Is it your best friend’s Birthday? Are you looking for some great and funny quotes and wishes to throw at your bestie that is unique and yet special? Here we go with funny birthday wishes for my best friend. Our friends for life indeed don’t need a dignified and casual wish for the special day; we all wish to make it memorable by adding some humor and personal love to it. So, we went ahead to compile some of the best and crazy birthday wishes that are funny for our best friend.

Check them out, and we bet you and your bestie will have a good laugh with these funny birthday wishes.

50 Trending Belated and Advanced Funny Bday Messages for Best Friend:

Here we go, we have worked around with the top trending and most crazy yet lovely and funny that can suit different kinds of wishes for your bestie happy Birthday.

Advance Funny Birthday Wishes to Best Friend:

Is your best friend’s Birthday coming up? Well, you can even start with the advanced happy Birthday wishes to make her birthday week more special. How about these which we compiled? They are funny and lovely too. These include both funny birthday wishes for best friend female and male.

1. Hello best friend, I know you are sad about your age this year, but no worries- I’m always here to blow out your candles for you so you can feel like a real kid again! Wishing you a tremendous lovely birthday in advance!

2. May your hair dye color and mascara never run! Advanced Happy Birthday, old lady!

3. Advance Happy Birthday, my dear great friend. I wish you a long life, and I’m sure you love that wish. But, let me warn you; the day you start buying anti-aging cream, you may intercept the long-life wish as aging is the only way to live a long life!

4. Congratulations– you are now so old that if you were a purse, you would be considered vintage, but not a classic. Advance happy birthday, dear!

5. They say it’s your Birthday about to come and that you will be a year older. Here’s some wine to lessen the blow. Advance wishes, best friend!

Crazy Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Best Friend:

It’s the day of your bestie’s happy Birthday, and how about throwing some lovely yet funky wishes to him or her?

6. How does it feel to be in older age as you are? I wouldn’t know because I’m two years younger than you. Happy Birthday!

7. This year we will need a larger cake to fit in the number of candles for your age. Happy Birthday, my dear bestie; I wish you a year with lots of food and fat!

8. Hey, look at the bright side. You are one year younger than you will be next year. Have fun and birthday wishes to my best friend.

9. You are one year older. Let me console you by this – age is just a number, and you will grow old year by year. Happy Birthday!

10. As they say, with age comes wisdom. So I assume you are the wisest among all around us. Is it?! Happy Birthday, bestie.

11. I heard somewhere that wine and cheese get only better with age. Don’t be so happy – you are definitely neither of them. You look older than last year.

12. If you are already feeling old, I can try to console you. Just imagine how you will look ten years from now. I bet you are better. Happy Birthday!

13. You know you are getting very old when you realize your candles are costlier than cake. By the way, how many tons of candles should I buy this time, best friend?!

14. Do you know, If I have to choose between you, my best friend, and a million dollars, I will always choose dollars? You anyway are broke, why would I choose you?! Happy Birthday dear bestie, just kidding!

15. I decided I won’t get a birthday cake for you this year. I have taken an oath to cut down your weight. Happy Birthday my cutie bestie!

Short Funny Birthday Wishes and Quotes to Best Friend:

These are very short yet cute and funny lovely wishes to your bestie on occasion. Whether you want to send them as a message or wish directly, these shorter funny quotes for best friend birthday indeed are louder and beautiful.

16. Happiest Birthday to the most grasping and crazy friend for life. May God give all your money to me so that I can throw myself a grand party at least.

17. Don’t you think my friendship is the most significant birthday gift for you? Don’t even dare to expect a gift until and unless you through me a party. Happy Birthday!

18. Friendship is beyond everything. I mean,we all know you are ugly and idiot, still you are my friend. Happy Birthday!

19. Happy Birthday to the one and only person I would want always as my getaway driver!! May we have many more great times and unforgettable adventures together.

20. With each passing Birthday, you are getting close to become a senior citizen. As much as you may get angry, it’s the truth! Wishing happy Birthday to the senior citizen-to-be.

