Who doesn’t want a wide range of colour options for their tattoos? The beautiful freesias’ bright colouration and bi-coloured petals make them a perfect choice for great tattoos. The speciality of Freesia tattoo design is that you can get five to ten blooms on your surface, making them look elegant.

Often associated with marriage and anniversaries, freesia tattoos make a great commemorative tattoo. Once you decide what these flowers mean, you can justify the tattoo in several ways.

Let us go through this article to beautifully incorporate a freesia tattoo design on your body.

15 Inspiring Freesia Tattoo Designs:

Cultivated in different styles, these freesia tattoos look lovely on everyone. Let us take a moment to appreciate the realistic, watercolour, and vivid colours used in these tattoos to choose the right one for you.

1. Elegant Freesia Tattoo Ideas:

This is a beautiful bi-coloured freesia flower tattoo that is small yet stylish in appearance. The blend of bluish-green foliage adds to the beauty of the design, making it look realistic. Although this tattoo may look a bit girly, it is suitable for both men and women. You can recreate the entire tattoo with different colours as per your choice. This tattoo looks the best when you engrave it on the ankle or wrist.

2. Yellow Freesia Tattoo on the Arm:

The bright yellow freesia tattoos on the forearm look like a bright sunny day with their vibrant colour. A series of small freesia flowers look beautiful and don’t create too much fuss. This tattoo can be a perfect option for people who love cute and straightforward designs. These tattoos are the ideal option for young girls, and you can recreate the design by using other colour options for the flowers.

3. Small Freesia Tattoo Near The Thumb:

This black and white freesia flower tattoo starts on the thumb and ends at the pointy finger’s bone, forming a beautiful bend. The big flower is followed by a series of small freesia flowers that end with a bud emphasizing life’s growth. Recreating the tattoo can be attractive by adding a splash of colours can also be an attractive option. These tattoos are suitable for both genders and look perfect in small to medium sizes.

4. Awesome Freesia Flower Tattoo on The Elbow:

This freesia tattoo with a vertical rectangle in the background can perfectly depict a traditional geometric tattoo design. A bunch of freesia flowers stands out concerning the black-shaded experience creating a beautiful look. Although the monochrome tone looks perfect, you can add some colours to elevate the design further. This tattoo is suitable for men and women and looks ideal in medium size.

5. Stylish Freesia Tattoo Design on The Neck:

This freesia tattoo with gentle pinkish filling in the flower and buds is a perfect option for women of all ages. The bold black outline elevates the tattoo beautifully, increasing the style quotient for the wearer. You can add a date or name to the design that adds a personal touch and looks the best in medium-size. Although this tattoo is impressive, you can use different colour options as per your choice.

6. Graceful Freesia Tattoo:

This freesia tattoo’s bright and vibrant yellow colour looks realistic and is a perfect option for people who love stylish floral designs. The bunch of yellow freesias with greenish-gold leaves add to the design’s beauty elegantly—the best place to get this tattoo engraved in the bicep area, ankle, and wrist. Young girls prefer these tattoos, but there is no restriction on gender.

7. Freesia Flower Tattoo Design on The Ankle:

This design is the perfect option if you are a fan of small tattoos. The thin stem with two freesia flowers and buds attached creates a beautiful and straightforward pattern suitable for both men and women. These types of tattoos look amazing when engraved in small sizes. The ankle, neck, and wrist are the perfect spots to get this design etched onto your body.

8. Purple Freesia Tattoo on Forearm:

Freesia tattoos can be engraved in several colours, but purple freesia tattoo designs are among the popular options available. The small freesia blooms with green foliage look beautiful and naturally attractive. You can recreate the tattoo by using different colour options or in a monochrome tone. This tattoo looks the best when done in small to medium sizes, and the perfect spot for this pattern is the forearm, elbow, and calf.

9. Gorgeous Freesia Tattoo on The Back:

The bright and beautiful freesia tattoo with a green stem perfectly represents your love for the flower and what it depicts elegantly. The ideal spot to get this tattoo engraved is the curve that joins your shoulder and back. It fits the space perfectly, but the colours brighten the wearer’s style. You can recreate the design by using different colour options as per your choice. It is inclined more towards women.

10. Charming Freesia Tattoo Design on The Wrist:

This is yet another tiny freesia tattoo with red-orangish flowers with green foliage, making the tattoo more realistic. This design covers the original flower’s beauty into the design, making it a perfect option for people who love natural-looking tattoo options. Recreating this design with other colours can be an encouraging option and looks the best when engraved on the neck, wrist, ankle, and back. It is suitable for both men and women.

11. Freesia Flower Tattoo Design:

This is one of the best tattoo designs if you are interested in a single flower that elegantly depicts the flower’s beauty. The bright purple petals of the flower with white lines all across the design give the tattoo a realistic look and add a style quotient to the wearer. These structures are usually inclined more towards women and look best in medium-sized. The perfect spot to get this tattoo engraved is the forearm, or back of the neck.

12. Freesia Tattoo with a Sensuous Snake:

The snake tattoo symbolizes fertility, and combining it with the freesia flower’s beauty becomes one of the best options for a tattoo. The bright yellow-coloured flowers stand out against the slimy snake, which looks realistic, crawling across a pencil. The colour contrast makes the tattoo design stand out, giving the wearer a unique yet stylish look. To elevate the tattoo’s beauty, you can engrave it on the calf or forearm.

13. Freesia Tattoo on The Waist:

This unique freesia flower tattoo looks beautiful with its orange shading and green foliage. The fantastic thing about this tattoo is the colour that lets you experiment with different colour options. The sleek and slender tattoo design is inclined more towards females and looks perfect in medium to large size: the ideal spot to get this tattoo engraved is the waist, shoulder, back, or thigh. The bold and black outline of this design elevates the tattoo elegantly.

14. Sophisticated Freesia Tattoo Design:

This sophisticated freesia tattoo can be a perfect option for people who love intricate and stylish designs. The design’s bold black outline elevates the tattoo’s grey-shaded filling entirely. The arm, calf, and shoulder can be perfect for engraving this tattoo. Although it looks perfect in a monochrome tone, you can play around with different colour options as per your choice. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women.

15. Freesia Tattoo with a Beautiful Bird:

Who doesn’t love a bird and flower combination? This tattoo can be a perfect way to depict the beautiful relationship between these two. Although the yellow freesia is a common flower, the bird’s realistic depiction creates an entirely new yet natural look to the design. The bird is holding onto the flower making its way onto the elbow, shoulder, and back of the neck, which is more inclined towards both men and women.


With the beautiful freesia tattoo designs presented in this article, you will have a pretty good idea about the type of tattoo you want and where you want it—different styles, colours, and patterns that make you appreciate the body art even more. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you make that choice.

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