Which kids do not like having fun? While most of them love spending their time with games or watching television, we must engage them in the creative process right from childhood. One such way is to inculcate them with fun crafts. What are these fun crafts all about?

With these fun craft ideas, kids can now get involved and habituated with these easy yet creative learning mechanisms, all in the comfort of one’s place. They are educational, informational as well as relaxing and exciting for kids! And even more, they can even be done by teenagers and young adults, those who are looking for some destressing time amidst busy schedules!

Easy and Quick Fun Crafts to do for Kids and Adults:

There may be several ample ideas when we talk about fun arts and crafts projects for kids as well as adults. But we have narrowed down a few top and amazing ways in which kids may love spending time while doing them. Here we go!

1. Fun DIY Craft:

We can’t stop aww-ing on this beautiful and cute little jar craft. If you have some empty containers lying around and want to do something unique yet mesmerizing and bright to pop up in your space, why not recreate such beautiful, fun craft activities?

Speciality: You can try them to keep in a corner, which can add a bright and cute look to your home


  • Paints
  • Empty jars
  • Brushes

How to do:

  1. Take as many empty jars or containers as you have at home to do this craft.
  2. Firstly take a good poster or acrylic paint and paint them all yellow.
  3. Let them dry well
  4. Now with the help of black and other colorful paint, recreate and draw cute smileys of different expressions, as shown in the picture above.
  5. Let them dry before you decorate them!

2. Fun Papercraft:

We love how paper crafts can be super quick and can be made in a jiffy! Yet they add an effortless bright look to any nook and corner of our home. This fun paper craft to make can be used as a wall art décor or birthday card, as you wish. Here is how to do this versatile craft.

Speciality: This is a multi-purpose craft look; use it as a personalized birthday wish card or a wall art framed in your favorite corner of the home


  • Colorful papers
  • Scissor
  • Glue

How to do:

  1. To make this flower papercraft, firstly, take two or three bright colored papers with you.
  2. Cut them across in a sleek, thin manner all over.
  3. Once you cut them, fold them in this manner, as shown in the picture above. Glue them to another colorful paper, which can be used as a background.
  4. Take contrast color papers (against the color used for flowers) and cut them into a round shape.
  5. Stick them in the middle of the floral design
  6. Now use green paper to outline the stem and leaf.
  7. Cut them and stick them beneath the flower craft.
  8. Let them all dry!

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3. Fun Summer Craft:

It’s summer, and what best than spending some time during off days to create useful yet mesmerizing craft stuff for your workspace or home corners? We have some ideas for you!

Speciality: These beautiful fruit-themed pen and pencil holders can be used to brighten up your work desk too.


  • Round tins or containers
  • Color papers
  • Sketches
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to do:

  1. Firstly, take the empty container or jar of your choice. The jar should have a wide opening so that it can be useful to act as a pen and pencil holder.
  2. Take paper colors of your choice. In the image above, we have taken watermelon and pineapple-themed colour papers.
  3. Cut them across in the required size and stick them on the container with the help of glue.
  4. Once they dry, use sketches to draw a design and give it a look at your favorite fruit.
  5. That is it; you can use them on your favorite desk to hold the stationary and also brighten up space!

4. Fun Science Craft:

Be it a school assignment or kids having an upcoming science art fair. This science experiment craft can be useful and easy to make. Here is how!

Speciality: This can be used for school science art exhibitions or display too!


  • Clay
  • Copper wire
  • Colorful threads
  • Glue
  • Colors

How to do:

  1. In this image, the craft is displaying the sequence of order and process during the solar and lunar eclipses.
  2. Firstly, take some clay and make six circular molds in different sizes, as shown in the picture above.
  3. Color them yellow, blue, and brown, as displayed in the image.
  4. Let them dry and keep them aside.
  5. Take a copper wire, and shape it into a circular manner. Use extra wire at corners to get them above the circular base.
  6. Use a thread to roll it around the wire to give it a bright look.
  7. That is it, now take the clay balls and stick them on the top.

