9 Best French Ponytail Hairstyles Step By Step Instructions

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Ponytails are easy to make and keep your hair safe. When combined with French Braiding, these normal ponytails can be given a different angle altogether. Here are a few smart to look and easy to make French ponytails. They keep your hair tidy and also prevent the damages that might come along with the exposure to dust and dirt our hair undergoes all through the day.

Beautiful French Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Let’s the top 9 best french ponytail hairstyles with simple steps.

1. Half Hair French Ponytail:

french ponytail

This is an easy to make, neat and smart ponytail, appropriate when you do not have the time to make a fancy hairstyle. French braiding is done from the front and taken slightly towards the side. Then midway the hair is sealed with elastic. Rest of the hair is brought together to make a smart ponytail.

2. Fancy Front Hair Ponytail:

Fancy Front Hair Ponytail

This is a cute quick styling technique. You divide the hair into two parts horizontally, keeping the upper half bigger. Now comb hair sideways and make a ponytail taking a few strands and seal it. Now take a few more strands and at a little distance seal it too, taking the hair from the first pony also. Make a couple of such small tails and for the back hair make a side French pony.

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3. Twisted French Ponytail:

Twisted French Ponytail

Those who have thick and long hair, this is a manageable hairstyle. Make a normal high ponytail, now taking a thick bunch of hair, braid it into a French ponytail and twist it around the rest of the ponytail. This looks very stylish when done neatly.

4. Elegant French Twisted Ponytail:

Elegant French Twisted Ponytail:

The style is very simple. You need to comb all your hair to the side of one ear and make French braids with it. It is suitable for all kinds and lengths of hair. Little accessorizing will make is look elegant and stylish.

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5. Retro Braided Ponytail:

Retro Braided Ponytail

This is a complicated to look but simple to make hairstyle. The hair is parted in two and one side is braided into a French ponytail. The other half is then made into a twisted ponytail and both are sealed together at the end.

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6. Upside Down French Ponytail:

Upside Down French Ponytail

The regular French pony is made starting from the lower back of your hair. It is made only till it reaches the crown and then the front are brought together for the ponytail. You can also make a bun of it to show off your upside down French braid.

7. Lace French Braid Ponytail:

Lace French Braid Ponytail

French braids are made starting from one side of the head; then as it reaches the bottom, the rest of hair is brought together and a pony is made. This is a quick, effortless and stylish style for a day to day basis.

8. French Braid and Low Ponytail:

French Braid and Low Ponytail

This is another quick hairstyle to keep your hair looking good for the day. Make braid from the top of the hair and take the French braid only at regular intervals. Seal into a low ponytail. This is a tidy and lasting style.

9. Twin French Braids:

French ponytail Hairstyles 9

The hairstyle is very unique. Firstly, hair is divided in 3 sections. Two at front and then with a defined circle a ponytail is made. From the first front side French ponytail is made, taking hair gradually from the mid pony. Same is done from the other side and both the French ponytails are sealed into one.

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These styles can be made for all occasions and can be modified to make it simple or trendy. Making a good hairdo is very essential and needs to be done depending on the hair length and type. In such a way, styling can never go wrong.

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