Sunglasses have always been accessory without which your dressing stands incomplete. Sunglasses are more than decoration of the face as it protect your eyes from direct and harmful sun rays, strong winds and dust also. With the advent of modern civilization different type of sunglasses was invented and worn by celebrities for that big and bold looks. Recently within two decades funky and cute type of funky sunglasses has been designed which gives a different and cute look. This type of sunglasses is generally used in parties and in groups hangout by both genders to make them appear different. Thus type of funky sunglasses easily draws the other attention also.

Latest and Beautiful Sunglasses in Funky Designs for Men & Womens India:

Let we have to look at top 10 types of funky Sunglasses.

1. Colorful Heart Shape Funky Sunglasses:

Here comes a perfect and awesome looking wide heart shape colourful frame sunglasses which goes well on both young boys and girls. These types of unique and unusual frame look awesome and help the young one to create their own style statement.

2. Cute Butterfly Shape Funky Plastic Sunglasses:

Butterfly, pink colour and females have a strong and close relationship and this trio gels very well. This type of plastic cute frame designed in the shape of butterfly look brilliant and is a perfect sunglasses which can be worn on parties and a brilliant evening wear also.

3. Double Shaded Funky Sunglasses for Girls:

Another fabulous and timeless sunglasses is these double shaded funky sunglasses for girls. The sunglasses are round in shape and the deadly brown and yellow combination look great. On the temples and on the upper half the rough finish gives the sunglasses a gorgeous and attractive looks.

4. Funky Metal Circle Frame with Mirror Lens for Women:

This is one of the classic, stylish and funky looking green mirrored sunglasses for women’s. The frame is made of metal wire and has three thin lines making it appear very pretty on every woman face.

5. Funky Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women:

Here comes another cute oversized cat eye funky appearing sunglasses for every age group of females. This type of funky faces sunglasses doesn’t require any occasion for you to wear them and it can be worn anywhere without nay hitch.

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6. Block Style Funky Sunglasses for Boys:

Here comes another classy and smart looking sunglasses for boys which make them appear hot and stylish. The black and green block pattern frame with high pointed frames looks very funky of these sunglasses. The zig-zag cuts on the temple and on the stick on sunglasses gives an unusual look to it.

7. Black and Red Frame Funky Sunglasses for Men:

This black and red frame hip hop funky style sunglasses still attracts many men as they can style of 80’s decades. These types of sunglasses have unique and different geometric shape frames making thus giving a sensational look the wearer.

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8. Funky Printed Sunglasses for Men:

This is one of the unique styles of sunglasses for men. The frame has printed dot all over the frame and has round glasses. It has bold yet lends a cool and retro look to the wearer of this sunglasses.

9. Funky Polarized Sunglasses for Men’s:

This type of polarized sporty and funky appearing sunglasses looks very dynamic when athletic or any sports person. The stylish frame with attractive lens enhances the entire looks of the person.

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10. Funky Silver Money Sign Sunglasses:

This type of funky silver money sign sunglasses looks very cool when worn on any disc or beach parties. This type of sunglasses of lends you an exclusive and a funky and fashionable looks.

A funky sunglasses is made from plastics, rubber and other metals and they are generally very low in price. These types of sunglasses can be a great party wear as makes you appear awesome and unique from others. They are available in many colour, shapes and sizes and you can pick the one according to your style and looks.

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