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Top 25 French Twist Hairstyles With Pictures

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France is one of the leading hosts for fashion of hairstyles. Fashion thrives here in every alley, in every nook and cranny and it is here that many a fashion has been influenced and inspired that has rolled on wards to fulfill the thirst for the latest trends. France is the hub for new fashion trend talk and here we bring just the right slice of fashion need that you would require to spice up your everyday look. This is a hairstyle which is called a French twist based on the twisting pattern that has its emergence from the very streets of France. This hair can be incorporated into many a different hairstyle, some of them being as follows.

Best French Twist Hairstyles With Step By Step Images:

French twist hairstyles looks amazing with teamed up with other variations. This gives a complete different look and not everyone can excel in how to do French twist. Here are the 25 best French twist hairstyles with pictures that you should definitely try out.

1. The Messy Bun:

french twist

Every hairstyle these days have a messy look which is perfect for you during your busy times when the morning hours fall short and the need to look your best becomes mandatory. The messy bun here is done in the classic French twist style where the hair combed and brushed it manually rolled and pinned to the back of the head in a bulbous bun shape.

2. The Classy Evenings:

french twist2

For a perfect date night hairstyle or a simple office dinner over some fillet mignon, classy comes in different shades and this one right here should definitely match your mood for the evening. This French twist hairstyle is twisted inside giving you an extremely elegant and sophisticated look.

3. The Retro Swirl:

french twist3

If you are still harassing yourself over the perfect hair for the wedding, look no further since we have the best look straight from France that would leave everyone dumbfounded. This classy hairdo has a slight vintage touch to it because of the savvy swirl at the end of the French twist bun.

4. The Modified Twists:

french twist4

Taking a solid cue from the classic French twisting, here is a modified and slightly more complex yet breathtaking version of French twists. The hair on the front is puffed up through teasing. Prior to this the hair has been segmented into three. Roll all three and cross them over each other. Pin and tuck for the finished look.

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5. The Layered Look:

french twist5

French twists come in different packages and here is another classic package formulated especially for the curly heads around here. This hair comes in layers where the soft buns have been created one after the other and they are tucked beneath to form the classic rule for the French twist hairstyle.

6. The Prom Look:

french twist6

Many French twist hair styles come with a finished ending where the end is neatly tucked in. At other times you can easily use the free ends to create a diversion from the otherwise tucked in look. While the entirely tucked in gives you a mature feel, this would preserve the innocence just about right.

7. The Low Hanging Twist:

french twist7

This hair resembles a low hanging bun but once again the classic rule of French twist hair style, the roll and tuck method is used. This is a very chic hairstyle that you can pair up with a turtle neck top or a Chinese collared shirt for an evening lunch. During the day a floral summer dress along with this will do the job.

8. The Wrap Around:

french twist8

Here is another variation to the obvious French twist hair style. Here the hair is kept loose to give off a natural messy feeling and the end of the hair is tucked into a French twist. However the use of an extra wrapping across the French twist adds a variation to the look. This is one of the simplest french twist hairstyles with medium length hair.

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9. The Upper Bump:

french twist9

All this time the French twists were on the back and to counter the common trend here is the classic wrap around on the front that ends up in a bump on the front with the back twisted. This french twist hairstyle is perfectly suitable for modern dresses.

10. Up Do With Classic Twisted Braids:

French Twist Hairstyles 10

Braids have the ability to looks nice with any up do. Though braids take time but can assure a sophisticated, fashionable look. You can also team up braids with classic French up do. Simply braid any side section of your hair and add it into your bun or any other French up dos. One must know how to do a French twist style to get faultless braided twists. You can even go for simple braids instead of those complicated ones to get a trouble-free look.

11. Exceptional Rounded French Twists:

French Twist Hairstyles 11

French twist your own hair to get this exceptional look. This provides a flawless look which looks beautiful at any angle. This simple french twist hairstyle look is perfect for long hair and leaves no room for messy look. In this look you need do make twists all around your head giving a look of a head gear.

12. Classic French Twist:

French Twist Hairstyles 12

This classic French twist hairstyle is a common and easy French twist look. Start with combing your hair backwards without any partying. Use fine toothed comb to separate about 3 inches from your forehead to crown area. Form three sections and backcomb it. Gather all you hair and form a ponytail and then twist three fourths to the roots and then curl it against your head and use pins to place it. This is the basic french twist look one can get.

