Every 3 year old child is a bundle of joy. The prime years of the childhood is spent in running around and jumping. Clothes make the child look pretty and appealing. Frocks are one clothing item that you must incorporate in your child’s wardrobe. They make the child look beautiful and graceful.

Beautiful and Attractive Frocks for 3 Years Old Girl in Birthdays:

Let we have to look at the lovely images of frocks for 3 years old girl.

1. Pink Beauty:

Here is a nice pink dress that is trendy for a 3 year old. The 3 year baby frock has net material as well as embroidered bodice. The bows on the bodice make it look sweet and attractive. Sleeveless dresses give your child the freedom to move around.

2. Flowery Petal Dress:

This 3 year baby frock design is great for parties and occasions. The fluffy chiffon dress has a balloon style with flowery petals inside it. The multi color petals make a stunning display. It is teemed with a multi color flower in the waist line.

3. Net Bodice Dress:

You will find this charming net bodice dress a stunning piece to compliment your gorgeous baby. This frock for 3 year old girl has a net bodice and simple flared bottom. The sleeveless frock is just right for any occasion. You can add in any kind of accessories to make a style statement.

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4. Satin Frock for 3 Year:

Choose this amazing satin 3 years baby frock for your child. This simple white dress is made trendy with layers on the skirt that are asymmetrical. A ruffled flower along with a thin long bow adds character to the dress.

5. Printed Frock:

This party wear frock for 3 year girl is made from silk material that is printed. The print is quite different from the usual baby prints, but it works well. The sleeveless style and plain cut of the frock makes it looks stunning. Choose this bright printed frock for your baby and she will stand out of the crowd.

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6. Sequined Frock:

Try out this lovely sequined frock for your baby for the next occasion you have to attend. The long frock for 3 year old is made from material that is filled with sequins. This looks very special for a night party where the dress will shine and sparkle in the lights.

7. Princess Dress for 3 Year:

Choose this elegant princess style dress for your baby and see her look glowing. The dress has pastel shades and has a big bow at the back. This 3 year old baby frock can be in shades of pink, white, blue, yellow or even white. The shiny material makes it look rich and elegant.

8. Stiff Flared Frock:

Check out this rich looking frock for 3 year old in sleeveless design. The stiff flare at the bottom makes your baby look like a princess. You can have the dress in plain material or printed. The prints can be abstract as well. The box pleats of the dress give it that stiff flare.

9. Peter Pan Collar Frock:

One of the elegant classic designs is the Peter Pan collar. This classic navy blue dress with white collar is perfect for your 3 year old. The front of the dress is fitted with big buttons and this looks classic. A belt at the front gives it structure as well.

You can get several different styles of frocks for your 3 year old. These designs shown here are perfect for your child. Frocks for 3 years old children make them elegant and appealing. The frocks are great for summer and party wear as well.

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