Fruit Nail Art Designs are nail arts which have different fruits painted on them, to make them look extremely cool and trendy. You can even match colors of your attire and paint different fruits on your nails according to. These nail arts would look pretty in summer parties or in pool parties as these parties mostly have bright themes.

Amazing Fruit Nail Art Designs:

Let’s see the latest fruit nail art designs will give an idea while making nail art.

Different Fruits Nail Art Design:

The nail art below is a simple fruit nail art, with different fruits painted on them. First paint your base with a white or an off white nail paint. The first nail is a half cut watermelon. Draw a thin green line for making a semi circle, and then keep a little gap which would be white because of the base. Take a pinkish red color and draw the rest of the semi circle until the edge. Select black nail paint and make spots on the nail to make it looks like seeds. Take chrome yellow nail paint and make two bananas on one finger side by side, and then take a thick black brush to make the borders on the banana to give the realistic look of it.

Take another yellow color and make an upper half of a heart shape on the edge of another nail and take the black brush again to draw the stick and a leaf of the pear; that would make it look like one. The grape nail art fruit is easy, just take mauve and purple color nail paints and make polka dots on your finger and evenly distribute them to make it look like grapes. End it by adding a stick with a black nail marker. Take another nail and make a similar half-heart shape for an apple with a light red color and make the center-top portion of the apple visible with the black border. You could add a little yellow paint in the middle just as we can see in the picture.

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Orange Fruit Nail Art:

It’s not a tough task to make an orange fruit nail art. Take an orange color and draw concave semi circles with it on all the nails evenly. Take a thin white nail paint brush and paint thin lines of the layers of the fruit which are present on the inside. To do that, keep a little orange border on top and draw a semicircle across the nail; just a little below the orange paint starts, and then pull lines of the white nail paint, one vertical down and two others like a V shape together. The center should look like a small white semi circle making all the white layers look like they are merging into each other. Coat the nail art with glossy nail polish to make it glow.

Watermelon Fruit Nail Art:

Keep calm and make easy watermelon nail paint on a bright sunny day. Take two different shades of green. Just as seen in the picture below paint them one after another through the edge. Paint rest of the nail with a bright red nail polish and you’re almost done. Finish them with short straight black paints which represent the seeds, to make a  color contrast you could make small white spots just to the left of the black spots, making the nail art look better with this finishing touch.

Apple Fruits Nail Art:

Make half cut heart shapes and make them end on the edge of the nail, making them looks like apples. To make it more prominent you need to make a stick with either brown or black color and then make a leaf beside it with light green.  To make it shiny, coat with glossy polish.

Finally, select your favourite fruit designs and make them beautifully on your nails that will give you an endless pleasure.

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