21. On your Birthday, I pray to give you a life long enough to see your teeth and hair falling. Happy Birthday!

22. Happy Birthday to my dear best lovely friend. The best facial and makeover as you get older is smiles all the way.

23. May you live as long enough to terrify your grand and great grandchildren with big wrinkles. Happy Birthday!

24. Funny Birthday Wishes for an Older Friend

25. Old age is all about one big joke until it hits you squarely in the face. Happy Birthday.

Sarcastic and Very Insulting Janmdin Wishes for Best Friend:

Hey, they are, after all, your besties for life. How can the Birthday wishes be so dignified, right? We have very witty and sarcastic, borderline close to insulting happy birthday quotes and wishes to a best friend.

26. On the beautiful occasion of your Birthday, I want to redefine the definition of best friend and throw you out of my life. Happy Birthday!

27. The only reason I always tolerate your irritating face is that you throw a damn good birthday party. Happy Birthday my boy!

28. Considering the way you are aging, your legs will be hanging on the grave pretty soon. Happy Birthday my idiot friend!

29. Whenever I see you, I wonder how the hell this person has survived till yet. Happy birthday dude!

30. If I could get a tremendous gift to you on your Birthday, it would definitely be all my problem. Happy Birthday, friend!

31. Though I am always rude to you, I promise I won’t behave rudely on your Birthday. It will be unbearable. Happy Birthday my dear!

32. May the God shower everything you want in life except money, fame, and Lamborghini. So, that I get half of them from you. I am wishing you a joyous birthday!

33. Happy Birthday my dear best friend! I wish you get richer, smarter, and more beautiful with each passing day, but hey- ofcourse, not more than me.

34. May you survive longer to see your teeth falling and others eating your birthday cake. Happy Birthday!

35. Age is directly proportional to wisdom. In your case, it is inversely proportional. What a disgrace you are! Anyways, happy birthday dumbo jumbo.

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Belated Birthday Wishes to a Best Friend:

Well, how about even just extending or giving belated birthday wishes to your best friend and yet be sarcastic, funny, and witty! Isn’t it an excellent idea? We have some ideas.

36. Your Birthday slipped my mind. Well, but you never do. I love you, best friend, and belated Happy Birthday

37. I circled the date wrong in my calendar. Well, but better late than never. Belated birthday wishes, best friend. I hope you had tons of wine and fun to celebrate getting older.

38. I know I missed your Birthday, but do send in a piece of cake for me—belated wishes, best friend.

39. I want to be fashionably late, and you know my style. Belated Happy Birthday, my friend! Now throw me a party with lots of food and wine.

40. I know you are angry I missed your Birthday. But what to do, missing your Birthday is a laughing matter and funny for me, given that you are a clown! Belated birthday wishes!

41. Late birthday wishes are of course better than no wishes at all, whatsoever! Now, just be thankful that I remembered at all! Belated Happy Birthday to you, my friend!

42. I’m not one for holding onto things. But if you can remember way back to my last Birthday, you were late in wishing me well, and so I’m just returning the favor! Happy belated Birthday!

43. I know you may be upset I forgot your Birthday. But I know I am the best friend for you, so I saved the best for last—belated Happy Birthday, my dear best friend.

44. Good things come when you wait. I know I am the good thing in life, even if you disagree. I am always there to make you irritated and frustrated, and I will never stop—belated happy Birthday, bestie.

45. Belated Happy Birthday, friend. Now you are a year older and a day older than yesterday!

46. I circled the date and all in the calender, so I don’t have an excuse for forgetting your Birthday this time! But still, it happened! Happy birthday my pal, I’ll try to get my happy birthday messages to you on time next year.

47. Remembering your special day would be a little easier if you looked older. Happy late Birthday, to the best friend of my life!

48. I know I missed your Birthday, but how can you complete the celebrations without feeding me cake and food?! You have new surprises to make you happier after the special day—a belated birthday, my friend.

49. Missing the chance to be the first among your happy birthday messages is a crime- consider me guilty as charged! On the bright side, being one of your only belated birthday messages means that you’ll remember me all year as your criminally late, lovely best friend.

50. If you think I forgot your Birthday, no! I didn’t miss it; I just thought it would be cool not to get every wish on the same day—a belated birthday from your forgetful best friend.

We hope you enjoyed these crazy and lovely funny happy birthday wishes to give to your best friend. These are simple, light, and warm-hearted wishes that can brighten up the day of your loved one.


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