Whether you are looking for a cute fairy like look, or a lavishing look for date, the frock designs have always justified the occasions with a variety of patterns and designs. The simple frock designs now come with a decorative touch with designs to make it more adorable. Not only the teens, but the women are also using them to enhance their looks. The frock designs that are getting trendy these days is the full frock designs.

Beautiful and Stylish Full Frock Designs for Ladies with Pictures:

Here is a collection of the top designs in full frock selected by the women these days for an appealing look.

1. Lotus Frog Frock:

This type of full frock dress is much popular among the teens for party wears. The frock is made with two different shade colors giving the lower portion of the frock an embossed and petal look. The frock is also given sleeveless design with hanging charm and rose on the side.

2. Full Sleeve and Flaw Frock:

One of the best full sleeve frocks that is liked for functions like marriage is given georgette and silk materials. The frock is also decorated with golden beads and thread work. The frock is given tight fitting till the waist, and after that it is given a bold flaw.

3. Mimu Maxi Long Frock:

Want to combine the traditional and modern look? This frock is given stretchable material with loose fitting till the knee end. The frock is also given a tunic look with sides larger than center forming a U shape. The frock is popular for summers.

4. Designer Gota Work Frock:

The full frocks for ladies when given a Gota work design, makes it the best apparel for special occasions. The frock here is made from silk and is given floral designs in golden thread, popularly known as Gota work. Further it is given long sleeves and pack neck design.

5. Princess Frock Design:

Full frock for kids when given a curvy wave look with laces, gives a princess look. The top of the frock is given a short coat like design which is further decorated with silver charms to decorate it. The frock is made from silk and georgette material to give it proper justice.

6. Bridal Frock Design:

The best frock design for that perfect bridal look here is made from a combination of materials like chiffon, net and silk to make the dress elegant. The frock is given net sleeves and that perfect flaw. For proper bridal look the frock is also given net head wrapper.

7. Mermaid Frock Design:

Mermaid frock designs has been the new model full frock in trend these days. The frock can be made from any kind of material however, most prefer net on the lower portion giving much flaws like fish wings. The frock comes with skinny fitting till the knees to give that perfect look.

8. Straight Cut Frock Designs:

The full length frock designs are given a new pattern with straight cut design. Made from cotton material, the dress comes with triangular designs below and a belt on the waist. With deep neck and full sleeves, it gives a sexy look to the wearer.

9. Printed Frock Design:

Printed design for full frock for girl is the latest trendy design popular for summers. The simple cotton frock is given mid-flaw design with sleeveless design. The frock is given a perfect fitting till the waist and then left loose. The frock is also worn for beach vacations.

10. Single Shoulder Frock Design:

Want to get a distinguished party wear design? Here is the best full frock for womens which is made from shining stretchable material. The frock is given full length of sleeves on one side and the other shoulder is left open. This asymmetrical design is quite carried on parties and summer events.

11. Tunic Frock Design:

Want to have that chic look for outings or special dates? A tunic style full frock images made from cotton is the best. The frock is given single strips shoulder design. The frock is given high low length from front and back with waist tight fitting. The frock is also accompanied with mini coats or shawls for classy look.

12. Umbrella Frock Design:

Umbrella design is quite blossomy when it comes to full frocks for adults. The frock is made form chiffon material and is given an umbrella style cut. With cross neck design, the frock gives a marvelous party look. The frock is also given required flaws below by making pin ups on the waist.

13. Jacquard Frock Design:

The Jacquard full frock models are made from brocket material which comes with embossed floral prints on it. The frock is made with slight slant design with inner of silk material. With sleeveless design, the frock gives the women a slim look in double layer design. The frock is popular for parties, weddings, etc.

14. A-Line Frock Design:

A designer full frock dress design made from silk material attached with georgette. The front portion is given a net floral print look with net neckline. With backless design, is gives the ladies a sensual look. The frock is also given a folded drop line silk lace from the waist with floor length.

15. Long-Cut Frock Design:

Want that sexy look for a special occasion? Here is a long cut frock design which would complete your desire. The frock is given floor length with off shoulder sleeve design. The frock is given long cuts on the slight side from the hip line. The black color in cotton silk material gives an appealing look.

The full length frock is on the hit lists for parties. The casual ones are now also carried out for picnics and in colleges. While those for functions is given embroidery and other designs that give a designer look to the wearer. They are generally given floor length or sometimes ankle length.

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