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13. Uneven And Irregular Twists Giving A Clean look:

French Twist Hairstyles 13

Though the name sounds very complicated but the hair do is not a complicated one. These uneven twists will make you a centre of attraction among the people around you. This adds unique spin to the classic twists given to your hair. Make sure you pull everything at the back and clip it up without giving any messy look. This will help you to gain a standout style appearance.

14. French Twists At Back:

French Twist Hairstyles 14

Another unique French twist is a twisted bun at the back which gives you enough space to add personal touch to your hair. You can accessories the bun with real flowers or twigs on one side and add French twists on the other. Get an elegant speechless look in just few minutes.

15. A Messy Colored Twist:

French Twist Hairstyles 15

This French twist hairstyle is best for two toned hair or colored. This messy look is featured with curls along with an unorganized bun that shows off your hair color with style. In this look basically your bun shows a different color and texture and your front hair shows different. Leave few hair strands to frame the face which adds to the messy look. This looks amazing with stylish dresses.

16. Chic Like French Twists:

French Twist Hairstyles 16

This hairstyle with a French twist adds different dimensions to your hair. In this you can boast a messy look along with back twist. Everything is brought together and tied up tightly giving a messy look. The results are always classy and traditional in this case.

17. Messy Look With Casual French Twist:

French Twist Hairstyles 17

This type of casual french twist hairstyles also look amazing at times. Your hairstyle depends upon your mood so you can go for this hairstyle without any hesitation when you want a casual chic look. Twist with flawless texture is possible only on the first day of your hair after shampoo. It is very common that the texture looses its look on the second day when the oil begins to spread through the ends on the scalp. Create volume and texture by using texturizing iron.

18. Sideways Twists For Short Hair:

French Twist Hairstyles 18

People with short hair don’t need to be depressed. Even they can add a french twisted look to their hair. Pull all your hair backwards and form a small twisted bun giving a higher and fuller finish. This gives an impression of you being classy and fashionable.

19. Tranquil French Twists:

French Twist Hairstyles 19

One may not always want a trendy look. At times relaxed, hassle free twists also look good. You should know how to get a stress-free French twist on your own hair. This is perfect for women with solitary hair color to gain extra depth. This is a messy up do accompanied with twists at the back and few loose strands and bangs coiled around the face.

20. Elongated Buns:

French Twist Hairstyles 20

Elongated buns look cool and trendy hairstyle French twist. Make an effortless bouffant accompanied with a twisted, tight elongated bun hanging low at the back. Make different layers and play with it. Add some hair accessories if required. Leave few strands in the front to frame the face.

21. Hanging French Twists:

French Twist Hairstyles 21

In this the twists sit much lower leaving out few wisps of your hair on the face to give a messy yet elegant look. It adds a distinctive touch to the overall appearance together with swirled look features. Hanging French twists as the name suggests uniqueness will also add distinctiveness to your style and attire. This is one another french twist hairstyle for long hair that makes your look more alluring.

22. Low Pony Tails With Unique Twists:

French Twist Hairstyles 22

This is a relaxed look which maintains a classic feel for special occasions. Though simple yet it works amazing. Pull your hair tightly and twist it at the back of your head and do not hide the ends inside the classic twist up do rather keep it out to give a loose, wavy, relaxed pony tail look. These pony tails give an effortless look and can be done in just few minutes without much exertion.

23. The French Woven Bun:

French Twist Hairstyles 23

This unique woven french twist will give a complete showstopper look to you. This looks features a gorgeous bun with hair strands apparent and woven through each other. This bun works out for both medium and long hair. This look is completely unique, giving a traditional touch. Add few hair accessories and fresh flowers to make it more attractive and stylish.

24. Antiquated Twisted Pony tail:

French Twist Hairstyles 24

Retro has made a comeback recently. People are eager to get this look to appear different among all. Just French twist your own hair with a pony tail to give a unique variation. Pull your hair back and form a pony tail. This is a new French twist hair style to turn on people around you. You can even make spirals all around your pony tail with French twist to give a complete direct look.

25. The Unique French Peek-a-Boo:

French Twist Hairstyles 25

The name itself will make you think about the look again and again. You should try this french twist hairstyle look when you are in a different mood and don’t know what you should do with your hair and feel like experimenting with it. These graceful Peek-a-boo twists are a unique epitome of formal hairstyles with a bump below and leaving a glossy finish at the end. You have even add a bit of messy look to this hair do.

So that are the simple steps to get french twist hairstyles in few minutes. If you don’t believe, try it once and you can find out yourself the easiness of this hairstyle.

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