Babies look cute in all kinds of clothes, but their cuteness is upped in lovely dresses. These dresses make them look adorable and stylish as well. You will find several different types of dresses that you can put on for your baby. The colours are also stunning and the material used is great for their skin.

Cute and Modern Frocks for 1 Year Baby Girl with Pictures:

Here we show you some nice choices for frocks that can make a baby look chic.

1. Lace Frock For 1 Year Old:

This is a stunning lace 1-year baby frock that is perfect for the baby’s 1st birthday. You can choose between colours like peach, pink or even yellow. The lace is delicate and the pattern has a ruffled neck. The sleeves are made with soft material that will not irritate the baby.

2. Net with Sequins Frock:

Choose this summery sleeveless dress for your baby for her birthday. This birthday frock for 1-year baby is nice for all seasons as it is sleeveless. The lower half of the dress is made from net material and it is embellished with sequins. This gives it a fancy look that goes well for all kinds of parties.

3. Ballroom Frock:

Here is another cool sleeveless frock for 1 year baby girl. This frock is made from net material. The gathers at the bottom of the dress are full and so this looks like a ballroom frock. The dress is dotted with lovely flowers all over to give it a superb look.

4. Polka Dot and Ribbons:

This lovely statement one year baby frock is so pretty that you will fall in love with it immediately. The polka dot bodice is complemented with ribbon layers on the bottom of the dress. The contrast colours that are used are pastel and look nice on little babies. Jarring colours are not all that good for kids, so this is the perfect frock for your kid.

5. White Frock with Bow:

Choose this stunning white dress with a big pink bow for your baby’s big day. This party wear frock for 1-year-old is so simple yet so elegant. The white colour makes the dress very sophisticated. The bow at the waistline adds character to the dress. You will find the bodice to be shiny with beads.

6. Ruffled Frock for Baby:

Kids look cute and cuddly in ruffled dresses that are full of frills. This gorgeous red dress is made of several layers of frills that add volume to the dress. A centre bow makes a great statement too. This can be a nice frock for a one-year baby girl.

7. Petal Frock for Baby:

One of the latest trends in baby frocks is the petal dress. This party wear frock for 1-year baby girl is made of net material that is stitched like a balloon dress. The inner portion of the skirt is filled with flowers petals all around. Your baby will look very chic in this fashion style dress for birthdays.

8. Back Bow Frock:

Here is a stunning sophisticated frock for 1 year girl. This is made from the finest quality lace. The simple dress has a thin belt in front. The back of the dress is the statement maker. It has a big bow made from the same lace material.

9. No 1 Lady Bug Dress:

What better way to say 1st birthday than wearing a dress with the number 1 printed on it. This lovely red, black and white lady bug dress has the number 1 attached to the bodice. This designer frock for 1 year baby girl is what you need to make a statement entrance on the party day.

Frocks for one-year baby girl are pretty and stunning. They make them look very sweet. You can try few frocks by online store too; get your favourite frock which will surely suit your baby girl. Try material of texture pattern in frocks as per season-wise.

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