15 Trendy Full Sleeve Blouse Designs with Pictures

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The sleeves of the Indian designer blouses are some of the best sights when it comes it to Indian traditional women clothing beauty. Most blouses have unique patterns done on their sleeves. The full sleeve blouses are some of the best-looking blouse that one can sport. In this article, we will be discussing some really good looking blouse full sleeve designs of all time.

Full Sleeve Blouse Designs

Different Types of Full Sleeve Blouse Designs:

Let we have to look at the best full sleeve blouses for young women in trend.

1. The Brown Designer Full Sleeve Blouse:

Blouse sleeve designs1

This blouse is made of good material and can definitely be sported during the winter seasons. The design is really popular and will blow everyone’s mind. It sports a really awesome black design throughout the blouse and beautifies the sarees as well. It is true that if you sport a beautiful full sleeve blouse like, the beauty of your saree will increase automatically.

2. The Celebrity Black Full Sleeve Design:

Blouse sleeve designs2

If you want to sport a really good-looking blouse sleeves pattern, then this is one of the best ones that you will ever find. It sports a cool pattern throughout the blouse along with alluring patterns done on it. The full sleeve design makes the blouse look a lot more appealing than it actually is and the low neck pattern makes it look quite stylish. In short, it can be said that this is one of the best full sleeve blouse designs of all time.

3. The Wedding Lehanga Blouse Design:

Blouse sleeve designs3

If you are in need of good-looking sleeve designs for blouse, then take a good look at this one. It sports the all-time adorable pink colour along with cute designs on it. It will make the bride look like an angel. The full sleeves pattern of the blouse makes it even more attractive and the small intricate designs done on it makes it quite good looking as well.

4. The Red Full Sleeve Pattern Blouse:

Blouse sleeve designs4

If you are in need of designer stuff, then this particular blouse will make your dreams come true. The pattern done on the sleeves of this particular blouse is very eye-catching and one will find it totally suitable for them. The blouse goes hand in hand with the saree and is one of the finest-looking blouses that a woman can even think of sporting. The sleeves are quite long and extend fully to the palms. Throughout the sleeves, an alluring pattern has been which matches with the saree and makes the whole clothing set look magnificent.

5. The White Full Sleeve Designer Blouse:

Blouse sleeve designs5

If you are in need of full sleeve blouse designs, then this will be a very good choice. This blouse comes with an alluring pattern and the whole blouse looks quite cool. This full sleeve blouse is the best thing out there if you are willing to sport the best designer blouse on a special occasion.

6. The Metallic Blouse with Full Sleeves:

Blouse sleeve designs6

This is a very good-looking blouse, which comes with an awesome design on the sleeves and the front portion of the neck. The blouse is beautiful and almost anyone will fall in love with this blouse. The blouse will go hand in hand with a blue saree and the combination of these two will be ideal just like the one in the picture.

7. The Blue Full Sleeve Blouse Design:

Blouse sleeve designs7

This is a really good-looking blouse design which comes with a really comfortable colour and the small floral patterns done on the chest portion of the blouse looks quite cool. The floral patterns are quite unique and somehow sport a traditional touch. If you are in need of a decent full sleeve blouse design, then this will be one of the best finds.

8. The Trendy Full Sleeve Blouse Design:

Blouse sleeve designs8

Are you looking for the trendiest blouse design that has a full sleeve pattern, then this will be one of the best-looking ones that one will ever find under this category. The pattern done on it looks quite suitable for the eyes. The patterns did it looks very cool and the small and intricate patterns are very awesome and the colourful patterns are the most attractive feature about this blouse that makes it so likeable.

9. The South Indian Designer Blouse Design:

Handloom Sarees 2010

If you are in need of a designer blouse, then this full sleeve blouse might just be the thing. Rock it out with a deep glossy-looking saree and you will look absolutely divine. The blouse is probably one of the finest things out there and you will be able to sport the blouse without any kind of hesitation. The blouse looks really awesome when it comes to full sleeve blouses. To make the whole thing more alluring, it also sports some small and intricate patterns on the sleeves.

10. The Fashion Lady Sleeve Blouse:

Blouse sleeve designs10

This particular full sleeve blouse has the ability to make almost anyone look like a queen. The blouse comes with some pretty-looking designs on the front as well as on the sleeves. This full neck blouse covers the whole chest portion and the upper back as well and extends to the throat. It is one of the most stylish designer-made blouses of all time.

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11. The Green Velvet Embroidered Blouse:

Blouse sleeve designs11

This full blouse design comes with beautiful embroidery done on the sleeves. Without a doubt, this is one of the best-looking full sleeve blouses of all time. It looks very pretty and is one of the most suitable blouses that you will ever come through.

12. The Full Sleeve Mirror Work Blouse:

Blouse sleeve designs12

This golden full sleeve blouse was beautifully designed with embroidery using mirrors. Whenever you sport this particular mirror worked blouse with a good saree, you will be immensely admired.

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13. The Full Sleeve Black Designer Blouse:

Blouse sleeve designs13

This is a quite good-looking blouse, that comes with an alluring pattern done on the sleeves. The design on the sleeves is probably the prime attraction of this blouse.

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14. The Low Cut Red Full Sleeve:

Blouse sleeve designs14

This red low cut blouse is a quite good-looking blouse that comes with low cut pattern on the back. This particular back pattern done on the blouse is probably one of the best things out there.

15. The Celebrity Black Sleeve Blouse Design:

Blouse sleeve designs15

This full sleeves net blouse design was created beautifully with amazing embroidery. Sport this black blouse and look like a total queen. This best full sleeve blouse designs for net sarees.

These are the blouse sleeve designs if you want a complete designer look for the blouse. Nowadays, attention is equally given to the kind of sleeve designs as it is given to the front and back designs of a blouse.