When it comes to exercises we have a very common excuse ready, “I don’t have time.” Exercising does not necessarily mean we need to spend endless hours at the gym forcing ourselves into monotonous painful activities. When we were young we used to run, jump, cycle, swim and love it, but doing the very same things now we might end up calling it an exercise. What we fail to realise is that we do not hate the work part we hate the boredom. The main motive of regular exercising is keeping our body in shape and being fit and healthy. Exercises are not always strenuous and boring they can be fun too. It is just the right the ones to select and doing it on a regular basis we might actually put a smile on our face too.

Best Fun Exercises For Kids And Adults:

Here are some of the fun exercise ideas:

1. Walking:

Not much exhausting and not at all boring, if done in a proper way. Walking at certain times especially early mornings with the fresh air to breathe, and the serene peaceful atmosphere to enjoy, not only the purpose of exercising is served but we actually might enjoy doing it. If joined by a friend, a walk becomes even more pleasant.

2. Skipping:

No other exercise is as effective a cardio exercise as jumping with a punk rope. Besides being effective nothing would appear to be more fun than these fun workouts thus serving the purpose of staying fit along with it.

3. Roller Skating:

When we were kids we to spent hours racing around the local streets of our localities, balconies, terraces with our friends and that was such a lot of fun. So here we have a chance to recapture those memories, enjoy our time and be fit all at once.

4. Dancing:

May seem to be a paradise for the dance lovers but not just for the dance lovers it might actually prove to be useful for anyone. Slow dancing at parties, weddings may not seem to sweat us up a lot but fitness experts feel that even though the speed is low and there are lots of intervals in between the consistency here acts as a key. If not a very social man you might as well turn on your music system and play your favourites tracks and just groove to it alone.

5. Frisbee:

While playing this funny workout game we jump, dive, run and throw the disk to the other end. This is a great way to burn tons of calories while enjoying ourselves with friends and family.

6. Handstands:

This simple free hander helps us sweat a lot. Not only do these fun exercise activities build our arm strength but it also increases the core strength of the body.

7. Cycling:

Going on bicycle trips with friends, sneaking out of the house with a bicycle every morning and afternoon used to be an integral part of our routine as kids. So why not relive the moments and be fit as well. Cycling for 2-3kms a day proves to be a very effective form of exercise.

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8. Playing a musical instrument:

Might sound strange but it is a fact that playing a musical instrument for an hour equals walking round a track, when it comes to burning fats. So brain is capable of burning fats too. Pick up an instrument of your choice and get lost in melodies and harmonies and shape yourself up too.

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9. Cleaning:

Rarely we find someone who loves cleaning his/her house. But we could make a game out of it. Setting time targets for cleaning a particular place and somehow completing it before time may prove to be an effective fun workout too.

So, these are the most fun exercises which can burn your fat in natural and healthy way.

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