer name translates to diamond. The name is quite popular among North Indian Muslims at first, but later was adopted by across communities, given its unique sound and lovely meaning.

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56. Kala:

Kala in south Indian languages means art. The name is originated from Sanskrit and is itself very creative and artistic to hear and pronounce.

57. Mira:

Mira, otherwise also called Meera, is a devotee of Lord Krishna and also is known as an ocean and poetess. The name sounds beautiful, easy to sound and heard lovely – the reason why also it got very popular.

58. Nidi:

Nidi also can be written as Nidhi, which means to bestow or shine upon. The name, although we don’t know its origins, is known to be popular across ages and times and yet still is a classic choice for many Indian parents.

59. Nysa:

Nysa means a new beginning. The name itself sounds very positive vibed and sweet to hear and has such intense meaning. It is getting quite popular nowadays.

60. Kuhu:

The name Kuhu, as such, does not directly mean anything, but the sound is said to be similar to the cuckoo bird sound, kuhu-kuhu. The sweetness in the sound and gesture is lovely and makes us get drawn to the name.

We hope you enjoyed knowing this new-day and unique popular four letter baby names. These 4 letter names are super easy to pronounce yet are sweet and lovely to hear and reciprocate. How do you like them, and which are your favorite ones? Tell us your thoughts!


The names and their meanings, including variations, said above, are not strictly the same, as these may vary as per the regions, countries and communities. It is recommended that you conduct your extensive research before naming your kid the name.


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