Fruits are nature’s gift to humanity. They help you enjoy a healthy and happy life because they are not only delicious but also filled with nutritional goodness. But including fruits in a kid’s diet is one of the biggest nightmares for parents. What if we give you an excellent solution where you can incorporate a love for fruits in your kids? Yes! The fruit coloring pages mentioned in this article can be a perfect way to make kids curious about fruits making them excited to eat them.

So, without further ado, let us go through this article to take a look at the wonderous fruit colouring pages and fill them up with colours of your choice. Read on!

15 Fruit Coloring Pages Free to Print and Color:

Fruits are an excellent snacking option for kids and adults alike. We have listed some of the best and unique fruit coloring pages you can try:

1. Fruit Basket Coloring Page:

Fruit basket coloring pages are standard, especially when you want your kids to start loving fruits. The fruits fit in beautifully in a woven basket which looks the best when done in brown. Use natural colours for all the fruits, making them look authentic. This colouring sheet is a perfect option for kids above six years with crayons as colouring tools.

2. Fruit Bowl Coloring Page:

This fruit coloring page is placed in a bowl, unlike the basket in the previous picture. The bowl has a variety of fruits filling it in its entirety. You can opt for purple and green for the grapes, red for apples, orange for oranges and yellow for bananas. Also, opt for either grey or brown for the bowl and plate, making the picture look real. This colouring sheet is a perfect option for kids above six years.

3. Fruits and Vegetable Coloring Pages:

This fruits and vegetable coloring page might look chaotic but brings out life once you fill it with colours. This image involves various veggies and fruits that look beautiful and lively. Crayons or colour pencils are the perfect colouring tools to colour this page. This sheet works best for kids in the age group of 6 to 8 years.

4. Fruits Coloring Pages for Pre-Schoolers:

This sheet can be an exceptional choice if you want a fruit coloring page suitable for preschoolers. The cute eyes on the fruits make the sheet more attractive for young kids. Go for yellow for the banana, red for the apple, purple for the grapes, green for the guava or orange for the oranges. You can keep the eyes clear to make them more accurate.

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5. Fruit Coloring Pages for Adults:

Adults also need something to colour to chill from the daily dose of stress. This fruit coloring sheet is suitable for all adults, irrespective of age and gender. The entire image is filled with fruits and looks like a beautiful mandala art. You can use multiple colours of your choice to make the page more relatable and stunning. Brush pens or sketch pens are the perfect choices to colour this page.

6. Fruit of the Spirit Colour Sheet:

This beautiful fruit coloring worksheet has assigned a different feeling for each fruit, making it more meaningful. For example, use red for strawberry, given love, grapes for kindness with purple or green, green for pineapple, and yellow for banana, making the colouring image realistic. This colouring page is best suited for young children with crayons as tools.

7. Summer Fruits Coloring Pages:

This is a beautiful colouring page which is filled with all summer fruits. Use bright colours to fill up the picture with the help of either crayons or colour pencils. If young adults are colouring this page, then poster colours can be the best choice. This colouring page is best suited for kids in the age group of 6 to 8 years.

8. Tropical Fruit Coloring Pages:

This is yet another simple fruit coloring page which involves the presence of all the tropical fruits. The fruits look very inviting even without colours but adding colours brings life to the party. If young kids use this sheet, crayons are the perfect tools, and if young adults are using their poster or water colours can also work well.

9. Fruits Coloring Pages for Kindergarten:

This fruit coloring page for kindergarteners looks especially attractive with their attractive eyes. This colouring page can be an excellent choice when you want younger kids to sit down and pass their time with colouring. For mess-free work, you can give kids plastic crayons or colour pencils. As already mentioned, this colouring page is suitable for pre-schoolers.

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10. Fruit Coloring Page by Number:

This fruit colouring page can be easier to do for kids in the age group of 6 to 8 years. The page is divided into different numbers, and each number is assigned different colours. For example, one is for blue, two for red, three is for yellow and so on. Crayons or colour pencils are the perfect tools to beautify the colouring sheet.

11. Unique Fruit Coloring Page:

If you want to attract kids with different facial expressions, this colouring page is all you need. Each fruit has a different expression, making the page more special and unique. Use colours which naturally represent the fruits making the page more realistic. Though brush pens can be a perfect choice, crayons can work wonders for younger kids.

12. Fruit Pictures to Print and Colour:

This is an attractive fruit colouring image with pretty clear and spacious fruits. This colouring sheet is suitable for kids of all ages, with crayons or brush pens as colouring tools. If you give the page for younger kids crayons, provide you with mess-free work. Water colours also work well for young adults who can use a brush carefully.

13. Accessible Fruit Coloring Pages:

This is yet another fruit coloring page with pre-determined numbers designated for each fruit. This colouring page is suitable for kids of all ages, though younger kids might need a little assistance. Crayons are the perfect tools to bring life to the colouring page.

14. Mandala Fruit Coloring Page:

Suppose you are interested in intricate details in colouring pages. In that case, this fruit mandala coloring page can be an excellent option. Though there are only two fruits on the entire page, the little details which need to be filled with colour make the sheet more interesting. Moreover, this colouring page is a perfect option for adults because they can show their talent in choosing colours while simultaneously having fun. The additional benefit of this colouring page is that the background is filled with patterns where you can fill complimentary colours.

15. Fruit Tree Colouring Page:

This beautiful mango tree stands beautifully around bushes, making it a complete picture. This colouring page is suitable for kids of all ages, and you can choose the colouring tools depending on the age group of the kids. Use bright green for the tree, bright yellow for the fruits, and a lighter green for the bushes around the tree. In addition, you can use multiple colours for the rocks around the tree to make the picture more attractive.

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Although fruits benefit our health, not many kids like to eat them, and it becomes very tough for parents to convince them. But these fruit coloring pages we have provided not only entertain your kids and improve their fine motor skills. They might also encourage them to eat fruits. So let your kid pick a colouring sheet and see the excitement brighten their face. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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