These days people have a very common concern which is their hair loss, irrespective of men and women. If a person is facing balding on the frontal section, which is commonly called FFA or frontal fibrosing alopecia, then that person can resort to some research on this which can lead to some causes that may be responsible for this problem.

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What is the Cause:

FFA usually results from the androgens blocking the proper absorption of nutrients to the papilla of the strands. The papilla of the strands has receptors that work as a binding agent to absorb androgens. This, therefore, can cause various problems, and not enough nutrition passes to the roots. This is the reason why many times hairs from armpits and also eyebrows can start to shed, which can be due to this.

How To Stop Frontal Hair Loss:

There are various methods by which a person can treat the problem of frontal hair loss. In the precautionary methods, a person can do less styling, which is often the cause behind this problem. Avoiding excess usage of heat and heat instruments can be done. In other methods doing less to less amount of usage of products which contain severe harmful chemicals can be done.

A person can also avoid bad products and buy reputed products which are costlier. These are often helpful in controlling this hair problem. There are also other factors like having a good diet is also very important. Often a person these days does not get enough time to have a properly balanced diet with enough proteins, which are building blocks, and also the fibres, which help in proper digestion and absorption of the food that we have. Also, lack of enough vegetarian and fruit nutrients like vitamins and minerals can also be a cause which can be improved by having a better diet chart.

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For this, a person can consult a dietician and also a physical therapist who can suggest a better chart which can be helpful. A person can also use good anti-bacterial soaps for itch and other bacterial infections. Often it is seen that people who have busy routines do not get time to wash their heads properly. Therefore the sebum, which in normal conditions is quite helpful in moisturizing the sections, gets deposited and also attracts dirt and grime and dust, which is there in the atmosphere and is very true for people who go out of the house on a regular basis. However, these should be used regularly to treat this problem properly.

A person can control this easily by normally washing with a good cleanser, and there are several brands these days that offer very good anti-fungal products that also contain extracts of natural plants and fruits like gooseberry and neem. A person can make use of these easily to fight the problem.

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Use Prescribed Medicines:

Amongst various medicines that can be used in this condition, the mention of any form of fungal soap or bar is quite common in the doctor’s prescription. This not only prevents any itch but can arrest the problem of further aggravation. This is also useful to control dirt and sebum. However, if a person does not continue with this after the problem is solved, then the itch may persist. The fungus usually gets more resistant if the procedure is stopped after an initial treatment. Therefore if after a thorough examination, it is found that the patient may suffer from this problem again, the usage of the topical soaps and bars should be continued.


This is another popular medicine that stops the testosterones’ conversion into dihydrotestosterone. This should, however, be taken under prescription after a thorough examination of the patient and the causes. If the patient is facing thinning due to hormonal imbalance or if it is only the diet that is affecting or the un-cleanliness, this may have adverse effects. Hence only after proper advice should this be taken.

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This is a common medicine that is often prescribed as an application, and these are applied about a certain amount every day, and these are costly on the pocket. However, if these are stopped, the problem may persist, and new strands can fall off Therefore starting this procedure should be well-researched and done with the doctor’s advice.

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If a person has a very severe case of thinning, the only option is to go for surgery. This is, however, not advised to every person. This should be done with extensive research and also when all other methods are not recommended. A person should try to solve the problem with remedial measures that are natural and then opt for this. This is also extremely costly, and not every person can afford this. Also, not every single clinic does an excellent job of this.

Therefore a person should research this properly and then get this done if required. There are various methods like FUE, which is a unit extraction method and others which have proved to be effective. However, the results vary from patient to patient, and this also depends on the age and health of a person.

Other methods to prevent this hair fall problem can be to do proper exercise and to have proper sleep. If a person is suffering from stress and anxiety, then also there may be this problem. However, this should be taken care of with the help of medication and also with yoga or other health classes. If required, a person should take some clinical sittings. These are often helpful with regular treatments that can be able to treat this. Also, having a properly hydrated body is quite essential in this problem.

Natural Remedies:

There are various natural remedies. Bhringraj and fenugreek can be made into a ground paste, and this can be applied on the affected frontal area. This can be allowed to be kept for about 20 minutes and then washed off.

Finally, rather than obsess about hair loss, focus on these prescribed medicines and natural remedies, which will surely help to regain your frontal hair and prevent further damage.

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