Don’t we all agree that we need to watch out for what we eat in this period? That being said, including all the fruits are not always beneficial and will not always work in your favour. Why do we say this? Because below given is a list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy. They do more harm than good for the growth of the baby and your body. Read on to know what fruits are not good for pregnant women. This article helps us to which fruits should be avoided during pregnancy.

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It is time to update your list of fruits you must and must not include in your pregnancy stage. Take a look below.

What Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy:

Here we listed 11 bad and harmful fruits to avoid during pregnancy. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Papaya Fruit:

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Papayas particularly the unripe plus semi-ripe diversity are rich in latex that has to evade throughout pregnancy. It can initiate untimely labour as papayas activate uterine contractions. They can cause the uterus to have spasms; moreover, as a result, it will initiate miscarriage. Additionally, green papaya encloses prostaglandin plus oxytocin, which can both play a role in inducing labour contractions.

2. Litchi Fruit:

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Litchi is one such fruit that is not good during pregnancy. Although litchis are great in taste and attract us with their shape and colour, it is not regarded as safe for pregnant women. It is responsible for body heat. Excess consumption of litchi can lead to fetal derangement, bleeding, abdominal pain heartburn, or harm to the fetus, moreover can even lead to miscarriage.

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3. Peach Fruit:

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Peaches can lead to bleeding internally if consumed in excess by pregnant women as it generates more heat. The covering hair of peach can moreover cause allergy which leads to itching plus burning in the throat. Increased consumption leads to an increase in folic acid causing rashes, cramps and nausea. Peaches, therefore, have a bad name for being regarded as unsafe fruit during pregnancy.

4. Wild Apple Fruit:

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It is sour, acidic, and sweet and is mostly considered an ideal snack for pregnant women with morning sickness, but however, this fruit is not actually good for pregnant women in any way. Wild apples can induce heat in the body and lead to miscarriage. They are acidic in nature and they can, therefore, initiate the contraction of the uterus.

5. Pineapples:

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Pineapples contain bromelain, which is found in the core of the pineapple. Bromelain is known to break down protein and cause abnormal bleeding. Pineapple is regarded as a fruit to avoid in early pregnancy. Therefore, in the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women must entirely keep away from consuming pineapple. It has the potential to soften the cervix, thus resulting in early labour.

6. Longan Fruit:

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This is an admired fruit for its sweet odour plus flavour. Pregnant women frequently have hot flashes plus constipation. This fruit is known to increase body temperature and can cause dry mouth and constipation. It also boosts fetal derangement, abdominal pain, bleeding and causes harm to the fetus leading to miscarriage. Longan is a harmful fruit during pregnancy.

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7. Black Grapes:

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We recommend you avoid grapes during your entire pregnancy. Both green and black grapes are unsafe fruits during pregnancy and hence never recommended. The compound resveratrol in grapes can be very toxic for pregnant mothers. The digestive system is usually weak during pregnancy and thus the system will have serious trouble digesting the skin of the black grapes.

8. Camellia Fruit:

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Camellia has a sweet, bitter, acidic taste, thus it is extremely liked by pregnant women that have morning sickness. Yet this fruit is not really ideal for pregnant women. Camellia is known to cause premature birth and at times can lead to miscarriage. It is best to avoid this fruit during pregnancy.

9. Dates:

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Excess consumption of dates is best avoided because it can increase body heat and may even lead to premature uterine contractions. It is best to eat dates in moderation during pregnancy even though it contains essential nutrients. It can sometimes cause the cervix to widen leading to miscarriage especially during the first trimester when the mother is at high risk of having a miscarriage.

10. Frozen Berries:

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Frozen berries are not fruits safe for pregnancy. Any fruit frozen over an extended period of time should be avoided. Fresh berries are however considered to be good as they are fresh in their stacking of nutrients. Frozen berries will be kept for a longer time thus leading to being toxic for you and the baby.

11. Watermelon:

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Surprised? Watermelon is a fruit to avoid during pregnancy. Generally, they help you flush out the toxins from your body. When you consume watermelon during pregnancy, you are ideally exposing the baby to many toxins your body will flush out. The sugar content in the fruit can also raise your blood glucose level. The property of watermelon is to flush out and this will also lead to flushing out of essential nutrients that your body may require.

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Fruits sure play a vital role in the diet chart of pregnant women. But, what happens when you start to believe that all fruits are good for you and your baby? You are unwantedly inviting a lot of hazards not only for yourself but also for the unborn child. Our article has covered which fruits are not good for pregnancy and that fruits should be eaten in moderation and this will surely go on to help you and the baby in the long run.

Q1. Should I Avoid Any Fruit Juices During Pregnancy?

Ans: Juices sure can sure be a part of your diet, but that should not be your only diet. You can drink them occasionally, but, always stick to fresh fruits. Fresh juices may sometimes invite unwarranted bacterial infections. Keep away from pineapple and papaya juice. Litchi juice is good during pregnancy but should be taken in moderation to prevent unnecessary complications. Freshly squeezed juice is always the healthier option during pregnancy.

Q2. What Fruits Should I Avoid for Preventing a Miscarriage?

Ans: Pineapple is generally known to be a harmful fruit during pregnancy. Papaya, peach and wild apple are also best avoided as they are known to induce premature labour and also lead to miscarriage. Consuming these fruits will lead to a widening of the cervix and will cause early labour leading to complications. Avoid eating precut fruits to protect yourself and the unborn baby from infections.

Q3. Should Dry Fruits Be Avoided During Pregnancy?

Ans: Apricots are generally regarded as an unsafe dry fruit during pregnancy. They are known to cause contractions and also induce heat in the body, both of which are not desirable. Generally, anything taken in excess can end up doing more harm than good. Dried fruits, when taken in excess, can cause gastrointestinal problems like bloating and diarrhoea. It can cause weight gain as they are rich in fructose which is a natural sugar. Raisins can cause a surge in energy but can precipitate fatigue and sugar crash.


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