The fun in the funk is the latest search in the streak of long hairstyles. When the normal everyday hair gets a bit too much to handle, opting for a newer look would definitely keep you exciting and alluring. The latest trend these days are always so daring and hardcore. Be it multi colored layers or the brightest pop hair hues, one of the ongoing trends include funky hairstyles which are often striking in appearance. These are truly the“head turning hairstyles”. If funky is your deal and you want a sure option on how to go about it, here is a basic list to it.

Latest Funky Hairstyles For Long Hair:

Let’s see the best 9 funky hairstyles and hair color ideas for long hair which will make you fun.

The Ideal Dreadlock:

The first step to being hip is sporting some hardcore dreadlocks and this is why, the first funk in our list is made entirely of rope like locks sectioned and intricately braided into individual braids. Dreadlocks are quite a common scene in the Rastafarian culture which is mostly the hippie look to conclude. One may add different hues to their look to create more effect.

Color Correct:

Often striking colors form the base to a funky look. The hairstyle here can be recognized as an emo hairstyle where one side of the lock falls in an angular fashion covering most of the forehead and probably one side of the eye. However, the hair highlight in contrasting hues of saffron and platinum white would definitely make up for the funk.

The Gothic Chic:

This hairstyle has the same undertone as the one previously described, both of them falling under the emo or Goth section. However this hairstyle has quite the sharp edges that when mixed with the perfect amount of funk would definitely make one of the hottest trending fashions. The hair in layers is thus steps and layers mixed with some funk.

Clean Shaved:

The side shaved hairstyle has gained popularity in the awakening of the funky hairstyles. However the crowd got accustomed to it when pop singer Demi Lovato embraced this style. Basically half the head is shaved clean while the other half has the free flowing locks immaculately making up for the other side.

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The Cornrow Field:

These type of hairstyles are known for as cornrows as they simply resemble one. Even though these are similar to dreadlocks, the cornrows are hardly permanent so you can go back to your original hair after a while. The hair here is styled and pinned with a small front bump.

The Mohawk:

Mohawks are yet another commonly liked hairstyles which would lay out the funk factor for you just about right. The hair is a mixture between the cornrows and dreadlocks at one time and at the other variation you can stick to the cleanly shaved ones. Either way the hair is propped up in the fashion of a spike which continues all the way in a row from the front to the back.

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The Rock Concert:

Colors form a main part of the funky hairstyle and once again with the sharply cut locks and the crispy look, this might be your look for a rock concert any day.

The Spike Braid:

Who would have ever though braids would participate in making you look funky? The braid here is made of two different styles, mainly the French and rope braid infused. the braid here is fanned out to the max to get the solid volume.

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Curls At Their Best:

This is yet another Mohawk infused hairstyle but this time it is a paradise for all the curly haired beauties who would like to try out funk without having to give up on their curls.

These are the latest funky hairstyles for women or girls who have long hair. If you want to become the centre of attraction at any function or party, then you must get these fun hairstyles. So try these funky hairstyles to be the life and soul of a party or event.

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