French beards, which are quite popular from decades and ages together, have supposedly originated in France. Whatsoever it is, men over the centuries are obsessed with these French beard styles, and this can be proved by examining the trends all across from the last few decades. They have become synonymous with looking handsome and smart.

If you haven’t tried out the French cut beards, this is the time. The perfect blend of modern looks and classic fashion shows that these beard styles are ideal for modern men who love smart and hot looks.

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Here we go with our best and latest trending list on French cut beards. You will love them indeed!

But did you ever know that the French cut beard isn’t just one style, but there are variants within? Given its low maintenance and easy to maintain yet cool look, be sure that these bearded styles are popular. But according to your face shape or hair texture, it can probably be the best if you match and style them all in the right way. We have some clues for you!

Top 10 French Cut Beard Style for Men 2023:

What you may not know is that there are several types and variants when it comes to French-cut beard mens style. One is not uniformly suited to all men, and to help you out, we have compiled top trending and best list of these styles and how one can match them according to personality. Here we go!

1. French Fork Beard:

If you assume that the French beard is all about trimmed and a short variety of beard, you are wrong! Those who love having a thick beard can also try it out, and here is one such look! This French fork beard style is for those men who have an elongated and long broad face, with a mustache, yet prefer to have a sleek style statement. Be it for men in the middle age or older age groups; this can be quite a versatile choice. What do you think?

2. French Beard with Mustache:

This is quite a famous and popular men’s look from generations together and has that classic vintage touch. The French cut beard with a mustache can look amazing for men who prefer to have that old-school kind of statement looks and edgy handsome appearance. Men with oval, round or triangular faces can try it out and this can be suitable for both men in their 20s to 40s age!

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3. Virat Kohli French Beard:

One Indian celebrity who is a fan of French beard and often inbuilt in his several types of looks is Virat Kohli. Here is one such old picture of Virat where he is happily sporting a French beard. Along with the beard, he also has a faded trimmed beard on the side, enhancing the overall style statement. Men in the younger age group can prefer this French cutting shaving effortlessly and look cool and contemporary!

4. Disconnected Beard:

Have you ever heard of a disconnected beard? Here is one such model and pattern. With the French beard cut style, there is a disconnect between mustache and beard, hence the name! Those who prefer that modern and unique styles can try this out. It is quite a versatile look – be it of younger age men or older ones, this French cut shave sleek and smart style can be nailed by all!

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5. Short French Beard:

If you are more of a sucker for neat looks and the formal style statements, worry not. We have it covered for you! This neat and short new French look beard is perfect for those men who are in professional fields or businesses. Be it with formals and any age group, this stylish french cut beard style can be a classic and youthful style to try out. Especially, men with long and rectangular faces can own this look. What do you think?

6. Classic White French Beard:

One cannot forget how ageless and youthful the legend Amitabh Bachan appears with the salt and pepper style and a white French type beard. For men who are in older age groups, imitating this style can be pretty much possible and is easy to maintain too. Try this French cut dadhi style for that classic and smart yet timeless appearance.

7. Long French Beard:

French beard style with a long one can also be quite possible. This unique statement look can be ideal for men in older age groups and prefer the manly and classy style. With neatly trimmed beard on the other sides and longer beard in the center, this variant of French cut and shave style beard is not very common sight yet looks stylish and youthful.

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8. Rock’s French Beard Style:

Another common celebrity which comes to our mind when we think about French beard is the Rock. His celebrity French beard style is super popular and he proves how versatile the look can be with men of different hair textures or even with a balding head. If you are someone in between 40s age group, this can be a perfect choice!

9. French Beard for Round Face Men:

For men with round faces, you may be confused about how best to choose a French cut beard style to match your face shape and facial features. Here we have a look possible to style for you. This particular variant of French cut beard in a trimmed manner can be ideal for those who have small, short or round faces. The classic haircut with a side-swept look and this French beard can be a good match and men of any age group!

10. French Beard for Long-Sharp Faces:

Let us not miss out on a stylish and manly French beard look for those who have sharp and elevated facial features. This beard is a blend between French and van dyke beard and doesn’t completely fall into this realm solely. However, with the thick look and mustache combination, we quite love the end result. Be it any age group; you can try it out effortlessly!

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We hope you enjoyed these latest and stylish variants of French cut beard styles. They are quite popular and unique ones trending right now, and this versatile form of beard can be quite accommodating for men across age groups and preferences. Which is your favorite one and why? Let us know!


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