Genelia D’souza is one of India’s most beautiful, inspirational and charming actresses. Staring her career with Amitabh Bachchan in the Parker Pen commercial, this young lady has gained a lot of attention. Within a few years, she managed to establish herself as a leading actress in the South Indian film industry which soon gave her a big break in Bollywood.

By nature, Genelia is a very jovial, humorous and religious person. She enjoys going out, having fun and spending time with her friends. She is very conscious of what she wears and how she addresses herself in public, and the best part is that she is not ashamed of who she is. Here are some great pictures of Genelia without makeup and how amazing and charming this young actress has managed to look without it.

Genelia D’souza Without Makeup:

Caught in The Crowd:

This image was captured when Genelia was caught hanging out on the streets of Mumbai. She looks simple, cute and really stylish. Her yellow t shirt and silver danglers are very appealing. Her fair and glowing skin is quite conspicuous and she looks like an absolute Indian bombshell without any makeup.

Close Up Picture:

A close up picture of Genelia shows us the natural beauty she possesses. Without applying any makeup, this young actress really knows how to look like an absolute Fashionista. Her great smile and pretty ear rings make her look all the more young and stylish.

Cool and Casual Look:

If you think actresses need make up to look good, then you are mistaken. Genelia D’souza is one of those accomplished and gorgeous celebrities who know how to look casual, cool, elegant and sophisticated without using any cosmetics. Her classy shades and long danglers make her look super chic and attractive.

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Smiling Genelia:

Here we see a very happy and smiling Genelia who seems to be enjoying a great night out. Her well done hair along with the purple streaks looks exciting and glamorous. Her smooth and soft skin is also quite visible and she shows it off with great confidence.

At Shooting:

Here we catch Genelia at her shooting spot looking so fit, active, preppy and stunning, that too without any makeup. Her blue and yellow top highlight her beauty and the perfect quality of her skin and hair give her the right look every actress needs.

Indian Look:

Genelia looks stunning whenever she dresses up in traditional Indian clothing. Although Indian outfits call for heavy makeup, Genelia looks fabulous and gorgeous without having to apply it.

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Simple Look:

Genelia D’souza is someone who can really carry off a simple look. She doesn’t use any make up yet she looks superb. Her dressing style is wonderful and her neat, clean and pleasant appearance makes her look radiant and glowing.

Young and Exciting Genelia:

Genelia D’souza is a young, exciting and vivacious person. She enjoys life and believes in being natural and confident. This image shows us the carefree Genelia who seems to be enjoying the freedom and liberty life offers. She refrains from using artificial products or cosmetics which make her look absolutely amazing in the picture.

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Cute and Adorable Genelia:

Genelia D’souza is so cute and adorable to look at. She looks great, regardless of whether she applies makeup or not. In this picture we see the fun filled and excited nature of Genelia as she poses for the picture. Her outfit is also quite colourful which makes her look so comfortable, chilled and relaxed. Her excellent skin compensates for the absence of makeup.


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