5. 5-Minute Fun Craft:

If you just have a few minutes in hand and yet want to be productive and artistic with some good crafts in hand, this can be quite an ideal choice to do. These paper clips can be used as bookmarks as well as holders too!

Speciality: The multi-purpose paper clips can be turned into beautiful bookmarks and holders.


  • Ribbon
  • Paper clips

How to do:

  1. Take a few paper clips in hand, as many as you want.
  2. Now take ribbon roll too. You can choose a bright pop of your favorite color for a personal touch.
  3. As shown in the image above, roll the ribbon at one corner of the paper clip.
  4. You can either choose to create a knot with a ribbon manually or pin it at the edges.
  5. That is it; the final product is ready!

6. Fun Birthday Craft:

If it is your favorite person’s birthday around, why not wish him or her a personal touch and lovely gesture, all by yourself? You can create a beautiful yet simple birthday card in this way!

Speciality: The personalized card can give that warm gesture of love when made by oneself than gifting a card from the market.


  • Color papers
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sketches

How to do:

  1. Firstly, take dark color paper as a background. Fold it in half to make it in a birthday card format.
  2. Now use different shades of similar colour as a theme, and make a balloon outline on all of them.
  3. Using scissors or a cutter, cut them neatly.
  4. Stick them on the color background paper as a layer form.
  5. Take a white thread and glue them beneath balloon cuttings. This can give a dimensional effect to the craft.
  6. Now your birthday card is ready, with the help of sketch pens, you can write personalized messages and wishes on the card.

7. Fun Printable Craft:

Printable crafts are quite popular themed art and craft methods for kids. They are instant to make and yet give a fascinating and exciting feel to young kids. Here are one such printable face mask fun crafts for boys who love spiderman.

Speciality: This instant craft can be used as a face mask.


  • Cutting off this printable craft
  • Colors
  • Thread

How to do:

  1. Take the printable craft in hand, and cut alongside the borders exactly.
  2. Also, make a cutting inside the eye area.
  3. With the help of red and black color pens, color the printable.
  4. Use a thread to bind the craft and turn it into a face mask.
  5. That is it; it is good to go and can be used as a face mask for kids.

8. Fun Winter Craft:

This fun and cute winter craft snowman are super lovely and mesmerizing, especially for kids. The entire process of creating this craft is engaging!

Speciality: The fun winter snowman craft can also be used as a wall display.


  • Two paper plates
  • Black buttons
  • Color paper (in black and brown)
  • Paints
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to do:

  1. Use two paper plates first to make a snowman outline. Take blue color paper as a background, and stick two paper plates as shown in the image
  2. Use black buttons to create eyes, mouth, and body structure for the snowman
  3. With the help of black and brown color paper, outline the hat and hands, draw on each of them, and cut them neatly.
  4. Stick them to the paper plates in their respective places
  5. You can use a small scarf to stick around the snowman (near the neck, between two plates) and give a beautiful effect.
  6. With the help of white paint, make fingerprints asymmetrically on the blue background paper to create a winter snow effect.
  7. Let them all dry, and it is ready!

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9. Fun Balloon Craft:

Balloon crafts are all getting popular, especially among teens and adults, to make beautiful art pieces for the home. While there are several possible ways and crafts to create out of balloons, we show you a cute button bowl through this crafting method. Here is this fun craft step-by-step way to do it!

Speciality: This can be an amazing art showpiece at one’s home and is of utility too!


  • Balloon (of big size)
  • Fevicol or glue
  • Colorful buttons

How to make:

  1. Firstly, blow the balloon to its full size and tie it to the corner
  2. Reverse the balloon and let it sit in a container or so.
  3. Rub fevicol smoothly to half of the balloon, as displayed in the image.
  4. Stick the colorful buttons of your choice all over where fevicol is applied
  5. Let it dry completely
  6. Now burst the balloon, and you can see the buttons sticking well to each other, making it a good art and craft piece.

10. Fun Christmas Craft:

These fun Christmas craft ideas are enjoyable and creative for young kids and preschoolers. This one is quick and easy to make and can be good engaging craft activity during the Christmas holidays.

