Gemstone has been used to make jewellery from ancient times. They are used alone or with diamonds. They are considered a precious commodity. Gemstone is of two types precious and semi-precious. They are both used to make jewellery. The only difference is in price and cut. They are made for all occasions. Many girls like to wear it regularly. Gemstone is widely used to make earrings. Gemstone earrings are available in all styles.

Latest and Beautiful Designs of Earrings with Gemstone for Ladies in Fashion:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of earrings with gemstones.

1. Stud Gemstone Earrings:

Gemstones are colourful precious stones. Stud is single stone earrings. Stud gemstone earrings have single gemstones. They can be worn for formal meetings. As they are studs, you can keep changing your outfits. They are available in all colours of gemstone. White gold gemstone earrings in studs are best for daily use.

2. Chandelier Earrings with Gemstones:

Chandelier Gemstone earrings are long hanging earrings. They reach your shoulder. Chandelier earrings have gemstones on the end and near the ear lobe. They are shiny and very glamorous. It looks perfect for deep neck dresses. They look amazing in a blue gemstone. The deepness of blue gemstone earrings adds a different angle to your look.

3. Silver Gemstone Earrings:

Not all gemstone earrings look good on a gold metal frame. Silver often adds extra shine and a vintage look. Silver Gemstone earrings have silver metal as a base. They are pretty and very elegant. The classy look of silver adds more attention to the detailing. Mostly moonstone gemstone is used to make them.

4. White Gold Gemstone Earrings:

We all know gemstones are very rare to find and costly. White gold is used to make Gemstone earrings more exquisite than gemstones. They are very elegant, very expensive and rich. It is assumed that these earrings will be exclusive. The pink gemstone is used more with white gold metal.

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5. Vintage Gemstone Earrings:

Vintage Gemstone earrings are made to look traditional. They are rare and very exclusive. They are often costly because of their intricate design. They always catch eyes. They look good in traditional Indian clothes.

6. Multi-Coloured Gemstone Earrings:

Many times, gemstones have just one colour. This limits the use of Gemstone earrings. You have to match it according to your dress. Multi-Coloured Gemstone earrings have multiple colours. They are fun to mix and match with your outfits. They are a bit casual but amazing to put life in your outfit.

7. Hoop Gemstone Earrings:

Hoop earrings are circular rings worn on ears. They are normally simple and have very little design. Hoop Gemstone earrings have gemstones throughout the hoop. They are very shiny. It is perfect for a party and retro look. You can wear them to weddings too.

8. Carved Gemstone Earrings:

Carved Gemstone earrings have metal carved on the gemstone. The art of carving metal on gemstone is very rare. It is a mostly vintage style of carving. As it is handmade, a carved Gemstone earring is also very high. It is mostly worn for special occasions.

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9. Geometric Design Gemstone Earrings:

With the modernization of clothes, earrings are also getting modernized. They are made with geometric designs and sharp cuts and designs. Geometric design Gemstone earrings add glamour and smartness to your look. You can wear them to a party. It looks perfect on western outfits.

Gemstone earrings are always meant to be exclusive, as gemstones are rare to find. Most of the gemstones are one of its kinds. They are expensive to buy. That’s why; they are worn on special occasions. But few designs allow you to wear them daily.


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