9 Fashionable Front Bang Hair Cuts For Short and Long Hair

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With the winters approaching, a need for a new hairdo is eminent. While the summers were wasted away trying to pull your locks way back into a pony, this season you have decided the winters are going to be a testament of your prized fashion. Bangs have been a recent uprising in the haircut department where a youthful yet elegant look can be achieved by using bangs. Following the trends has never been easy but this time with the sheer use of bangs we can bring the sass back in you. Winters would be the perfect time to sport some front bangs haircuts. Take a cue from this awesome hairstyle ideas and go get yours done right away.

Fashionable Front Bang Hair Cuts for Women 2018:

Let’s see the top 9 front bangs hairstyles which will give a tremendous look to women.

Swept Aside:

front bangs hairstyle

This front bang look is extremely common and can be achieved with any recent hairstyles. From long to short, from a corporate look to a party one, you can easily use this front side swept bangs. You may choose any parting to seep the bangs top the side. You can even add an accessory like a clip or so to add fun to the look.

The Asymmetrical Look:

front bangs cut2

The asymmetrical hairstyles these season has experienced a heavy boom where these non- aligned hairstyles has become the shiz and many people these days are now opting for it. For this the entire front section of the hair is kept longer as compared to the back. The bangs on the front are carelessly kept on the sides.

The Smaller Layers:

front bangs cut3

This is more of a bob look but this time with a slightly modification. The hair is slightly longer ending well below the nape of the neck but this time the hair style sports front bangs that are wavy and soft and are swept to the side. The entire hair including the locks are done up in layers.

Straight Bangs:

front bangs cut4

This is one of the most elegant and chic hairstyle that you can easily pull off as a party look or even a corporate one. In fact, for those lazy winter noon, you can just put on a baggy sweater and be done with these front bangs. However, make sure proper care is being taken to lock the straightness.

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The Blunt Bangs:

front bangs cut5

This is similar to the prior hairstyle but with a minute little change. While the prior one sported stone cold straightened front locks, here the locks are much warmer in approach with a slight curve towards the inside giving off a very cute look.

The Pixie Overload:

front bangs cut6

Pixie cuts are very much in trend and to perfectly sport one with proper bangs, this is your perfect hairstyle. The hair here ends where your neck starts but it is the front locks that adds a touch of attraction to this look. The hair is swept to the side in a diagonal way.

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The Front Layers:

front bangs cut7

This look will be suitable for the much older ladies who still wish to keep it fit and young. Here the hair, the entire of it is made in the form of short layers that continue all the way to the front. Opt for a parting on any side and keep the hair fluffy by the help of these layers.

The Wavy Ones:

front bangs cut8

This is a much generic hairstyle that can be opted by anyone and everyone. This would suit better with long hair since the front bangs here are much longer and would help you get a break from the everyday long front locks.

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The Chinese Cut:

front bangs cut9

The Chinese cut is a rather gorgeous hairstyle for thick and thin hair which is both cute and elegant at the same time. The hair here can be styled according to your desire where you can tie the end in a pony or simply make a bun of it. The front locks starting from the two sides of each temple are kept a little lighter and longer to adjust to the face.

In short, If you want a make a new hairstyle for your short or long hair, then you should try these nine front bangs hair cuts right away.