Speciality: The craft is easy to do, and it looks bright and lovely during the Christmas season. It is also a good addition to the Christmas tree.


  • Ice-cream stick
  • Color paints
  • Cotton
  • Ribbon

How to do:

  1. Firstly take ice cream sticks, as many as you want.
  2. As shown in the image above, make a red, white, and black color combination on the stick.
  3. Use cotton to make two rolls each on one stick—paint one of the cotton rolls with yellow color.
  4. With black paint, add an eye design at the beginning of the stick
  5. Now stick the cotton gently to resemble a beard. Use the colored cotton small rolls at each corner of the stick
  6. Let it dry completely.

11. Fun Cardboard Craft:

You can now make your personalized cardboard display near the workspace all by yourself. It is quick to do and can give a personalized touch to any wall corner.

Speciality: Stick this wall cardboard craft near your workspace and give it a personal touch. You can add your notes to do Polaroid snaps and other favorite pictures too!


  • Cardboard
  • Thermocol
  • A-frame
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to do:

  1. Firstly, see the size of the frame you have in hand to make this cardboard craft.
  2. By assessing the size, make a suitable cutting of the same size of cardboard as well as thermocol
  3. Stick the cardboard on top of the thermocol, and fit them all in the frame
  4. That is it, let it dry, and you are good to go.
  5. Using small needle pins, you can pin all your favorite stickers, pictures, and notes to the cardboard craft!

12. Fun family craft:

We often notice kids doing a family drawing. Why not elevate and enhance a simple drawing to a craft and art activity for kids? You can engage them in a creative and artistic process yet, which they love doing.

Speciality: You can stick this family craft piece in your home to give that lovely look. This is quite a fun crafts idea for toddlers or kindergarten kids.


  • Ice cream sticks
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Paints

How to do:

  1. Use as many ice cream sticks as you need to depict each family member in your household.
  2. Stick them on a white background paper.
  3. Color the ice cream sticks of the kid’s choice to give a bright look.
  4. With the help of sketch pens, design the sticks to add on eyes, hair and other facial features.
  5. Write down the family member’s name on the top of the stick.
  6. With the help of other sketch pens, kids can draw other background features, as shown in the image above. One can add sun, clouds, grass and dog outlines in the picture.

13. Fun and Easy 3D Craft:

This fun and colorful 3D craft of a rainbow is a unique and mesmerizing art piece for those kids and tweens who are in search of making easy yet lovely art and can try this out.

Speciality: The 3D colorful effect of this craft and art makes this piece stand out from others


  • Rainbow colored-papers
  • White paper
  • Cotton
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to do:

  1. Firstly take all the color papers required to make a rainbow.
  2. Cut them all in the same sizes in a sleek and thin manner, as shown in the image above.
  3. Keep them aside.
  4. In the white paper, make a cloud outline and cut it sharply
  5. Stick all the color papers linearly to the cloud design paper on each side
  6. Use cotton to stick it on the top of the cloud outline cutting
  7. That is it. Give it a puffy look, and lift the color papers to give that rainbow 3D look.

14. Fun Holiday Craft:

For parents, kids staying at home can sometimes double their tasks and attention. But how about giving them some artistic things to do during the holidays? This can be an easy and fun assignment for kids.

Speciality: Using recycled bottle caps for this craft project can be helpful to upcycle and create an art piece for kids.


  • Bottle caps of soft drinks
  • Paint colors
  • Brushes

How to do:

  1. Take as many bottle caps as needed.
  2. Now using paints and brushes, you can create several designs on the caps, as shown in the image above.
  3. Use bright colors to draw paintings of one theme. Here a holiday theme is used to create a Christmas tree, snowflakes, snowmen and so on.
  4. Once dried, use them to hang or stick to the wall as an art piece.

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15. Fun Spring Craft:

Last but not least, spring crafts can be quite an interesting experiment to do. Spring season, as such, is loved by all, with the floral trend and beautiful sights across the countryside. You can now recreate such a spring idea as an art piece.

