Garlic Side Effects

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Garlic usually has been only used for various benefits of the body and the health. There is no doubt about the fact, that garlic is one of the natural products that has innumerable advantages for the user. Most of the home remedies for various health crises use garlic and its anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties. However, over consumption of anything, no matter how beneficial it is for the body will surely leave back some side effects. One has to know that there is a balance that needs to be maintained while taking in any product including garlic.

Garlic Side Effects

To know about the dark side of garlic is as important as the benefits. To know more about the side effects, check this guide below. It will broaden your horizons about this aspect of garlic.

Surprising Garlic Side Effects:

1. Bad Breath:

Eating garlic can leave a bad odour in the mouth and the smell is so unpleasant that it usually becomes quite an embarrassing situation among people. This is one of the most common side effects of garlic and something that you might have experienced already.

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2. Body Odour:

Well again, garlic is known to cause a bad body odour especially when you start sweating in warm months. It has a very strong and embarrassing smell that it leaves on the body with regular consumption. It is again a much known side effect of garlic that comes along with the benefits and needs to be tolerated to a certain extent.

3. Allergic Reactions:

Over consumption of garlic is known to lead to rashes and allergic reactions on the skin. It might also come in the form of any other allergy. This is again one of the commonly reported side effects that a lot of people undergo and is something that you should definitely be aware about.

4. Aggravates Internal Bleeding:

Bleeding disorders can be easily aggravated and cause serious internal bleeding with over dose of garlic. This is one of the things you should again know so as to avoid any imbalance in the garlic intake.

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5. Digestive and Stomach Issues:

Irritation in the GI also known as gastrointestinal tract is again a side effects caused by garlic. It leads to issues with digesting the food and also a lot of stomach problems. For those who have these issues already, should use garlic with caution.

6. Increases Sweating:

Garlic has a warming effect on the body. This only means it adds up to the levels of sweat in the body especially in the warm, humid months. It is a subtle side effect but a known one and something that might cause discomfort in the body and in extreme cases lead to dehydration.

7. Flared Up Asthma:

Among the various side effects according to professionals, one of them is flaring up of the asthma problem. This is quite something that can lead to a serious problem of health and gives you a reason to have garlic under control.

8. Diarrhea:

Too much of garlic causes a lot of problems with the bowels and the colon system and leads to issues of diarrhea where you have liquid bowel movements. It can also be accompanied with nausea and vomiting.

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9. Burning Sensation:

Garlic is often a problem when it comes to a burning sensation. Along with leading to issues of heartburn, it has the same problem in the mouth, stomach as well as the throat. The sensation is usually very uncomfortable and quite a side effect that you should be aware about. Make sure you consume it within the limits that it only adds benefits to the body and not these side effects.

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