A few centuries ago, designing tattoos was very bizarre to general people. The person crafting a tattoo on their body parts is associated or has some connection with the people involved in criminal activities. The gangster tattoos were proclaimed to depict the world as members of a specific group, and many of them used to outline tattoos to express their personal feelings.

These tattoos were designed generally on the hands, arms, wrist or chest as these places are easily visible. Many criminals choose to ink numerous body parts, while some on specific parts depending on their style and desire.

Stylish and Best Gangster Tattoo Designs:

Let’s have a look at the top 9 different types of gangster tattoo designs:

1. Marvellous Gangster Tattoo Design:

In the gangster girl’s tattoo design, the skull image was crafted in many styles and hip hop ways to reflect their daring and bold attitude. In this image, the skull has been decorated with feathers portraying a king and covers almost the back of the wearer. The tattoo design is a fantastic way to depict that the wearer of the tattoo is the main person or the boss of the gang.

2. Amazing Gangster Tattoo Design:

The gangster tattoos are very bold and depict uncertainties associated with their life. The small gangster tattoo is crafted on the hands where the gangster is sitting in a car, and the face is hidden, aiming to shoot someone in the front.

3. Awesome Lady Gangster Tattoo Design:

The tattoo is crafted to give a realistic appearance to the wearer’s hand and depicts the valiant look of the gangster. This stunning and radiant gangster tattoo design outlines a lady’s face in black as a gangster.

4. Impressive Gangster Tattoo Design:

This tattoo design depicts the bloody and brutal acts associated with gangster life. The image covers the entire hand and chest, portraying shootouts for women and money. Its displays the truth attached to a gangster’s life.

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5. Deadly Gangster Tattoo Design:

The most powerful word of the universe has been described in a ferocious and barbaric way. The script “LOVE” displays another harsh meaning: gun, bombshells, knives, and knuckles. It displays that the gangster has no space for love in his life.

6. Bold Gangster Tattoo Design:

On the one hand, the cruel look of the gangster is outlined who is engaged in a fight for a woman, and the words on the fingers add a more aggressive appearance to the design. This is a bloodthirsty gangster tattoo covering the entire hands of the wearer.

7. Sizzling Gangster Tattoo:

This is a gangster art tattoo where the sharp hardy weapon knuckles are worn between the fingers to protect them in a fight. A contradictory design wherein blood and beauty are crafted together.

8. Inspiring Gangster Tattoo Design Inspiring:

This is one heart touching gangster tattoo sleeve wherein the gangster has joined his hands and offered prayers. It even depicts that he does not fear anyone and wants only god should punish him for his deeds.

9. Eye-Opening Gangster Tattoo:

The image describes the rivalry in a gang taken just for money. The gangster-style tattoo displays the message and lends a festive look to the gangster’s hand.


The gangster tattoos can be styled with black ink or using an array of colours. The tattoos generally depict the themes of life and death in a very unusual way. These tattoo designs are very peculiar and different from other tattoos as they resemble designs related to arms, death, and criminal activities.

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