20 Unique French Baby Names With Meanings Which Don’t Exist In English

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From the land of champagne, champignon, romance and art, France, we bring you the top 20 most traditional French baby names. Take a look below and see which takes your fancy.

French Baby Names

Popular French Baby Names For Girls And Boys:

Here is list of 20 most popular french baby names and their meanings as follows.

1. Manon:

Currently riding high on the crest of a wave, this name is top of the list in France. A nickname for Madeline, it now has its own identity. In French it means bitter but in Welsh, it is the wished-for child. A baby with this name would be a blessing and maybe quite intense.

2. Celeste:

The name conjures up images of angels, purity and celestial beings. Celeste means heavenly in Latin. With beautiful, harmonious overtones, any baby girl given this name will be a radiant, perfect angel sent from the heavens.

3. Amelie:

The French variant of Emily and Amelia, this is a beautiful name for female. Amelie has gained fame following the movie of the same name. Meaning hardworking, industrious and emulating, we can assume this baby girl will grow to be ambitious and dedicated.

4. Camille:

A very feminine, soft name, however the French use it as a unisex name. Camille means ceremonial attendant or temple servant, from this we can derive that the baby girl would be kind and generous, putting her heart and soul into whatever she does with integrity.

5. Fleur:

A gorgeous name for an adorable, baby girl. Fleur means flower in French and flowers illuminate, bringing happiness. Name your little bud Fleur and she’s sure to bloom into a radiant woman with a colorful personality, spreading joy and laughter everywhere.

6. Adele:

Growing in popularity thanks to the soulful tones of singer Adele, this name is of nobility and good humour. Imagine your Adele to have a soft nature with a laid back attitude, and see her flourish into a refined young lady with grace and wit.

7. Chloe:

Whilst actually Greek in origin, Chloe has been adopted by the French and is popular worldwide. Meaning young, green shoot, a baby named Chloe can be all about being youthful and carefree, or the beginning of a new life bringing hope and joy.

8. Aveline:

A long forgotten medieval name, Aveline is now dusting off the cobwebs and entering the limelight. With varying meanings, one being the hazelnut tree and another little bird, strength, desired, the baby would be unique and strong but also sweet and melodious.

9. Louise:

Originally French, Louise has associations with royalty and stardom. The names of princesses and starlets, Louise is popular in the Western world. The name itself means famous warrior. Whilst Joan of Arc springs to mind, a realistic image would be of a girl with strength of character possessing determination and courage

10. Esme:

Esme suddenly gained popularity following the Twilight trilogy. However in Old French, the name means beloved one. A charming name suggesting the baby Esme would be forever cherished and loved. A beloved child of the parents.

11. Lilou:

In Provence, you’ll find the language of love, Occitan and from this is derived the beautiful name Lilou. Rarely heard, the name which means Lily, has now become very popular in France. Give your baby this fresh, unique name and let her bloom like the exotic flower she’s born to be.

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12. Louis/Louie:

The first is the more common spelling of Louis. Although originated in England it’s more closely associated to France. The name means famous warrior and evokes images of royalty. Call your little prince Louis and watch him grow into a noble young man winning all the battles life throws at him.

13. Thierry:

French in origin, this name has raced up the charts due to the footballer and the designer with the same name. A fashionable name, meaning ruler of the people, any young boy would be set for great things, fame in the form of prime minister or similar.

14. Beau:

In French, beau, a fairly popular male name, means handsome. It is also used to describe a male, romantic partner. Name your blue – (or brown) eyed boy Beau and see him be the admiration of all who set eyes on him. There could be a budding career as a model or actor ahead.

15. Jacques:

A lovely name for an adorable bouncing baby boy and one which is currently gaining stardom. Jacques means supplanter, grasps the heel. Whilst we shouldn’t take the meaning literally, we can derive that the boy may grow to be very influential and have leadership qualities.

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16. Mathis:

Mathis is top of the list of favourite boy’s names in France, probably because of its beautiful meaning Gift from God. Pronounced like the painter Matisse, a baby boy with this name will be very special, showered with love and treasured beyond measure.

17. Armand:

This name has a certain allure and when pronounced with the French accent it has a very romantic quality to it. The name means army man. Name your little soldier Armand and he will possess righteousness, compassion and the qualities to defend what is right.

18. Henri:

Another popular name in France, Henri means ruler of the household. Call him Henri and let your little boy run around being king of his castle, claiming his right on all that is his. This little man will probably have great leadership qualities and be very loyal.

19. Jules :

Jules has a quite a fashionable and trendy ring to it. The French variant on Julius, it is quite a common name. Jules means youthful. You can imagine your bouncing baby boy always full of abundant energy and even as he grows into a man, having fresh, new ideas and being forever young at heart.

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20. Sacha:

Greek in origin but currently grown in popularity in France. This lovely name for a baby boy means protector of man. We have this belief that our sons will grow to be strong, stand up for what is just and protect his loved ones and these would be the qualities a Sacha would have.

Class and sophistication are synonymous with the French. Their penchant for beauty, romance and style is reflected in their choice of baby names and these names are like music to the ears especially when uttered in the language of love.

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