Yoga which is dated back to pre-Vedic times was originally started in India. Now, it is practiced all over the world. Since yoga has proven to be beneficial not only on the body but also on the mind and spirit, it is the most popular form of exercise. Hectic gym schedules have taken a backseat while yoga has progressed. It can treat various illness from backaches to anxiety. Yoga treats and purifies the body and mind from within.

There are numerous yoga postures practiced by people of different difficulty levels. The one to be discussed now is a relatively complex posture which is Garbhasana. Garbha is a Sanskrit word which means fetus and asana is posture. Thus, Garbhasana is also known as the Embryo Pose or the Fetus Pose. Before discussing the benefits of Garbhasana, let us know how to get this posture done.

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How To Do It:

As Garbhasana or the Fetus Pose is a complex posture, you might not achieve perfection at the first go. Remind yourself to be patient and you will learn to get it done perfectly in a couple of days or weeks. As the name suggests, your body will take into a form of a fetus when the posture is completely done. Use a mat or a blanket and sit on the floor comfortably with your legs stretched in front of you and your spine should be erect.

As you bend your right knee, place it on the left thigh. The sole of the feet should be point upward and your heel should be close to the abdomen. Repeat the same with your left leg. Now, insert your right hand between the gap of the right thigh and calf muscles. Repeat the same with the left hand. To hold your legs, your elbows should bend around the calf muscles. Now, while exhaling, gradually lift up the legs with your hands. Pull up the legs till your hands reaches your ears and hold them.

Do not forget to inhale and exhale accordingly as you hold the posture for around 30 seconds. You will get comfortable with practice and then you can increase the time of holding the posture. Remember to not to hurry with the posture. Breathe and take it slow or otherwise you will lose your balance.

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Benefits Of Garbhasana:

Like any other yoga postures, Garbhasana yoga too has its many benefits. Read further to find out how this yoga exercise can help your body, mind and spirit.

1. Removes Nervous Disorders:

Garbhasana should be practiced by people suffering from nervous disorder as it helps in alleviating them.

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2. Abdominal Organs Get Toned:

If you have a protruding belly or if you just want your abdomen to be toned then this is right exercise for you. Garbhasana not only massages but also tones the abdominal organs.

3. Good For Digestion And Increases Appetite:

Say goodbye to your digestive problems if you learn to do the fetus pose with perfection. For those who have less appetite, do not worry as this exercise is sure to increase appetite.

4. Provides Better Balance:

From reading the steps of how to do Garbhasana and seeing the pictures, it’s understood that this exercise requires balance. Those who strive to get it done successfully and does will achieve a better body balance. It also helps in providing a sense of balance in the mind.

5. Calms And Controls The Mind:

If you are somebody whose adrenal glands are always regulating or suffer from anxiety or anger problems, then this posture should be definitely be practiced for your benefits. Garbhasana helps in controlling and calming the mind which leads to lesser agitation of the mind.

These are the techniques and benefits of Garbhasana yoga and which have to be done by everyone to live a happy life. So, lets we all try this Embryo pose today onwards to be full of beans.


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