Top 4 Garnier Eye Creams

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Garnier is a cosmetics brand from the house of L’Oreal group producing skin care and hair care products. It is the second largest brand of L’Oreal group. The company was initiated in the year 1904. Gradually with time, the brand began to manufacture different products which shampoos, conditioners, oils, face creams, hand creams, eye creams and more.

All these skin care, hair care and cosmetic products have been manufactured by Garnier with natural ingredients as they claim. The brand extended its name within many countries in the world and is a primary luxury brand used in Asian countries such as Japan, China and India. The current Indian brand ambassador of Garnier is none other than the young sensation, Alia Bhatt. Here, enlisted are the eye creams created by Garnier. Let’s take a brief look at them.

Best Garnier Eye Creams:

1. Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream:

Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream

The anti-wrinkle firming eye cream product from the Ultra-lift range of Garnier is combined with Pro-retinol from nature apart from other beneficial nutrients for the skin. With age, our skin loses its essential nutrients which results in wrinkles and loss of firmness. Hence, this perfect gentle eye cream lift crow’s feet and other wrinkles formed around the eyes.This eye care product from Garnier is easy to use and comes in cream form which when applied on the skin, gets easily absorbed.

2. Garnier Ulta-Lift Miracle Sleeping Eye Cream:

GarnierUlta-Lift Miracle Sleeping Eye Cream

The miracle sleeping eye cream from Garnier is the perfect solution for those who look older and fatigued due to lack of sleep, stress and busy lifestyle. The cream comes in a gel texture and is combined with nutrients such as essential oils, caffeine, rare plant extracts, adenosine and hyaluronic acid. It helps to hydrate the eyes and reduces signs of ageing and wrinkles. This eye cream can be applied before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning, your eyes would feel and look fresh. As this eye product comes in a gel form, it has hassle free application on the skin.

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3. Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On:

garnier eye creams

The brightening eye roll-on from Garnier’s Light range is the much needed solution to baggy eyes with dark circles. The product comes in a handy massaging roll-on which is combined with ingredients such as caffeine and stimulating properties on micro-circulation with the draining effect of a massage reduces dark circles and rejuvenates the eye contour. It makes the eyes look fresher and brighter with regular use while visibly evening out the skin tone under eyes. As it is a roll-on eye product, it can be used alone or beneath make up as well. It acts as a concealer under eyes, reducing puffiness.

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4. Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll-On:

Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll-on

The anti-dark circles tinted eye roll-on from the house of Garnier is for those with dark circles and darkened eye contour. The product comes in different shades such as light with yellow undertones and medium with pink undertones which act as concealer. It is combined with nutrients such as caffeine and lemon fruit extracts which help in reducing bags and dark circles. It instantly brightens the eyes and reveals a fresh, radiant look. This eye care product from Garnier is also a roll-on eye cream which means it can be used around the eye area just like that or can be concealed over make up too.

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