Representing one’s love for flowers in tattoos has been gaining prominence with both genders. Depending upon the colour, the white and red Gardenia flower symbolizes gentleness and purity, secret love between people. Getting a Gardenia tattoo inked can be a spiritual experience for some, but it can also signify pure attraction and admiration for others.

Let us go through this article for the best Gardenia tattoo designs and the power of attraction and positive energy associated with this mystical flower.

Trending Gardenia Flower Tattoos:

These beautiful Gardenia flower tattoos are eye-catching and embody positive energy, attracting the wearer and the people looking at them.

1. Simple Gardenia Flower Tattoo Design:

A pair of two gardenias in this tattoo blend in, creating a sense of spirituality and adding a beautiful look to the wearer. The intricate lines in this design give the tattoo a realistic feel creating a mystic feel. These two flowers are the same size, making them look like twins.

  • Placement: You can get this tattoo engraved on any exposed body part.
  • Color: This tattoo looks beautiful in monochrome or can get a pink or white splash for the flower.
  • Size: This tattoo looks the best in medium size.

2. Graceful Gardenia Tattoo Design On The Arm:

This gardenia tattoo has one full-blown flower with a small bud towards the downside of the design. The arm can be a perfect place to display the beauty of this tattoo. This can also represent your attraction towards this flower’s beauty and the positive energy it exudes.

  • Placement: The forearm and a calf can be the right spots to get this tattoo engraved.
  • Color: This tattoo looks beautiful in the primary black colour.
  • Size: Depending upon the spot, medium size suits them best.

3. Distinguished Gardenia Tattoo On The Shoulder:

This gardenia tattoo is excellent and comes with a stem and leaves, elevating the flower beautifully. You can use either monochrome ink or colour as per your personal preference. To beautify this tattoo’s design further, you can engrave it on the shoulder, calf, or thigh.

  • Placement: The shoulder, calf, or thigh can be perfect for getting this tattoo inked.
  • Color: Bold black lines with grey shading create a beautiful-looking flower.
  • Size: A medium size looks best for this kind of design.

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4. Geometric Gardenia Flower Tattoo:

Geometric patterns are gaining popularity since they add a modern touch to any simple tattoos. The black triangle in the background gives the gardenia tattoo a 3d effect making the wearer stand out.

  • Placement: These designs look the best when engraved on the neck, shoulder and back.
  • Color: Fill the triangle in the background with black, and the simple black pattern for the flower looks beautiful.
  • Size: This tattoo looks best when done in small to medium sizes.

5. Sleek Gardenia Tattoo Design:

This gardenia tattoo can be an ideal choice if you are a fan of sleek floral designs. The thin lines of the flower look beautiful, filled with grey shades creating a gorgeous effect. The gardenia leaves are filled with black, efficiently elevating the pattern in the center.

  • Placement: You can get this tattoo engraved on any visible body part.
  • Color: The grey shading across the flower with a thin black line brighten the tattoo.
  • Size: This tattoo can look perfect in small and medium-size.

6. Bunch Of Gardenia Flower Tattoo Design:

If you think a single flower of a gardenia looks beautiful, you need to try getting a tattoo of a bunch of gardenias. The intricate details of the petals make the tattoo look realistic. The black shading of the leaves is another fantastic addition that beautifies the tattoo to another level.

  • Placement: The shoulder is a perfect spot to get this tattoo engraved.
  • Color: This tattoo looks best in monochrome, but you can choose a splash of colour as per your choice.
  • Size: Depending on the spot, this tattoo looks best in medium to large sizes.

7. Graceful Gardenia Tattoos Design:

This tattoo is a perfect choice if you enjoy simple gardenia flowers. This flower tattoo represents the purity of the heart of the wearer. The pattern is relatively simple and looks gorgeous on both men and women.

  • Placement: This tattoo looks best when engraved on the neck forward,m, shoulder, and back.
  • Color: The look of tattoo looks impressive in a monochrome tone.
  • Size: This tattoo looks beautiful when done in small to medium sizes.

8. Robust Gardenia Tattoo Design:

Although gardenia is a delicate flower, you can add a robust element to it with this design. The dark black outlines of the tattoo make the wearer stand out even in a room of a crowd.

  • Placement: This tattoo looks gorgeous when engraved on the elbow, arm, shoulder, calf, and neck.
  • Color: The grey shadings inside the flower with a black outline make the design look beautiful.
  • Size: This tattoo looks the best when done in small to medium sizes.

9. Small Mysterious Gardenia Tattoo:

If a mystery is all you seek to get body art, a gardenia flower tattoo can be the best choice. The simple petals of this flower look not only beautiful but also comfortable to achieve. The black circle in the background elevates the flower beautifully.

  • Placement: This tattoo looks best when engraved on the neck’s shoulder, forearm, and back.
  • Color: The white colour of the flower looks elegant, with a black circle in the background.
  • Size: This tattoo looks excellent when done in medium to small sizes.

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10. Eccentric Gardenias Tattoo:

A pink gardenia flower tattoo can be an ideal choice if you want to secretly express your love for someone. The sleek and intricate lines present on the leaves and flowers make the tattoo look natural and beautiful.

  • Placement: This tattoo looks perfect when engraved on the shoulder, thigh, the back.
  • Color: You can get this tattoo in red for the flower and green for the leaves.
  • Size: To enjoy this design’s beauty, you can get this done in medium to large sizes.


With the Gardenia tattoo design options, don’t wait any longer to try this beautiful flower. The gentle yet mystical flower comes in varied shapes and sizes that can be placed according to personal choice. As we all know, a Gardenia tattoo can be equivalent to a thousand words. Don’t forget to let us know how this article helped you make the final choice.

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