Sometimes harmless fun is enough to bring a quick smile to one’s face, whether you are an adult or a kid. Fun coloring pages are a perfect solution if you want fun-filled entertainment for kids of all ages. The colouring pages include funny animal faces, the fun we all can have during different seasons, and many more. Therefore, without further ado, go through the list of all the coloring pages from this article that scream fun and choose one that suits your personality. Read on!

15 Popular Fun Coloring Pages:

We have collected some of the famous and fun coloring pages that are entertaining and educational. Go through the list to make a choice.

1. Fun Coloring Pages for Elementary Students:

This is one of the best fun pictures to colour, divided into numbers. Each number is designated with a colour, and this will make the colouring process much easier for the kids. This free printable sheet is best suited for kids aged 4 to 8. You can hear the squeals of the kids once they are done with the colouring. Choose crayons for a mess-free work process.

2. Simple Fun Coloring Pages:

Though simple, this fun colouring page can be an excellent option for kids aged 5 to 8 years with crayons as tools. Choose grey for the clouds, light blue for the sky and orange for the smiling sun. Use different shades of green for the grass, cactus and bushes on the floor. You can leave the Llama in white or let the kids choose the colour per their preference. To have a complete look, ensure your kids don’t leave empty spaces on the paper.

3. Summer Fun Coloring Pages:

Summer is one of the seasons that gives you a chance to go on a spree of food that keeps you away from heat and dehydration. This fun colouring page reminds you and your kids of how much fun it is and helps them create great memories. Hello, summer is the words written on placards and are tied together with a thread, whereas using multiple colours for the beach ball, red and green for the watermelon, brownish yellow for the pineapple, and so on. Don’t forget to highlight the hello summer in bold colours like red or golden glitter. This fun summer colouring picture is suitable for kids aged 5 to 8 years, with crayons or pencils as tools.

4. Funny Thanksgiving Coloring Pages:

Though Thanksgiving is a time when families come together to thank the almighty for everything we have, there is nothing wrong with having some fun. Kids of all ages can have fun colouring this thanksgiving colouring page with crayons or soft pencils as colouring tools. Furthermore, you can use golden glitter to decorate the stars on the page giving the page a beautiful finish.

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5. Fun Christmas Coloring Pages:

Christmas is one of the memorable festivals for kids and adults globally. This fun coloring sheet can be perfect for younger kids aged 3.5 to 5 to enjoy colouring. You can use brown for the reindeer, including the antlers, red for Santa’s cap and dress robes, orange for the sleigh and grey for the clouds in the blue sky. Finally, highlight the words merry Christmas with either golden or silver glitter.

6. Funky Coloring Pages:

This funky, fun coloring page is an attractive option for kids aged 9 to 12 years because of the details present in it. Using multiple colours can be a perfect way to keep the grit alive in this pair of shoes. However, you can let the kids choose the colours per their preference, making the colouring sheet more personal and customized.

7. Funny Coloring Pages for Adults:

This is another fun colouring page best suited for adults, but even young adults in the age group of 9 to 13 years can try a hand with its colouring. You can either use a single colour or multiple colours for the hair of the ladies, giving it a Malinga finish. Choose one colour for each pattern on the dresses of both ladies, giving it a synchronized look and a funny-looking finish. Finally, use your creativity and bring your funky personality to this colouring page. You can make it possible by using brush pens or sketch pens.

8. Fun Coloring Pages for Kids:

Nothing can be more fun than a smiling octopus beautifully swimming in the water. You can use baby pink for the octopus, varied shades of green for the water’s greenery, and light blue for the entire waterfront. Complimenting colours for the colouring page create a perfect and attractive finish. Crayons and colour pencils are the ideal tools for smooth and mess-free work.

9. Fun Animal Coloring Pages:

Funny-looking animals are fan-favourite, especially among kids. So you can ask your kids aged 5 to 8 to do the colouring for fun during holidays. Choose blue for the space around the animal, green for the animal’s body, and four different colours for the things coming from its head. However, you can inspire creativity in your kids by letting them choose colours.

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10. Fun Colouring Pages to Print:

Sponge bob is a popular character in the animated series of the same name. This colouring sheet is perfect for children aged 5 to 9 years, with crayons as colouring tools. First, use yellow for the head of the sponge bob, grey for the spots on his face, brown for his pants and yellow for his hands and legs. Next, go for light brown for the pineapple, green for the bushes, grey for the floor and golden blue for the sky, completing the look of sponge bob.

11. Easy Fun Coloring Pages:

Everyone, from kids to adults, finds dogs adorable. First, however, we all must accept that dogs are hilarious when juggling balls. This colouring page is suitable for kids aged 5 to 8 years, with colour pencils or crayons as tools. Choose a single colour for the dog, for example, black and white or brown and white. You can use multiple colours to finish every ball the dog is juggling.

12. Cute Fun Coloring Pages:

This elephant is a perfect example of a fun colouring page suitable for kids younger than six years to have fun adding colours to the plain page. Choose a light blue colour for the elephant’s body, black for his hair, multiple colours for the dress and a red coloured vest. However, you can let your kids create their pet elephant by allowing them to choose their colours.

13. Unique Fun Coloring Activities:

This is a unique colouring page where fun is most definitely included in helping your kids have good fun. Choose bright colours like red, yellow and brown in combination for the mushroom. Use pink for the snail’s body, brown for the shell and yellow for the dots. Use grey for the clouds, varied shades of green for the bushes and multiple colours for the butterfly and flowers. The use of various colours creates a beautiful and authentic finish.

14 Fun Party Colouring Pictures:

This party colouring page represents everything fun; this one can be an ideal choice. This colouring page is suitable for kids of all ages, regardless of gender. Use golden glitter for all the tiny particles around the funky character, yellow for the character itself, and multiple colours for the cool glasses. However, you can encourage your kids to choose colours with little guidance.

15. Free Fun Coloring Pages:

If you look closely, there is a lot of innocence and fun in the eyes of this tortoise which will make for a perfect colouring sheet. You can choose a single colour or multiple colours for a square of the tortoise’s back. Use green for the tortoise’s body and yellow for the stripes across the neck. Use blue for the sky, green for the bushes and grey for the sand. Crayons are the perfect tools to bring life into the colouring sheet, which is suitable for kids younger than six.

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Whether it is the face of your favourite animal or your favourite activity, the fun coloring pages mentioned in this article have numerous options for you to colour. Therefore, without any second thought, check out the list of colouring sheets that scream fun and choose one that resonates the most with your kids or yourself. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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