Speciality: Use this fun craft for girls as wall art to stick to empty corners of the wall, and add a bright look


  • Paper plate
  • Paints
  • Buttons
  • Paper
  • Sketch pens
  • Ice-cream stick
  • Glue

How to do:

  1. Use a paper plate as a background for this art piece.
  2. Take bright colored paint colors, and with the help of your fingers, stamp them in floral shapes on the paper plate.
  3. Use a black sketch pen to outline the stem and leaf, as shown in the above image.
  4. Use the button to stick it at the center of the floral design.
  5. Meanwhile, you can also add a butterfly design too on the paper plate to enhance its look. On white paper, draw a butterfly outline and color it neatly.
  6. Cut it across and use the cutting to stick at the corner of the white plate.
  7. Add a stick beneath the butterfly cutting.

16. Mobile Stand Fun Craft:

Here is a great fun craft to do that is also useful. This mobile stand is made with a toilet paper roll that is decorated with tape. The role is a slit in the center to let the mobile stand in it. You need to then attach four pins to the bottom of the roll so that it stands on a table.

17. Mitten Soft Toys Fun Craft:

Make these cute and cuddly mitten soft toys as fun crafts for kids. All you need are mittens and stuffing. Stuff the mitten well, and then sew the opening up. You can decorate the front of the mitten to look like a monster with eyes and a mouth.

18. Craft Stick Stand Fun Craft:

Make this lovely earring holder with simple craft sticks. These fun crafts to do at home are very simple. You need to paint the craft sticks and then glue them to look like an easel. You can then hang earrings from each of the sticks.

19. Hot Air Balloon Fun Craft:

Make this fun paper craft hot air balloon with your kids, and they will have a ball. These are fun and easy crafts, and they need to cut strips of paper. Each of the strips is then woven to get the shape needed to make the balloon. A little paper bucket at the bottom completes the look.

20. Mason Jar Aquarium Fun Craft:

Make this cute and simple Mason jar aquarium with your kids. You will need a mason jar and some colored paper for the insides. The fun, easy crafts are always great with kids. They can cut out some fish shapes or use fish toys to put in the jar. Green algae can be cut from green paper too.

21. Sponge Boats Fun Craft:

This incredibly fun arts and craft project is the perfect thing to do on a hot summer’s day. The sponge is cut into shapes, and then a paper sail is added to it. The sponge will float on the water, and this looks very cute.

22. Crayon Fun Craft:

These fun, easy crafts for kids are great with some help from elders. The kids need to arrange their old crayons in a shape they like. The elders will then use a hairdryer and blow hot air around the outside of the shape. This will melt the crayons, and the colors will spread in an artistic way.

23. Pompom Bookmark Fun Craft:

Ask your kids to make these cute pompom bookmarks as fun crafts to do. The bookmarks are made by rolling yarn around the finger or fork many times. You need to then cut the yarn to get the round shape.

24. Paper Rainbow Fun Craft:

These fun craft ideas are perfect for kids to learn the colors of the rainbow. Cut the colored paper and stick them on a white cloud shape. You can hang this from the wall too. This one will be a good choice for school functions when your kid creates such a thing for his school auditorium.

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We hope you enjoyed these latest and contemporary fun crafts and ideas to do at home. While they are super easy and quick, they involve a good creative and engaging process while doing the activities and can be an ideal pass time for both kids and adults.


Q1. What are some easy craft ideas for adults during the holidays?

Ans: We adults often get in between busy and hectic schedules and are always on the lookout for some easy and relaxing ideas to destress ourselves during holidays. A few easy craft ideas for adults can be painting and transforming glass bottles into pieces of art, cardboard workspace and stationary crafts and so on.

Q2. What are the trending wall-art DIY crafts in 2022?

Ans: The trending and latest wall-art DIY crafts this decade include Pinterest cardboard crafts for workspace, hanging planters with plastic cups and jute ropes, and stationary crafts.

Q3. Which fun balloon crafts are trending right now?

Ans: With balloons, they are numerous craft methods and ideas one can create. Especially teens and adults can make quite creative art looks with balloons. The most common and trending balloon crafts are converting and transforming the balloons into hanging lights with woollen threads!


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